Kelly Cummings Besotted BlogI recently discovered the lettering work of Kelly Cummings and what immediately struck me was her enthusiasm and willingness to share what she has learned.  Kelly a photographer by trade recently picked up nib and  ink and started her grand lettering adventure. Her site aptly named ‘The Year of Lettering’ is not only a showcase of her progress, but is filled with tips and answers to questions from fellow lettering enthusiasts. I loved reading the q & a’s sandwiched between her beautiful work. Her dedication to learning a new craft is so inspiring.  If you have been reading these weekly lettering posts you know how much emphasize I put on practice. You can get better at anything if you put the time in, it doesn’t have to be lettering if you want to be a better photographer, writer, reader, cook, parent, what have you, you need to dedicate the time.  I practice my lettering every day, sometimes I only get a few stolen moments in but I know the more I practice the better I become and the more accomplished I feel.  When I started this lettering journey I couldn’t even remember how to write cursive as I have been utilizing an architect’s hand for more years than I can remember. I was convinced that perhaps I wouldn’t have the aptitude for it (it’s always good to start off a project with a ‘can’t do attitude’. I jest), but I have just persevered and I am thrilled with my own progress, it’s not perfect and many times not even good, but if you told me I would be able to do this a year ago I would have rolled my eyes at you. Practice friends, that’s all it takes, you can do it! I do hope Kelly inspires you as much as she has me to go out and try something you have been wanting to do, share your experience and to just put your work out there and see what happens.  It’s scary but could lead to some wonderful things. Here’s to wishing Kelly many more days of continued inspiration.

P.S. I love this deco inspired quote + illustration. I recently saw the trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’ adapted by Baz Lurhmann and I can not wait to go see it–sumptuous is what comes to mind. It looks like there will be some serious eye candy–the costumes, the sets, the actors every detail looks magnificent!

P.P.S. Skillshare is launching what looks like will be an amazing illustrative lettering class for only $20!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future.


  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. I’ve always been frustrated with myself when something doesn’t come as easily as it should, but I know I just need more practice. More trials and errors. That’s the only way to learn when it comes to a craft. Anyway, I love the art deco works that are coming out as of late! Plus, I’m a Fitzgerald fan, so this really pleased me this morning. My favorite covers are the matching metallic ones with all the art deco detailing.

    1. Dawn, yes, I OFTEN try to will myself to be better at something but it doesn’t work, lol. I agree that series with the metallic covers was beautiful. Thanks for the note!

  2. I always tell people “anyone” can run a marathon! It all comes down to what your post speaks to today…. Practice + time commitment :-) I had already planned to be the 1st on line to see Gatsby: the fonts used, the hats, the cars… it is really going to be a great artist film indeed!

    1. Denise, if I were in Colorado I would be waiting right beside you! I loved the visuals in Moulin Rouge so I just know this is going to take me over the top!

  3. How inspiring! I like that quote (and am looking forward to Gatsby on film as well…although it will be tough to top Robert Redford in the previous film adaptation!) Heading over to check out Kelly’s blog. Thanks for introducing me to someone new.


    1. Emily I agree that no one will replace a young Robert Redford:) I think it will be a visual feast, so different than anything we have ever seen. I am really looking forward to the deluge of deco inspiration that I am sure will be forthcoming!

  4. Love the quote + inspiration Tristan! Thank you for introducing us to Kelly’s work, it’s so very pretty (I wanted to pin all of it!). She reminded me of you (or you of her)… anyway, sharing your talents is a wonderful thing for all of us :)

  5. Thank you so much! I am so honored to be on your lovely blog and thank you all for the wonderful comments! I wish lettering and letters were still commonplace! Mayhaps we can bring it back!

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