Besotted with…Holiday Sales 2018!

So many sales so little time (and money) am I right?  Here are some of our faves for Cyber Monday (some extend all week!).  It was hard to choose, but I thought we could focus on things we love like enhancing your skills + creativity, tools to help you grow your business and maybe a little frivolity thrown in for good measure!

I. We couldn’t do this list without letting you know we are doing our BIGGEST sale EVER for Foto Rx Co. We are so grateful for all your support, if you have been eyeing our best selling Product Photography Editing Photoshop actions, or have been lusting for some Lettering Rx to quickly clean + digitize your lettering and illustrations than we have you covered! Of course, we have our professional grade photo editing actions, if you haven’t figured it out I am a bit partial to all of our B+W sets both the Photoshop actions and presets. You can take $25 USD off any order of $50 USD or more at checkout with the code GRATEFUL2018.

II. We are huge fans of Masterclass. If you are unfamiliar it’s as the name implies, classes taught by masters. They aren’t splitting hairs on this one, we are talking photography with Annie Liebovitz, cooking with Gordon Ramsey, documentary filmmaking with Ken Burns, serious masters in their field! They are currently doing a two for one–buy an all access pass for the year as a gift and get one for yourself free!  That means you will get access to ALL the classes on their roster!

III. There are many companies that I enjoy, but cringe when I have to share the name, Creativebug is one of them. I really enjoy this platform, the teachers are great especially Courtney Cerruti. They have started adding more creative business classes, and really elevating their content. I love the Lilla Rogers class (famed artist rep), it’s worth signing up just for that class. You can get 3 months for only $1USD, it’s totally worth it, you can cancel at anytime but for the $1 I’d totally take advantage of their line-up while you can!

IV. Click & Co. have a great round-up of photography classes. Documenting the Unapologetic Life is still one of my favorite classes I’ve taken for documentary style family photos,it’s  a class that has allowed me to just be in the moment instead of worrying about pretty Insta pics. They are doing a 50% off all of their breakout classes, a total steal! Use the code HOLIDAY50 at checkout.

V. One of my fave art supply stores has some crazy deals right now! I love this inexpensive Canson watercolor paper, it’s heavyweight and great for practice and they are practically giving it away, stock up! This vine charcoal is dirt cheap and perfect for all those mark making exercises to get those creative juices flowing.


photo by michelle p. edited with foto rx doc style presets

3 thoughts on “Besotted with…Holiday Sales 2018!

  1. I went to purchase the BW PS presets with GRATEFUL2018 sale code. The code was not accepted. I must have missed the sale period. Was it for Cyber Monday only?

    1. Hi Sarah! It was through the holiday weekend Black Friday through Cyber Monday, but needed a purchase of $100 USD or more to get the $25 off discount:)

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