Truth be told, I can’t believe it has only been 26 days of editing it feels like 2600 days.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my edits, but they take a long time because my ‘before’ has been usually less than desirable.  
I have long been interested in black & white photography both film and digital.  I love the timeless quality.  B+W appeals to my minimalistic leanings and my love of monochrome.  I felt like I  never grasped the concept of how to ‘see’ a color image to translate it successfully to a  black + white.   I got lucky this weekend and found an essay by photographer John Batdorff on how he accomplishes his b+w images, by  just reading a few sentences I started to have about a dozen ‘aha’ moments. I  tried to apply his words of wisdom to a few older photographs and felt happy with the initial results.  I can’t wait to go out and shoot some new images now with what I learned and see if I can really delve deeper into this medium.


This day just flew by and now I am beat.  I am excited about tomorrow, I think I may be going to pick up my new computer and that makes me ecstatic, but it’s just a definite maybe at this moment, not a heck yeah. I am not sure if my master plan is going to pan out for Monday and I don’t want to think how disappointed I will be if it doesn’t, so I am going to try to will it into fruition (more with the vague crazy talk). I wish I could tell you but I can’t because I promised myself I would only tell you if it happened and I really want to tell you, (like nearly going to burst with wanting to tell you) but I am also trying to learn patience in my golden years.  No, it’s not another job.  

I mentioned on Flickr that this photo was taken on a day that the city felt like it was on fire, because it basically was.  I have never experienced a day quite like it.  The air was stagnate, dry and the combination of the summer heat and fires made it inferno hot.  This image takes me straight back to the day when I snapped this out the moving car window, happy that we were almost home from our long desert drive.


My co-worker brought her beautiful baby girl in the other day.  I only had a few minutes to sneak outside and fire off these shots.  I thought the hoody would look sweet but neglected to consider all the horrible shadows it would cast on her creamy skin. Yet another lesson learned in my never ending photography adventure. 


Oh, what a day!  If you only knew what’s on my plate right now–lot’s.  I am racing against the clock to try to get something done before a certain day (can I be any more vague?)  I have a great friend working over-time with me to make it happen and we just may pull it off, which would make me both giddy and proud as punch, (word on the street is punch is very proud.)  The Fancy got a new job and G.G. being the spoiled three pound pup she is decided to rip the apartment apart.  I received a call at work from my neighbor, “Did you leave the washing machine on?”  “No, I didn’t why?, I asked perplexed.  “Well, there’s this strange pounding sound coming from your apartment that sounds like a washing machine gone awry.”

I raced home to find that George was playing soccer with our stainless steel trash can, hurling it across the room at the wall, leaving a mess over the entire livingroom, scratching the paint off the doors–basically wreaking havoc whilst her sister Bella snored contently in the kitchen as close to the cabinet that houses the treats as puppily possible. I made the executive decision to bring my three pound dog back to the office with me.  I figured what would my boss do? Fire me?  My last day is Tuesday, I think  the office could handle me and my fluffy terror for a few hours without incident. So, all that on top of my top secret project and my ‘before’ and after edits made for a very harried day, but here I am at long last, better late than never.


I shot these beauties this morning on my way to work.  I am impervious to the lure of the cherry blossom.  It’s such a happy tree, don’t you think?  Cherry blossoms are the botanical equivalent of popped champagne. The ‘before’ wasn’t able to capture the golden light so I brought it into my edit.  I am planning to do more edits on this ‘session’ this week, just because I want to see if I can create a cohesive series.
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