Is it almost Friday?  It feels like it.  I allowed the Fancy to choose between the 50,000 different versions of this edit (trust me, it was such a half hearted effort on his part, he’s a boys boy/jock, he knows nothing about florals).  He actually didn’t choose this one, he chose one that was all blush, almost a rectangle of color.  I liked it, but I figured you might think I was getting lazy by turning the ugly ‘before’ photo into a rectangle of pink. I am not above being lazy, but I am only a couple weeks into the project I think I will save the rectangle/blob of color for when I am really feeling truly uninspired.
I am hoping to put my finishing touches on my ‘white’ office makeover inspiration board today and then finally getting the help (unfortunately not mental) that I need to get the makeover finally under way.  I am sitting on a stool as my ‘desk chair’ currently, that can’t be ergonomically correct and it sure won’t be winning me any design props anytime soon.



I love that I wished for a winter’s day and today I woke up to the soft patter of rain on my bedroom window.  Truth be told, if I knew my wishes were going to be granted I may not have wasted one on something as ephemeral as a rainy day, but I guess that’s the nature of wishes, you never know when they will come true. I took the shot of the crow after I got off work on Saturday.  I was trying to capture him in the naked tree branch, he looked so majestic with the sun glinting a deep blue on his feathers. Crows have a bad rap as creepy but they are intelligent creatures and are very interesting. Since the only birds I encounter are crows, pigeons and wild gray parrots I am making due.  I wasn’t expecting to get an in flight shot and I truly didn’t think my lens could capture it, I was pleasantly surprised with the image on my LCD screen.  Once I reviewed the results I knew where I would take the original image. It may have been a sweat inducing, sunny day when I shot this but I think I was able to transform it quite nicely into a blustery winter’s morning.



We aren’t having much of a winter here in the City of Angels and that must sound like either I am being a braggart or am ungrateful but really I am not being either.  I am happy for the sunshine for my little garden but I would love some stormy days and the ability to wear my winter wardrobe.  I wanted to edit this photo to feel like a storm was coming, I like how dark and moody it looks which belies the fact that tomorrow should be near 80 degrees and I am in no mood to wear a sundress in January. This was accomplished mainly with Curves adjustments, it’s a very powerful tool in Photoshop, (besides the Pen tool), it may be the second most intimidating to master.  I am by no means a master, but I am not scared to experiment and often find just fiddling around will help me understand how things work, Photoshop is a great resource for those that like to fiddle.  Here’s the dreaded ‘before’.


I bet those of you that love to edit photo’s in Photoshop (or have to edit) will love me (even more) after this post.  I am including a link to 70 professional grade Photoshop actions made by fine art photographer Wim Reyns. When I discovered the actions and started using them I was shocked that Mr. Reyns was not charging a small fortune (thank you for your generosity W.R.). If you look at my ‘before’ there is so much noise, a sad color cast and a myriad of other defects that I was able to ‘cure’ with Mr. Reyns powerful and professional set. You can liken it to a freshly scrubbed visage before you add your makeup, his actions create a great foundation to build on and then he goes the extra mile by offering finishing and printing actions as well.  I don’t think I would have been able to tackle this image without his help.  I know, you want me to stop flapping my gums and give you the link all ready–click here, have a good time and I hope that you are happy with your results and new resources.


I don’t know about you but I love a good piggy photo.  I like how the edit made the reflection more obvious than the ‘before’.  This edit also may have helped me decide on my office makeover.  I love the shiny white surface in the image (a lacquer piece I had in my former office). I think for my product photographs it will be very convenient to have a nice, shiny white surface at the ready. I do believe a Torsby is in my future.
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