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Bird Trivia: The collective noun for a group of peacocks (peafowl) is often known as a ‘party’. Peacocks can actually fly despite their long train of feathers. Their feathers are covered with microscopic crystals which gives them their brilliance.

Can you believe I plucked another bird inspired beauty product from the ether? No, me neither. I found these wonderful charming fragrances at the renown Lucky Scent, there is an owl, eagle, and cock as well, for the bird fancier in you. It is from Penhaligons ‘Portrait Saga’. They are incredibly charming all with a little ‘back story’. This is Clandestine Clara, ‘the illicit mistress to Lord George. And true to form, Clara’s fragrance could be described much the same way, as a boozy, smoky, smoothly woodsy feminine scent that’s not for the faint of heart, but is sure to command the attention of sophisticated thrill-seekers.’

We are thinking a little flock of some fine feathered fragrances could be just the key to feather your nest (or at least your vanity). Okay, I am almost done with the bird references, almost.  We are doing this bird themed week in anxious anticipation of our soon to launch Rare Bird Fonts Foundry!


Rare Bird Fonts

Penhaligons available at Lucky Scent

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