I have a lot of unrealistic expectations, one of them was that I was going to be photographing my baby like crazy with my “real” camera. Well, my camera has sat in the camera bag gathering dust as I am lucky if I have enough energy to take a shower these days.  My husband keeps asking me when I was going to post about her, but I have to be honest I wanted to keep her all to myself for a little bit, is that weird?  Probably.  I know I promised to reveal her name and I am darn it!  I have been dragging my feet on this because I am still not sure if this is her name, although my husband insists it is.  At the 11th hour on the day of check-out from the hospital we had it narrowed down to two names (and I am still wondering if the other name wasn’t ‘better’) but I have a notoriously hard time making decisions.  I so envy those supreme beings that can just make a decision without that tinge of ‘buyers remorse’ that I seem to get no matter what decision I make, it’s one of my worse foibles.  We decided on Emerson Leighton Wren, “Elle” as a nickname.  We liked that Emerson had potential for many nicknames and didn’t really rhyme with anything that could be teased on the school yard (remember my husband not liking Colette because he thought kids would tease ‘toilet’?) Some of the nickname possibilities-Emmy, Emry, Emery, Emme, and Elle (her initials E.L.)  I liked Leighton after hearing it on a tennis player and it was a contender for first name, I wanted her to have a good middle name in case she didn’t like her first name and she could change it.  Did you know there are a ton of celebrities that use their middle names instead of their first?  Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Bruce Willis, here’s a fun list.   Wren, I really liked as a first name contender as well, but wasn’t sure if it was strong enough, my dad asked me what I was thinking ‘Wrench’?  Hmmm? I still like it so I added it on (against my husband’s wishes, he thought I was being a bit excessive).

Do you know of anyone else that had as hard a time as me deciding on a baby name?  Have any of you changed your name to your middle name?  I only know a couple people that have changed their names, but in each case I think their name change was much more fitting, maybe because they were so happy with it.  I do hope that Elle loves her name, but at least she has options in case she doesn’t.

Thinking of you…

P.S. This is a photo of Elle with my other ‘baby’ Georgie (in a rare moment of sleep).  I was so worried how the pups would react to this interloper but they adore her. Georgie is there for all of Elle’s feedings and my Frenchie is there for all the late night duties, getting up with us for whatever it is we need to do at 3:00 a.m or earlier…



  1. Emerson is a fabulous name, as is Elle, and I think you’ll find as she grows just what suits her. That said, maternal instincts are usually very good, and I’m sure Elle will suit her perfectly. Emailing you. :)

  2. She is beautiful Tristan, and I love her name! I swear sometimes we were separated at birth, as I had SO much trouble with the names (for two at once, yikes), and wondered if it was right for at least two months post birth. But you know what–their names are so THEM, and I was crazy to doubt it. You will feel confident about it soon…it is a major decision so it’s only natural to question.

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. *love*

  5. She’s beautiful, and so is her name!!! I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, and convinced we’re having a girl. We have a handful of names picked out for both a girl or a boy … It’s challenging because someone always has something to say about it, and you’ll always question if it was the right one. I had a vision before finding out I was pregnant that we had a girl, and named her Alba. At this point, if baby is a girl, I feel like I should honor the vision … but we still can’t decide. Sounds like you & I are a lot alike. So happy you shared & I hope you’re enjoying these early days.

  6. She is just beautiful and so is her name!! Congrats again Tristan!

  7. a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! {and snap away with your phone camera, instead of your “real” camera,, those spur of the moment shots are always the best!}

  8. Congratulations!!! It is completely normal and beautiful to want to keep your sweet little one all to yourself. We can’t blame you a bit! She is precious. Thank you for sharing this sweet moment with all of us! Enjoy your sweet little Elle (love her name btw)!


  9. Tristan, she is exquisite. Congratulations on making it through your arduous pregnancy! I am sure there is nothing weird or wrong about having her to yourself for a bit, but it is lovely to see a photo of her. I like that you’ve given her options with her name and most important of all, it is a great name for calligraphy.

  10. She is so beautiful! I love her name. It is perfect. Merry Christmas and the very best wishes in 2014!

  11. I have been patiently waiting for the name and picture reveal and trying to be polite and not ask! A lovely name and a really beautiful baby. Please do not second guess yourself. It will be perfect for her. Children have a way of growing into their names I think.
    My friends spent 2 months naming their third born child. (He is now in his 20′s and his name fits him just fine
    My son marched home from kindergarten on the first day and announced that he was changing his name to his middle name. So he has had 2 names most of his life. A friend one and a family one. Go figure.

  12. Beautiful baby, beautiful name. I just met a little girl named Emerson and I love it! I don’t think you can go wrong any of those names. In time she will choose the one she wants to use so don’t put too much thought into it. Pople usually seem to become their names. You picked feminine but strong names. She will conquer the world!

  13. Congrats! She is beautiful! Love her name! I still have 3 months to decide our little boy’s name, but I haven’t work out a list yet :)

  14. So nice to meet you, Emerson Leighton Wren! Elle, your name is beautiful!! Welcome to the world, little one. Tristan, I hope you are having grand time adjusting to familyhood and the holidays and puppy-having-to-share-mama and Seattle living… Thinking of you. In the new year, I would love to see you and catch up! Take care and enjoy your moments–with or without the camera ;) I know what you mean. And I know what you mean about wanting to keep the baby all to yourself too. It’s all ok :) Hugs to you, dear. Love, Charmaine

  15. ‘She’ is a beautiful baby and has a beautiful name. Yes it is and was difficult to name our child too. Mostly as we had one boys name that seemed to fit. All the others were the hard ones. Eventually it went to Oskar Arno Friedrich. I also liked the fact that Arno could be an alternative. She is sooooo divine Tristan!!!!!!! Look at that little face. Wising you all a wonderful Christmas together! xxxx

  16. I love Elle as a nickname. She is beautiful and I told understand why you would just want to keep her to yourself! :)

  17. totally*

  18. oh my, she is so sweet. You are so very blessed xo

  19. she is beautiful! on names…i have a friend who is the mother of four children. two of those children were named, the birth certificate signed & filed when my friend decided that wasn’t really their names. she changed their names and had to re-do the entire birth certificate process. so, no, you are not alone on the naming indecision delimma :).

  20. Oh T, she is beautiful! And I love the name! I totally second guessed our son’s name too. For like MONTHS! But my husband insisted to trust my gut :) and I had the same grandiose visions of photographing every perfect moment of my sweet boy growing up. The reality? Most of shots are via iPhone! No editing. No fuss. I have learned just to go with it. It is what it is. And more important to sealing those sweets moments in your heart and memory. Just be with little Elle – like really present. That’s all you need. Love and miss you tons! Xoxo – Jamie

  21. I love it, Tristan! You did a wonderful job picking out her absolutely beautiful name. And while I’m not a mother (to a real child, but a dog who thinks he’s one), I can sympathize with your dilemma over picking a name. Kids can be just terrible about teasing. I’m so glad you’ve finally revealed your precious babe’s name. And I’m glad your other children are taking good care of her. :)


  22. Oh, what a beautiful name. And a beautiful little lady.
    Almost daily, I worry that both our children’s names weren’t ‘the ones’. Whenever I bring it up with my husband he reminds me that, especially for our daughter, her name suits her. And it does. While it wasn’t my first choice, or even on the list while I was pregnant, it suits her perfectly. Our son was a little easier, it was much quicker decision too ;) I’m hoping we’ll have another daughter one day who’ll suit the name I love most.
    Enjoy your little love, sleepless nights and all x

  23. Gorgeous!! I’ve been calling her Emme in my head but Elle suits her so much more! And you’re right–she looks like her daddy here. :)

  24. She is a totally beautiful baby and worth every moment. I am so glad you have this wonderful blessing in your life. Thank you for sharing her with us. Love the names!

  25. Oh my, I was meant to see this!! My sweet friend Laura reminded me of you today and while I’d seen your work before, I finally had time to actually look at it and browse, uninhibited, for almost an hour. ;) But this post just hit me. I had my son is late 2011 and I took 10 days to name him. I got SO much grief from friends and family because no one could understand it! This is the first I’ve read of my own dilemma from someone who’s awesome, curated, and an artist I’d admire. Thanks for posting it and your baby is so precious! Hopefully we’ll meet someday, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to page stalk your work and swoon with every click. Cheers, Shannon

  26. Congratulations, Tristan! A gorgeous name for a stunningly gorgeous little baby. Wishing your family warmth and happiness in this new year!

  27. That is one seriously gorgeous and lovely name!!! I am so in love with her name!

  28. I cant seem to see the photo but I love her name!

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