Marc Jacobs Feather Noir


marc jacobs feather noir mascara

Bird trivia | feathers: 1. All birds, and only birds, have feathers, although a few species of dinosaurs had them. 2. Feathers are essential to flight; they provide insulation, sunblock, and waterproofing, and can be important in providing camouflage, social dominance, and reproductive success.

Continuing with our ode to our impending Rare Bird Font launch…What would a week of bird inspo be without some feathers? Not much of a bird week at all. By the way, is it weird to devote a week to bird inspiration? Isn’t that so 2011, ‘Put a bird on it’ (ala Portlandia) and all? Oh well, everything new is old again. Like blogging, it went the way of the Dodo and here we are making a comeback, am I right? Back to the mascara, you know I love me some lashes and of course what’s not to love about Marc Jacobs packaging? So sleek, clean, modern and photographable (is that a word?) Their Feather Noir mascara is for ultra lengthening and the best part (besides the packaging) is that it has a special brush tip for your lower lashes, something I never do, but if I had a special brush, who knows what I could be capable of?

Have you tried this mascara yet? If so any feedback? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?


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Feather Noir Mascara

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