Quick + Easy Patterns in Photoshop

easy patterns in photoshop gift wrap via besottedblog.com

We told you It’s On! It most certainly is! We are a few weeks into 2017 and doors are flying open for us. I am believing in the power of positive thinking, I mean I am always pretty positive but I truly believe that it’s on this year, with all my being, try it, those doors may fly open for you too! As Thomas Jefferson said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. True that. Michelle and I have already amped up our already busy, busy schedules so we can ‘get luckier’ and guess what? It’s working! Maybe because I am working like my life depends on it, who knows? But already we have had a Pin go viral, what the what?! Pinners dreams do come true, I took care of some long neglected personal business that I had been dreading (it turned out so much less painful than I imagined), and we have our first class of 2017!  Yes!

quick and easy photoshop patterns via besotted blog

How many of you have ever wanted to try your hand at creating patterns either from your own illustrations or found imagery?  I am raising my hand here! Michelle is a pattern genius, but of course being the pro she is creates them in Adobe Illustrator (it’s the pro thing to do), she graciously showed me how to create a pattern in Photoshop since I am just a hobby pattern maker, previously I thought there was math involved and all sorts of hocus pocus that I wouldn’t be able to wrap my brain around, but in a few clicks I created a pattern that I was incredibly happy with (see that darling gift wrap in the photo). It was one of those life changing skills, I was so excited! Using her skills I was able to create the resources for the Instant Watercolor Effect in Photoshop  class. It’s a skill that I have put to good use and now YOU can too! Imagine all the applications–wallpaper, gift wrap, eye catching graphics (that might get pinned and go viral too!). This is such a useful skill to have and you can learn it in under 30 minutes to boot!  Because we love you, we are giving away 25 free spots to our class, our only caveat is that you post a project and  leave a review (please don’t take a free spot if you aren’t willing to do us this solid). It’s first come first served so grab your class ASAP.

We hope you enjoy this new resource and find it a benefit to your design arsenal, we plan to release lots of great resources for you this year to help your business + creativity flourish, because after all It’s ON, right?


Quick + Easy Patterns in Photoshop class

Watercolor Effect : Instant Watercolor Effect in Photoshop

Digitize your Lettering in Photoshop | Beginners

First 25 students FREE (link expired 2.28.17)

Free Adobe Photoshop trial

$10/mo Creative Cloud plan

P.S. if you are looking for to get into surface design as a pro, we highly recommend our friend Bonnie’s Surface Pattern Design series!


photo by michelle p. | photo edited using shopkeeper’s helper-feeling off color, whiter backgrounds, 20/20 on the spot

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

2 thoughts on “Quick + Easy Patterns in Photoshop

  1. Hi Tristan, Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much for this class! I’ve just been through all the videos and it’s so simple! I don’t know yet what I’m going to create but as I’m new to Photoshop I’m using every opportunity I have to play around with it and this class is just what I need right now. Thanks again!

  2. Julie, we are SO excited you took the class! Woo hoo! It is simple, Michelle did an amazing job of breaking it down for me, I seriously could not wrap my brain around it for years and she made it SO easy! We hope to see your project soon:)

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