Annie Liebovitz teaches photography!


There are so many magical things and opportunities that have transpired because of the internet, but truly one of the most thrilling for me has been the introduction of Masterclass an online resource of classes taught by true masters in their craft. Their latest coo?  Why having the famed photographer Annie Liebovitz teach a class, for get this under $100 USD?!  This feels like a Christmas miracle! I have taken many a photography course on line, but this is an entirely different level. Michelle recently had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Liebovitz at her book signing and if you are wondering Michelle said she was just lovely.

If you have any interest in portraiture both the class and the release of her latest book should send you into an inspiration tailspin.  Michelle and I have had taking portraits high on our list of projects to conquer and we think with this added motivation (and now knowledge) we just may make it happen this year!

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Annie Liebovitz teaches photography online course!

Annie Liebovitz Portraits book 2005-2016

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