After a week of grueling work and intense self-induced stress I thought I would spend a portion of my Saturday unwinding by editing snapshots from my work trip to San Francisco this week.  With my obsessive personality as it is, a couple hours turned into a whole day. This little computer box of mine has me mesmerized and let’s not get started on the siren call that is Photoshop. I can get lost for hours, which I obviously have.  If you are living in San Francisco and have photo block I should flog you, the city is one giant photo-op after another and might I mention that it is so very photogenic. I am going back next week to start another project, I only wish that I was going to have more time to explore.  Note to self, plan a real vacation to visit the ‘Paris of the West’ very soon.


When we took our road trip last week I wasn’t expecting to go to the mall, but two nights in and we were there.  We were a little disappointed at first because we expected quaint, charming, small town shops but instead found the equivalent of mall Disneyland. Once I got over my initial disappointment I took in the details and decided to just go with the experience.  If you used your imagination you could almost convince yourself you were in a European village with outdoor cafe’s, tree’s in full bloom, dainty party lights and pied-a-terre’s in pastel hue’s.  Sometimes not getting what you want doesn’t turn out so bad.  Lesson learned.


I drove West down Pacific Coast Highway this morning to meet a potential client.  I was so annoyed with myself that I didn’t bring my camera and wasn’t about to try to take wide angle vistas of the magnificent Pacific ocean with my Iphone.  The best camera is not always the one you have with you, it just may be the one you left at home.  At the meeting the potential client pulled out a stack of magazine’s she had previously advertised in, the above Tim Walker photo was on the cover of one of them. I had trouble following the conversation after that, I couldn’t stop staring at the image, it’s so haunting + quirky.  How can that even be possible? I love that the eagle makes the bed look miniature, it relays how larger than life this creature is (even dead).  Am I the only one that thinks this images is both awesome and disturbing?


I wanted to get these images up before I inundate you with the photo’s from the road trip, because I am going to be a big show-off for sure.  I never go anywhere anymore so a trip away from home has become an event of epic proportions. One day, I just may get all Mrs. Limestone on you (so envious! Truly one of my fave armchair travel + reno addictions) but for now you will have to settle on images from cities within my state, lucky for me I live in the Golden state, so there is much exploring to be had.
I have had quite a few emails about my failed MMXI PROJECT (wherein I was to edit a photo a day for all of 2011).  Well, I had some bumps in my road, mainly quitting of an old job, starting a new one, getting canned from said new job, then making the huge decision to go back to being a freelancer, thus throwing caution and a false sense of security into the wind.  That’s a lot to digest whilst trying to edit my poorly shot images on a regular basis.  I do want to continue doing an on-going photo project but maybe it won’t be as ambitious?  Or perhaps I will start up in June and have a fresh mid-year start? As you can see, decision making is not my strong suit. 


Can you believe this was taken out of a car going 80 miles per hour?  Me neither  I usually spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid camera shake and my inability to sit still does not help my  cause.  I also shoot my digital camera as if it had expensive rolls of film placed in it, being very, very careful not to ‘waste’ a shot.  Some people would think this is a great way to shoot, that I am more thoughtful with my compositions, but really part of the excitement of digital is being able to throw caution to the wind and just ‘go for it’.  On the ride home I decided to be more carefree and took shots like this from a speeding vehicle.  I know if I was thinking of my camera as a film camera I would have never wanted to be so spontaneous with my shooting.  How fun to be able to come home and see which shots turned out OK, which one’s failed (delete) and which one’s would make it on to the blog. Gosh darn I love technology. 
::photo by:miss b::
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