I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.
Don’t worry friends, I won’t just be featuring the edits, there shall be other fodder here, but I know not everyone is back to work yet (that is where you read your blogs isn’t it?, our little secret…). I hope you don’t mind that I am continuing with a theme here, let’s call it ‘Natural History’, I want to have a series of edits that have some continuity. As for new things, I do have new sets that I will be putting in the shop that I am pretty excited about (I love a good set), plus some other favorite items that I will be sharing this week.  I started exercising the other day, or should I say I went one day and the next three days that followed I felt as if I had been run over by a large vehicle. Maybe the suped up Pilates class was a little too ambitious for me?  I am renown for being too ambitious like the time I promised a future bride that I would letterpress her wedding suite free after taking one (and my only) letterpress class. Who does that? Obviously someone that is co-dependent and is aiming to please.  It back-fired, I couldn’t do her suite because of timing (I was leaving one job and starting another), although I did give her the files gratis to have her suite printed. Timing became a moot point as I got fired a couple weeks later from my job, coincidentally (or not so coincidentally?) one of her bridesmaids worked at my new job and must of read my blog post where I admitted to being sad about my new job and I got fired. So, that’s what happens when you are too ambitious and think you can do more than is physically possible.  I failed on both counts, sincere apologies to both the bride and my body.  I am going to go back this week to try again, I may bite off more than I can chew, but I don’t give up that easily.  I should probably send the bride an apology note as well. 


At the beginning of 2011 I started a photo project–my goal was to go through the piles of my unedited and forgotten photos and edit one-a-day for the entire year.  I made it until day 31 and quickly abandoned ship. The project was not an easy one to conquer, many of my edits could take me hours to complete, for someone like myself with a fairly full schedule/life it was basically an impossibility. I suppose I like a challenge or perhaps I like to add undue stress to my life, either way here I am the first day of 2012 tackling the impossible.  Wish me luck my fair friends as I embark on the Everest of editing and start project MMXII-editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012. You can view the before here.
P.S. If you would like to peruse my ill fated first attempt you can see the project here.


 I created a whole series of these round images inspired by the 1890 Kodak No. 02 camera. When one developed their film it would come back as a round image on a square card. I love that it has an air of adventure to it, almost like you were looking through a telescope or a porthole. This was from one of my adventures this summer, miles above the Pacific ocean, somewhere between California and New York City. I have been playing with the idea of printing on a very slight white background so it feels even more authentic. It was shot with a vintage Canon manual film camera and yes I am as surprised as you that it actually came out.


I am doing the Friday happy dance, you can’t see me but trust me it is as ridiculous as it sounds. I really shouldn’t be this happy as I have locked myself out of my car and since my ‘smart’ key for the car is really dumb I have to go get it re-programmed for a king’s ransom, which includes towing my car to the dealership 20 miles from home. Fun!  I realized that I hadn’t shown any of the pics from all of my recent NYC trips.  I had bits and pieces from my iphone on my Twitter feed and I did upload the above images to my sorely neglected Flickr account, but I don’t think I posted any here.  These are from the Natural History Museum (one of my favorite places on earth), but I like to think they look more like I was on safari with Nick Brandt. I have to say for all the riches that city has, their NHM needs a little love.  This lioness had some serious cosmetic damage and is lucky I am a Photoshop Jedi so I could make her look pretty again. I will try to add some more images from the trips, which looking at what I shot is quite a trip in and of itself.  I had a lot of ‘what the h-e-double hockey sticks was I thinking?!’ moments when I was editing.  I am sure I had some sort of rhyme to my reason but I can’t figure out what that may be just yet. I wish you adieu for the weekend, I hope you have a beautiful one!
 ::photo’s by::tristan b.::


Since 2004, fashion photographer Koto Bolofo has been shooting for Hermes and has had carte blanche access to all the ‘behind the scenes’ magic. This image is from one of those moments. Can you imagine how inspiring it would be?  For those (like myself) that don’t have a backstage pass to the Hermes empire you can always buy Bolofo’s book La Maison. I’ve seen some excerpts and Mr. Bolofo does not disappoint. This has reminded me that I have not been shooting lately, well for the shoppe but not for my soul (gosh that was corny), but you get my gist.  I am going to pull together a Souvenir Foto School class sooner than later, because I do believe the holidays are the perfect time to start a SFS class and start capturing memories.  If only the holidays included me and a horse ranch…