Besotted with…Our current faves!

We have been away for a bit, but only due to some technical difficulties we have been having with our web hosting, you know the really exciting stuff in life. We are back and have some faves though!

I. We are offering Custom Product Photo Editing sessions now at Foto Rx! We created this offering for those that feel they need extra hand holding when tackling their product photo editing. Our Product Editing Photoshop actions automate the process but we know that even opening Photoshop can feel intimidating. We will edit 3 images and record the session so you can see exactly how we would edit YOUR images and can reference back to the video.  For those that don’t have products to edit we are happy to offer the session for any of our other editing offerings!

II. I really, really want to try one of these new tinted facial oils. Supposedly it’s your skin, but better and it works as a serum so it’s performing double duty. Totally in.

III.  I just ordered this makeup kit as an early birthday present. I am on the fence, it feels super comfortable on, and my husband mentioned how great my skin looked, but Michelle thought it looked really heavy around my eyes (not what I was going for). They have a 60 day return policy, which is huge plus and other people have had AH-MAZING results. Here’s the how-to video. I will keep you posted…

IV. I can’t justify the price of this line but it sure does look like it would comfy, PJ’s cute enough to wear out?

V. Michelle just got this bag for her laptop, it fits a 13″ Macbook pro perfectly and hits the perfect note between put together but not trying too hard.

4 thoughts on “Besotted with…Our current faves!

  1. Masckara! I used to read her blog all the time. I still do my daily makeup based on her baseball makeup tutorial. Glad her makeup line has taken off!

  2. Yes, I loved reading her blog too and wanted to support! I am still in the fence, nit sure if it’s for me, but I love the idea of a compact that has all your makeup in it!

  3. I use Masckara too. I still use foundation, i’m just so used to that look, but i always contour, blush, bronze with her cream formulas. For me, they blend so nicely and the finish is natural. I started following her blog when her first palette sold out years ago–the transformations are so fun to watch.

  4. Oh yes, I LOVE your before + afters! So, natural and spectacular. I’d love for her to do my make-up one day!

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