I did this edit to go with yesterday’s bird’s nest, a little bit of a story–bird nest + bird? I added some film grain which I liked a lot, maybe I will look back and cringe but today I like it. Here’s the ‘before’.


This was from my trip to the Natural History museum many moons ago.  I didn’t use a flash and all the images I shot in the bird section had a strange (not horrible) but strange cast to them, almost persimmon. I think I will try working with that cast on future edits but wanted to go with an aged b+w on this one. I know many of you are photo enthusiasts as well and would love suggestions on b+w actions or tutorials, I make my own but I always like to learn more.  Here’s the before.



If I had one wish (okay maybe two I am sure I would be much more pragmatic with my first wish). I would wish to have fresh flowers in my home at all times. These dahlia’s were more stunning than any flowers I had ever received, they were like ballerina tutu’s and ranged from soft pink and blush to the palest of yellows.  Stunning seems an inadequate adjective to describe them. I did have the good fortune to shoot these in the morning light and did them justice, but I also thought I would shoot them at night so I could savor their beauty for a few hours more.  The ones taken at night were in a word–dreadful. Trust me your eyeballs may melt when you click over, for the ‘before’ but for the sake of comparison and this project here it is.


I think you need to click over and see the ‘before’ to really appreciate the work that went into this edit.  I had heat stroke the afternoon I shot this but I probably sweat more trying to create this end image.  I must have changed the colors of the balloon and sky 3,000 times before I settled on a vintage peachy pink, not too peach, not too pink.  I only wish that I had control over everyone’s screen calibration so your image would look exactly like mine does.  Since I don’t have that kind of control, I will have to throw caution to the wind and hope it doesn’t look muddy on your end.  I have become aware of two things since I started this project seven days ago 1) I need to really practice my photography skills these ‘before’s’ are absolutely killing me 2) Time flies.  I had to check several times to make sure that it really was day seven. 
If anyone wants to join me don’t be shy, I have a little Flickr group set up with just myself as the only member and as we all know misery loves company. For those that are doing 365′s or 52′s feel free to add your before and afters to the group.


Seriously, this is my last giraffe edit, that’s all I got.  There will be rhino’s, and other odd toe ungulates in the near future but for now let’s bid adieu to the giraffe.  I wrote on Flickr that I wasn’t really happy with this edit but found I was thrilled to re-live the memory of the day this was shot.  It seems silly to not edit a photo of a great memory because it hadn’t turned out like I anticipated (see ‘before’). I would like to write ‘lesson learned’ but I know myself too well and I will be agonizing over my every photograph and have major edit indecision for at least another fortnight.  This photography hobby was supposed to be a creative diversion from my stressful day but it seems I can turn even the most relaxing activity into an exercise in neurosis. How could I have not wanted to edit or even print out a winking giraffe?  Beats me.
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