Gift Guide : Aspiring Artist Edition

aspiring artist gift guide via besottedblog

Our most popular posts of all time here are our posts on how-to draw, watercolor, paint, etc. This gift guide is for you, since it’s always nice to gift yourself a little something during the holidays, no? Make it a resolution to create more and this handy little list will make sure you have all the supplies to get you started.

If you are investing in tube watercolor paints then you’ll need a palette to put them in. This line has many different sizes and configurations, made of metal so it feels a little more quality and has built in mixing palettes which is crucial if you are using it traveling.

The Royal Langnickel brushes are a happy surprise find!  I originally bought them for a shoot as a prop, but they are nice quality starter watercolor brushes, they look so sleek and expensive, have a good weight and I have never had a problem with hairs falling out or getting wonky, for under $5 USD a brush these are a STEAL!

I have a Mobius + Ruppert sharpener in my travel sketch kit, in my desk and in my bag.  I love them and feel like I get the best and sharpest point with them

I love, love, love this wood artist case with easel and handle. I got one like this for Michelle one year and filled it with supplies from pencils colored and graphite, to oil paints and everything in between. A wonderful gift to receive or gift yourself.

Even if you never open the Pilot Iroshizuku ink, it’ll still be a beautiful accessory to your desk top, seriously.

Gouache is my favorite, it has the opaqueness of an acrylic but the flexibility of watercolor and you can make it look like watercolor. What is not to love? Michelle has this gorgeous set, super high quality, we highly recommend.

We have gathered many more supplies below separated into categories, we hope this helps. If you have questions or want to add please leave a note in the comments!


01. Empty watercolor palette

02.  Silver Royal Langnickel brushes

03. Mobius + Ruppert brass sharpener

04. Wood Easel and Storage

05. Pilot Iroshizuku ink

06. Holbein Gouache set

more not featured in image:


Large Sketchbook, these are large with hardcovers, my current fave.

Legion Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor Block, 140lb. Hot Press

Legion Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor Block, 140lb. Cold Press, 10 X 14 inches, White, 15 Sheets

Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pad, 11″x14″

Global Art Materials 10-1/2-Inch by 8-1/4-Inch Travelogue Watercolor Book, Grand Portrait


Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: the Classics

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Essentials Introductory Watercolor


Royal & Langnickel Small Tin Life Drawing Art Set

Faber-Castell  Large Kneaded Eraser 2 Pack

Conte pencil

Mechanical pencil


Kuretake Brush pen (my favorite, I feel like it draws for me)


linen aprons (such great prices!)

Stumps & Tortillions pack


Botanical line drawing (easy class for beginners!)

Learn to watercolor leaves, wreaths + feathers (and more!)

Drawing and Illustration Basics with Heather Ross

Introduction to Drawing with Molly Hatch

Creative Bug

Watercolor Class

Skillshare drawing class (highly recommend)


How to draw modern florals

Draw 50 flowers

So you thought you couldn’t draw

Any of the Ames books

Drawing from the Right side of the brain

Drawing made easy (vintage + free!)


Photoshop CC subscription

Clean + digitize your illustrations