Bird Love by Leila Jeffreys

bird love by leila jeffreys via besotted

We haven’t done one of our themed weeks in ages, so we thought with our impending launch of our Rare Bird font foundry we would dedicate this week to the birds. It feels fitting, right? This is a photo of the most wonderful book, by a most talented photographer–Leila Jeffreys. A gift from a most thoughtful friend (Michelle).  I love Jeffreys back story how she started out as a garden bird-watcher and how her love morphed into a more serious bird enthusiast where she was helping ornithologists tag birds and then taking photos of the birds followed. It’s not just Jeffreys incredible and obvious talent that I am drawn to but her overflowing passion and dedication to her muse. To me Jeffreys has found the ‘dream’ subject, the birds as muse encompass so many of my own loves-animals, nature, science, photography and in the end, icing on the cake interior design.

Jeffreys will be in NYC exhibiting her flock at the Olsen Gruin Gallery come October 13th-November 12th 2017 with her Ornithurae Volume I exhibit. If you are in the area we think it would be well worth the visit!


Leila Jeffreys

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Bird Love by Leila Jeffreys

Olsen Gruin Gallery

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