San Francisco is one of my favorite American cities, I adore it. We went a few times this past summer and each time we weren’t able to visit Alcatraz island because of the tours being booked months in advance. This is a shot from across the bay at the spot of the aforementioned sold out tickets. I’ve never been to Alcatraz but I think it would be an interesting tour.  The thing that surprised me the most about its history when I was doing a little pre-tour research is that people (other than inmates) lived on the island, families. How odd it must of been to grow up on an island that was home to the most reviled criminals of the era.
I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

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Friday!  I feel a happy dance coming on.  I suppose Friday doesn’t really matter as much since I have been working every.single day. for umpteenth hours a day (late into the night), but I am still celebrating. I do have lot’s to celebrate–I am reading a fantastic book-Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, I can not put it down. I’ve stayed up past 1 a.m. for two nights in a row completely engrossed in it. The human spirit is alive and well in this true account and Hillenbrand is an adept storyteller. I  am sure she could write about yogurt coagulation and it would be thoroughly enthralling, I am in awe of her prowess. I am celebrating that I opened my Etsy shop, I just started listing items these last couple weeks and to my shock + delight they sold. I am unspeakably grateful!   The idea for the Etsy shop was to add more of the pre-printed stationery sets that are printed by a master printer (that would be me). Of course right now a lot of the items are overlapping but I plan to add lots more soon. I am awaiting my rented macro lens, I missed Fed Ex today (insert Debbie Downer music here) but they do deliver on Saturdays and I can’t wait for some quality time with it. You see? So much to celebrate!

This edit of a Wildebeest-ish animal, (chime in if you know the real name), was inspired by my fascination with antique photo processing. I tried to re-create a sort of Bromoil effect, it was complicated and I am positive there’s an easier way to accomplish it, but if there is I haven’t figured it out yet.  I did locate an amazing lith print action (free) that I think some of you Photoshop enthusiasts will appreciate.  I will be popping in tomorrow with day 07. 
I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.


 I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.
I don’t always get the results that I aim for whilst tackling these edits. I wanted to change the colors on this image, but even with masks, selections, this/that and the other I was not able to fulfill my  end vision.  It’s day five and I am wondering what I got myself into (again) by trying to take on this project.  I won’t give up just yet. I still have many, many (eyes roll back in head) images to choose from.  I don’t think I mentioned this prior, but not all my photographs are as terrible as the ‘before’s’ I have been showing in this project.  I can and sometimes even do take pretty ‘okay’ photographs, that being said I would highly recommend to try to take a great photograph in camera (practice makes perfect). Speaking of photographs I am waiting with bated breath for a macro lens that I rented from Borrow Lenses.  Tune in next time when  I discuss how I rented a lens that I may or may not know how to use (that’s what happened on my last rental). Can you believe it’s almost the weekend?  I can’t. Hooray for the 4 day work week!


 I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

The before should be nice and cringe worthy just the way you like them. I don’t own a wide angle lens that opens up to let in a lot of light.  I have a small 50 mm lens and I am blessed with a sort of wobbly balance (I have small feet for my body, I think it makes me sway), when it comes to hand holding in a low light situation. I took this photograph in a room at the NYC Natural History museum that is very neglected.  I would think for a city as wealthy as New York and as invested in their museums that there would be no exhibits that needed attention. This room was a little more than an after thought–elephants stood sentry with thick layers of dust (and not exhibit planned dust either), scratched glassy eyes abounded and moth eaten fur coats were de rigeur.  This exhibit is certainly not the one you want to spend the most time in, but I did.  I wanted to make up for all the other museum goers that rushed past this room in a huff. I wish I could give you the name of the exhibit, especially since I spent a couple hours there, but all I have are my photographs.  The lighting was horrific, a naked bulb hanging from an exposed wire would have been more flattering. From the ‘before’ image you can gauge that it wasn’t the most optimum photo-op.  I liked the solitude, as I often do, crowds make my head buzz. Being alone in a room of stuffed animals felt strangely comforting. I liked that I didn’t have to push small children out of the way to get a photograph (not that I would, but I am glad that I didn’t have to). I used textures from Shadow House Creations to assist in the ‘after’ image, you’ll find it a wonderful resource for high quality free textures.


 I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

Okay,  I know that this may look like all I am doing is posting edits, I promise I won’t make this my edit only blog, but I think it’s a slow week in the blogosphere and I am busy outside in the ‘real’ world, so let me use the slow week rationale to not update my blog properly.  I do need to take a photograph of probably one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received (besides my pup George). It should make you so jealous, okay, maybe not.  I still can’t wait to show it off (or be a show-off). I am pretty lucky.  Did I neglect to mention that I will be announcing a Souvenir Foto School class soon? Oh yes, for those that don’t know what it is stay tuned, it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
This edit wasn’t so bad, I had some powerful assistance from a trial product I downloaded from Nik Software.  I’ve always liked this photo even though there was a lot wrong with it (as you may be able to infer a lot of my photographs have a lot wrong with them). I loved that it felt so Victorian, partly because of the subject in the bell jar but also the aberrations in the glass lent it an aged appearance almost looking like tears on an old photograph.  With the Color Efex filters I was able to bring back a lot of lost detail without introducing more noise. I would think this filter alone would be worth the price, but there’s a whole slew of creative filters to play with. For a hobbyist photographer the price is out of my range, but it’s fun to play with for the next 15 days and put on my future wish list of things to buy if I one day I fall into some excess cash that doesn’t need to go to bills or savings.