Besotted with simplicity


The other day I stumbled upon a quote by Albert Einstein, ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.’ I loved it and shared the quote at dinner with Michele and our friend Renee. Renee said she had written something similar– ‘Pare down the essence not the poetry’. We loved it so much that we wanted to share! Meaning, when you are simplifying things don’t simplify so much that there isn’t any ‘soul’ left. This whole minimalist movement, it’s so easy to go overboard and then be left with a room with no joy. For Michelle and I we have minimalist leanings in our work, but we always try not to cross over into something that is cold without feeling. We hope that our simple translates as a breath of fresh air when you are dealing with the cacophony of this life with all it’s visual and information overload. We try hard to simplify within our designs, it extends to our products, end users and our teaching style. Life is complicated enough, we always hope that what we bring to the world makes life more beautiful and simplifies, so our clients have more time to do what they love. Wishing you more poetry in your everyday.