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Michelle and I did a photoshoot for our client PHOEBE a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I have been dying to share some of the new to me green make-up options the talented makeup artist Heidi Mark used (her work has been featured in Elle, Vanity Fair, and she has huge commercial clients like Nordstrom and Top Shop, so she knows her stuff). First, I will make the disclaimer that our model Paisha was naturally beautiful with poreless skin, but still, the makeup was equally as flawless and I do think that it would work beautifully on anyone wanting to create a natural luminous look.

One of my fave techniques Heidi did was add a gloss at just the ends of our model Paisha’s lashes to give them some length. For weeks now I have been doing the same, just adding my mascara to the tips of my lashes for length, this gives the illusion of not wearing any mascara and just having naturally long lashes. It’s perfect for everyday, especially now that the temps are rising! Heidi also applied the foundation with a silicone blender, the finish to my foundation fanatic eye was pretty flawless, but I have heard both rave reviews and bad reviews on the new silicone blenders. Heidi liked that they didn’t soak up too much foundation and that they were super easy to clean, thus more hygienic.

I have listed the make-up used with links. Do you have any favorite green products to add?  Just leave the suggestions in the comments we are always on the hunt for great beauty finds!


Makeup artist Heidi Mark

Silicone make-up applicator (similar).

French Girl Organics Serum 

Sibelle lip in tourmaline and roseline

Sibelle luminzer for highlighter

Beauty Counter blush (in hibiscus)

Gressa Minimalist Corrective Foundation (I am totally getting samples, it has almost 300 5 star reviews, so I am pretty sold!!!)

Edited with Photoshop and Foto Rx First Aid Kit (we are giving away a copy over a Going Home to Roost this week!)

photo by michelle p.




4 thoughts on “Luminous natural beauty

  1. I feel like we’re living parallel lives at times ; ) I’m currently trying to “research” more natural products, including makeup. I’ve been happy to see that there seem to be a lot of options out there. Love the tip regarding the mascara at the tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE the Gressa foundation. My skin adores it and it makes me feel flawless without being full coverage. I like that my skin still looks like skin. I apply with my fingers to save product then gently tap over it with a damp beauty blender to make sure it’s seamless. I really want to try their eye tints next. RMS eye pots are also on my wish list.

  3. Lindsey thank you so much for letting us know about Gressa, I am even more excited to try it now! I am a diehard beauty blender user, and also love the idea of my skin looking like skin, that’s why I went gaga for the makeup Heidi did, just perfection! I haven’t tried any RMS yet, but it’s definitely on my wish list!

  4. Lol! There is so much more out there than there ever was and packaging is looking equally as beautiful. I still haven’t found a great green mascara but my search is still on. Try the tips, it probably wouldn’t work for lashes that are very light but my lashes are dark and I love that they look like my lashes but ‘better’!

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