I bet those of you that love to edit photo’s in Photoshop (or have to edit) will love me (even more) after this post.  I am including a link to 70 professional grade Photoshop actions made by fine art photographer Wim Reyns. When I discovered the actions and started using them I was shocked that Mr. Reyns was not charging a small fortune (thank you for your generosity W.R.). If you look at my ‘before’ there is so much noise, a sad color cast and a myriad of other defects that I was able to ‘cure’ with Mr. Reyns powerful and professional set. You can liken it to a freshly scrubbed visage before you add your makeup, his actions create a great foundation to build on and then he goes the extra mile by offering finishing and printing actions as well.  I don’t think I would have been able to tackle this image without his help.  I know, you want me to stop flapping my gums and give you the link all ready–click here, have a good time and I hope that you are happy with your results and new resources.


I don’t know about you but I love a good piggy photo.  I like how the edit made the reflection more obvious than the ‘before’.  This edit also may have helped me decide on my office makeover.  I love the shiny white surface in the image (a lacquer piece I had in my former office). I think for my product photographs it will be very convenient to have a nice, shiny white surface at the ready. I do believe a Torsby is in my future.


Ah, this feels more like it….I love soft, neutral colors.  I especially like creamy whites, nudes and blushes. I tried to make these balloons more blush less rosy but I am not great with color swaps and taking these from a non-descript blue to this pink color was about as far as my skill set goes (ask me in a few months I am sure I will be much better). All this editing is really helping me figure out what has been ‘off’ about my photography.  I wasn’t expecting to learn anything on the pre-shooting side from editing but I am learning a heck of a lot. I know I prefer a soft image to tack sharp, I adore square crops, not too much yellow on my whites and lot’s and lot’s of light. I also am gravitating towards dark, dramatic images with a lot of contrast (a light subject on a dark background).  I think it helps to know what I like, prior to this project I could only say ‘I know what I like when I see it’ but couldn’t really articulate it.  This project is helping me figure out my future subjects and time of day/evening to shoot and has given me another challenge to look forward to. If you’re in a photo rut I suggest trying it for a week or so and you too may be surprised what you learn about yourself and how your creativity will start to flourish again.


I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple weeks and this image and edit feels like a good reflection of my symptoms and the culmination of the last few days. I have been dealing with vertigo which makes me feel off balanced, blurry and sea sick. It comes and goes, it’s supposedly stress induced, me stress?  Never. Here’s the ‘before’ which oddly also reflects my symptoms-murky with a green tinge. 



I did this edit to go with yesterday’s bird’s nest, a little bit of a story–bird nest + bird? I added some film grain which I liked a lot, maybe I will look back and cringe but today I like it. Here’s the ‘before’.
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