Five for Friday…

Trader Joe's rose hand lotion via besotted blog

Wow! Did this week fly by or was it just me? I can’t believe that it’s already Friday and I am here to share some of my five favorites this week. Michelle was busy with a huge (good) surprise email this morning, so this is just my lips flapping my gums, we’ll get her awesome input next week!

I. Trader Joe’s is getting into the beauty game in a big way with these beautifully packaged rose oil infused products. The fragrance seemed a little heavy for me (but I am very particular with scents). If you are looking for photo props I think they are totally worth having. I also got a rose face oil and I LOVE how only the tiniest drop comes out, I will use it just so I can re-use the bottle in the future.

II. I am loving the concept of this cooking space. In their own words, “Cook Space Brooklyn is a culinary studio designed to foster and build confidence in the kitchen – in an atmosphere where guests feel welcome, inspired, and emboldened to experiment.” I am no where near Brooklyn, but I am hoping this concept catches on cross country, because it’s brilliant. They even have a class where you can cook your meals at their kitchen for the month, just brilliant!

III. I have been having a hard time with my curtains, and this post helped me tremendous amounts. I will be shopping for new rods this weekend, because my curtains although lovely do look like ‘a well put together woman with pants that are too tight’, to quote the indomitable Emily Henderson.

IV. My 4 year old daughter is a prolific artist and has taken over the entire dining room with her creations. I am thinking that I need to figure out another solution for quick + clean display options. I found this one and I think I may just bite the DIY bullet.

V. I am always, always, on the search for new picture books, because I am addicted to them (and of course I read them to my child…sometimes). This one is stunningly beautiful, the colors, the patterns the creativity! The story was a little on the dark side, in a true folklore style, so I’ll wait a while to share with my daughter, but so worth getting a look at if you love picture books too!