Betsy Dunlap Interview Part I

I was working in a position I was unhappy in, and dreaming of doing something with my artistic energy, preferably from home, and I had an intense desire to do something very original, very new. I am still pinching myself that the Betsy Dunlap agreed to an interview! When I reached out to Betsy … [Read more...]

Modern Calligrapher | Betsy Dunlap

Ever since day one of the lettering artist series there has been one artist in particular that I wanted to interview, for many, many reasons, one being she seemingly has single-handily created a niche industry by just being herself. Without Betsy Dunlap I don't know if there would be as many modern … [Read more...]

Modern Calligrapher | Tara Spencer September Letters

Tara Spencer of September Letters was recommended by photographer Meg Fish and I gasped with delight when I clicked over to view her work. I think it's very fitting for this week's gestural theme, as Spencer's hand has a very loose and organic flow to it, it's near impossible to replicate and it … [Read more...]

Modern Calligraphy Social Media Photoshop Brushes

I mentioned that I have been inspired lately by an artist to break out my nibs and I wanted to share some of the fruits of my labor with you. The lettering isn't anything like hers (although I wish my hand could do such wondrous, effortless movements), her lettering got me inspired to break out the … [Read more...]

A Fabulous Fete Lettering and Giveaway

I love this quote that Lauren Saylor from A Fabulous Fete lettered (the lettering was cleaned up and made into a Photoshop brush with our Vitamin L25). I love Lauren's easy breezy style and her blog is filled to the brim with some pretty amazing lettering. Lauren has started teaching watercolor … [Read more...]