Create patterns with your watercolor illustrations!


For some, last week marked the start of the holiday season, good ‘ol Thanksgiving, now that our bellies are full and we had some time to relax and perhaps argue (the election here in the U.S. has created quite the controversy), let’s focus on something like making ourselves richer. Sound good?  Okay, technically I am not talking monetary riches, but Bonnie Christine’s new class could result in that. If you are unfamiliar with Bonnie Christine, she has basically taken her passion for pattern and created a small empire.  The best part? She’s super transparent on how she accomplished it and she shares ALL of her ‘secrets’ with you.

We thought you might like her latest class because it has a watercolor emphasis and since we just launched a class that lets you create a watercolor effect in seconds, we figured you could merge these two skill sets and perhaps make something AWESOME, that millions of people (or a hundred) will want, and if not you might be able to get a head start on your gift list, that’s something, right?


Bonnie Christine’s Painterly Patterns Class

Foto Rx | One Click Watercolor Effects Class

Take our Watercolor Effect Class FREE (we have a few more gratis spots available)

Skillshare 3 months for .99 (for new members)

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