Besotted with dogs!

It’s a few months to the end of the year of the dog, but that has not stopped us from rolling out the pup illustrations like mad for Inktober. On my Instagram feed I did mention that I wasn’t born knowing how to draw a dog (or anything for that matter) I took a boatload of how to draw a dog classes and I promised to link them here. We are also including some faves for the week!

I. Some favorite dog drawing classes from Skillshare I took:  Drawing dogs | How to Draw Majestic Animals -Dogs | Draw a dog | The Art and Science of Drawing

II. If you are like us and love a beautiful + simple packaged product then you are going to get hot and bothered over this new cleaning product line. Just thinking about it I am fanning myself.

III. Like all my daily challenges wherein I subject myself to an impossible task on top of my actually living my life, being a full-time mother and business owner (with multiple businesses and an Air b’nb thrown in for good measure). I could not add in any impossibility without the right tools and our Lettering Rx (soon to include Illustration Rx as well) is my saving grace for quickly + easily getting my drawings cleaned and digitized ready to share with the world. To celebrate Inktober we are offering $10 off of Lettering Rx for the entire month of October! Just use the code TAKE10 at checkout.

IV. Are you already feeling the dulling of your skin from the drop in the weather? Michelle and I have stumbled upon a little jar of fountain of youth, it’s spendy but you only need a teeny tiny little bit to see results.

V. Have you picked up the Minimalist Kitchen cookbook?  No?  Well, you should have. It is filled with EASY and delicious recipes. I have already started my list to revamp the pantry and just know that a few of these recipes are going to make it into regular rotation.

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