Print your photos |Off your device and on to your walls!

There's not a whole lot I hate more than physically framing my own photos (Michelle concurs). There's something so annoying about pulling up all those little sharp tabs, sliding your image in the frame only to find after you finally secured everything that you have a piece of dust, fingerprint or … [Read more...]

Print your photos | Off your device and into your life!

I spotted this image of Philipe Roucou's beautiful silk scarf on Brooklyn Limestone over 3 years ago and it still has been floating away in the abyss which is my brain and this week was the perfect time to break it out and let you know that there are so many resources now for printing actual silk … [Read more...]

Quality art supplies make all the difference

Many years ago I had art school interns, one of them whom suggested that I'd probably love watercolor, because it was a forgiving medium. So one day I decided I would try it, I was at the drugstore and bought one of those multi-pans of watercolor that came with a brush and pulled out some copy paper … [Read more...]

Masterclass Learn Lessons from Mega Stars in their field

I hope this image caught your attention, it certainly caught Michelle and mine!  Masterclass is immersive learning online by powerhouse industry leaders in their fields. Have you been wanting to learn tennis? Well, how about if Serena Williams pops into your living room for private lessons? Tennis … [Read more...]

12 awesome (and easy) resources to learn to sing or play guitar!

Another frequent skill wish that we saw was the wish to learn to sing (or be a better singer) and learn how to play guitar (I will soon be teaching myself ukulele). Michelle and I both wondered if singing was innate or if there was a way to develop it, I am pretty hopeless but our research proved it … [Read more...]