My baby girl is by far the naughtiest Frenchie on earth.  Miss Bella knows that she is not allowed on the bed without her blankie or vigorously cleaning her paws prior to entry.  I have an all white bed after all, one set of high thread count sheets (working up to multiple sets) and there are rules gosh darn it!  These rules went out the window when I caught her in bed in the late afternoon, Bella loves any excuse to jump in bed, the best excuse being that I left the bedroom door slightly ajar. When I walked into the bedroom to put something away I found her in the exhibit ‘a’ photo above (see photo no. 01) trying to look as nonchalant as possible, “Oh, hello Mum, uhm, you look real pretty in that dress…”. When she realized I wasn’t going for her puppy dog eyes she acted as if she was getting up to leave.  I am impervious to a few things–Bella’s big brown, marble eyes, the light in my bedroom in the late afternoon and the impulse to document both.  I know I shouldn’t reward her bad behavior but she is so cute and the light, oh the light…After she realized she wasn’t going to be flogged (as if), she rolled over on her back and enjoyed the shoot as only my naughty Frenchie could.


It’s Friday?  Mon Dieu!  This just may have been the fastest week of my adult life. I had no idea it was Friday already?! I have been busier than usual with my freelance work and setting up the shop, it’s hard for me to be my usual self and get distracted by something shiny. I wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy weekend and also to sing the praises of my Iphone.  I love my Iphone, but I love the camera feature even more.  I used to carry around a Canon Elph with me everywhere and thought I was so cool to own such a sleek + compact machine, but the Iphone is so much faster, smaller and discreet. Dare I say I love it more than my DSLR?  No, like children I can’t have favorites now can I?  My mom didn’t (okay, we all knew my brother was her favorite). I shot a lot with the Iphone when I was away on business last week and my most favorite captures were the ones that were not planned and on the spot (I am usually not known for my spontaneity, photography has given me that luxury). I worked a lot with finding the right light for my cameraphone and playing with reflective surfaces to create the double exposure effect I love with my toy cameras.  I know there’s an app for multi-exposures but I have to always do things the hard way, it’s my nature. I have tried some alternate printing techniques to get the images from my phone to print. I am quite happy with the results but it’s time consuming and I would love to know if anyone has a resource that they love for printing their cameraphone shots in a click or are you not printing them out (I am guilty as charged for not printing out a lot of my digital shots, I have a baptism, Christmas party and 60th birthday that have not seen the light of day). 
I gave the Fancy my first Iphone when I upgraded our contract and I have many, many anecdotes that I will share with you about that.  The Fancy, ahem ‘Ace’ as he prefers to be called on my blog is basically Larry David trapped in a young, hot guys body, so you may be able to garner what kind of rhetoric he has been spewing.  Fancy/Ace is good at everything he tries, so his Iphone photo’s already surpass mine, but I don’t want to feed his ego (or crush mine) so I tell him, ‘yeah, I guess you’re getting the hang of it’.  How’s that for support? If you lived with a Larry David clone you would do the same thing too, trust me….


Yes, yes, I will be offering prints in the Besotted Brand shop, indeed.  I wrestled with this decision to offer my photographs because I didn’t feel I had a cohesive body of work, once I felt comfortable with what I was going to offer I had the daunting task of finding a professional printer that would put up with my compulsive nature. I couldn’t leave it to just a big business printer, I needed a master printer that understood why I needed to try different papers and be willing to experiment.  I found a small shop that is as obsessive as I am and we will happily be driving each other crazy through this launch (and hopefully beyond).  When I had my Etsy shop, I did offer my art prints (never photographs) and I have had many requests to bring them back. I was weary to, worried about quality and end price but my solution is to offer limited edition pieces for budding art collectors to assist in building a collection.  I will also be working with a handful of artists on collaborative projects, but of course I will need to go through the rigorous test prints to make sure that the limited edition prints hold up to the Besotted Brand fine standards and meet my discerning clients highest expectations. Many of the artists I’ve chosen don’t even consider themselves artists which makes the project even more special and dear to my heart. The prints may not be included in the soft launch, but they will be there shortly as I stock the shop.


I start the grind on Monday, which should be every bit as taxing as I anticipate it being.  Don’t get me wrong I am always very excited to meet with the editors of my favorite interior design magazines (tomorrow’s line up includes Elle Decor, Veranda and Traditional Home, eek!) but I do get very nervous and trying not to be only seems to exacerbate my condition. My Godmother likes to tell me that it’s just a case of the vapors, breathe into a bag and all will be good.  I don’t think I can actually be breathing into paper bags during these meetings without being branded as ‘that lunatic publicist that breathes into paper bags during meetings’.  So I just quietly let my nerves rage an internal war and I smile, try to be as pleasant + polite as possible and answer every question as if my life depended on the correct answer. No sweat right?
It is my hope that this is my last NYC trip as a publicist, I had hung up that hat a long time ago but I do happen to keep being dragged back in.  This time though I really feel confident that this is my last hurrah and of course that makes this trip even more nerve wracking. I don’t think I will have much time to update my blog this week so I started a Twitter account for the duration.  I can’t promise I will keep up the feed as much after the trip (I really don’t do/say anything exciting enough to) but I am hoping to take you all along with me this week while I traverse the city streets.  If you were following me,  you would have seen the above photo, which I caught with my Iphone at a street corner–very surreal. More hijinks to come….


My friend Andree always emails me the bestest photo resources and photography inspiration links.  I don’t know how she is able to sleuth such goodness from the sea of goodness out there, but she is always able to edit, refine and send something that I will love.  Andree turned me on to The Photo Argus, which I quickly signed up for, the other day they sent me an email with Warren Krupsaw’s Gem + Mineral photographs, I loved how they look like modern art.  I think the concept is so original and creative. In Mr. Krupsaw’s article he generously shares with the reader how they can go about shooting their own Gem + Mineral photo’s.  I have my own little collection of gems at my studio and am eager to give this a try.  If you are looking for some photo inspiration I highly recommend signing up for the Photo Arugus newsletter, there’s always a small photo treasure to be mined on their site.
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