Follow your muse | Inspired by florals

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In our professional work running a creative studio Michelle and I make our living being creative, but lately we hadn’t taken any time to be creative for ourselves. Something I think both of us didn’t even realize until our ‘muse’ seized us and we were texting each other like crazy and I think I may have even wrote that I thought my head was going to explode I was so excited, which she promptly responded, ‘me too’. Michelle quipped that we should ‘follow our muse’ more often, and it quickly became a mantra of sorts around here this week.

Follow your muse peony by michelle p. via besotted blog

Our muse happens to be the peony, but not just any peony, we love the flower in full bloom, right before it expires (I like them totally expired too). I can’t speak for Michelle but for me the lure of an expired botanical seems to be what I like in most design- texture, unique character, muted tones/palette, delicacy and more poetically I love the symbolism of something being so ephemeral. Michelle had brought me the first bunch and then the second and then it got a little epic in my ‘studio’. When I saw Michelle’s shots though I was green with envy (looks like her muse was on steroids) as her images were so outstandingly beautiful in their floating background of inky mystery.  One word–besotted. We are sharing some of our images with you with hopes that you too run with your inspiration when it feels so ‘right’. We have linked to some artists we admire that share the floral muse. We hope you share some of your inspired work on Instagram + Pinterest with #followyourmuse.


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photos by tristan b. + michelle p. respectively