Foto Rx Prescription Pad

Feeling yellow sample via besotted blog

If you are wondering why we have gone m.i.a. on you it’s because we are deep, deep in the midst of launching our Foto Rx actions (we do plan to go into detail in the future about launching a product). We have been writing the pdf/”prescription pad”, so that all it’s future owners will be able to have an easy visual reference. When I first started buying Photoshop actions (oh, so long ago) no one and I mean no one was providing instructions, you just bought them and then ‘see ya’.  Now action purveyors are a bit more sensitive to the cause and we wanted to make sure that we too made the journey into photo goodness as seamless as possible for our clients.  Another thing that most actions don’t usually consider is the fact that you may just have had a bum photo shoot day and we understand that, it’s real life and we know you are better than that, so we are here for you!  I wanted to give you a sneak peek here behind the scenes, we currently aren’t sure if anything will stay this way, but for now this is what we have, we reference the ‘symptoms’  (why is the photo in a bad way?) and then provide our expert ‘prescription’. These photos have not been altered in any other way than what is noted to ensure if you have a similar photo you will have similar results. We are hoping that we will have this wrapped up and ready to launch for you in the next week or so, ambitious indeed with a toddler that has currently decided to never nap ever again, but with Michelle by my side helping me hold my eyelids open and being both the voice of reason and wit (yes, she is responsible for 99.9% of the witty + smart  repertoire going on in our pdf,, and I am responsible for all the grammatical errors), we shall make this happen.

To continue our research we asked you to send in your photos that you thought could use some Foto Rx, we have some in and we will be previewing the results this week so you can get a better idea of how the actions may work on photos that aren’t ours. We will be opening up an email list for launch (hopefully, fingers crossed), but let me get some shut eye first…

If you have any questions for us now please do ask away!


Foto Rx-Coming soon!

Photoshop CC 2014-We are using the photography bundle it’s a really good deal and I always enjoy a good Photoshop upgrade!

Google Docs pdf editor-This is a great free tool for multiple individuals to collaborate on a document for free! It has a lot of formatting options and is fairly easy to use. There are options that I would like to have available that aren’t (like text tracking and being able to access my own fonts), so although we are using this now we may change in the near future.


mlk dahl quote i On this MLK day I thought I would letter a favorite quote by a favorite author that felt apropos. If you are having trouble reading my hand, here is the quote:

‘Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world’.

I do believe it’s from Matilda by Roald Dahl but nonetheless it is attributed to the master wordsmith himself. I don’t think my lettering is good enough yet to be lettering full quotes, but I felt inspired to give this a go. I find it hard to find a consistent hand, I can do one word but multiple words are a bit challenging for me. I know there are a plethora of beginning modern calligraphy workshops out there right now and the market may seem saturated for those putting them on, but if there are a few savvy calligraphers reading this here blog, the only logical step now is to start offering the next level of classes. I know I would be interested in that next step, forming sentences and what not, you?  Hopefully we will start to see more advanced calligraphy workshops becoming available in the near future. In the interim I will continue lettering my one word a day on Instagram, #365lettering, if you care to join me please do! The more the merrier!



Foto Rx Cherry Blossom before and after i

I have approximately 80,000+ photos on my hard drive of photos like this, it would have taken me a hefty amount of time to recover it from the abyss, but you guessed it a couple second clicks with our Foto Rx actions and viola! We have a masterpiece! These were used at full strength so no fiddling required-

Magic Pill 100%-our one click ‘cure’, this is usually all you need if you were in a rush

Slight Light 100%-This is an overall exposure/brighten fix

20/20 on the spot-This allows you to ‘paint’ on a sharper focus

We are almost ready to release them in the wild, a very exciting prospect indeed! Do you have some photos you want/need to save from the abyss?  I was thinking maybe of taking some of your photos and doing a little run through, what do you think? If you are interested leave a comment and lets see if we can get this party started!


FOTO Rx before and after fringe soap besotted blog

fringe soap before

Most individuals that have a lifestyle blog know the angst of color casts/shifts when shooting products + vignettes, it is the bane of my blogging existence (that and time of course). I lift my fist to the ceiling and grunt in exasperation when I pull a photo into Photoshop and see I have missed the mark. It’s truly difficult not to have some sort of color shift or light discrepancy when you are shooting in natural light. Also, as a blogger, this may not be your ‘job’ and you need to work within your time parameters and the light may not be on your side. What to do? Well, you need some Foto Rx actions of course! The above shot is technically ‘correct’ with the exposure and a custom white balance, but as you’ll see below, some small tweaks take it from ‘blah’ to ‘aha!’. We can’t wait to get these into your hands!

Fringesoap after fotorx magic pill

One click folks, one click and already this photo is looking better.

Fringe soap foto rx magic pill + slight light

I could probably stop here and be happy with my photo, but it’s so easy to just click and see how much better I can get this photo.


I pulled some of the blue cast out and was starting to do my happy dance. Again, these are super fast clicks, I edited this within seconds!

Fringesoap_finito foto rx

And that my friends is our super fast, super easy Foto Rx actions in well, action. If you have any questions let us know!



Light Boxes via Besotted Blog

It’s been awhile since we did a ‘Tools of the trade’ post where we introduced you to some of the more unique tools in our creative arsenal. I have been doing a lot a of lettering per one of 365 projects, I have also just finished watching a slew of lettering videos Bryn at Paperfinger recently launched a 3 part series, Molly Jacques has one I highly recommend (she has an easy/breezy teaching style), and Melissa Esplin was one of the pioneers in the class movement and I would be remiss  if I didn’t give her a mention! One of the tools that kept coming up for the lettering artists was the light box for seeing guidelines under your cardstocks. A lightbox could come in handy for a a myriad of creative projects (if you needed to re-trace anything) so I think if it makes sense for the kind of projects you work on then it should be added the arsenal.  I have one that is a lot older and compared to the newer versions is just a bulky mess. The new ones are sleek, super light, portable and relatively affordable (it seems my monstrosity was a fortune). Are you using a lightbox in any of your projects now? If so do you think it’s a valuable investment? I really want to add the Daylight Wafer Light Box to my studio. If you have a unique tool you use in your creative endeavors send us an email so we can feature it future installments, we love being introduced to new tools!

daylight wafer light box | artograph LED light lightpad series

P.S. I have been asked about supplies I use for lettering via Instagram, for convenience I thought I would just add this little post script with the link to some of my favorite supplies for beginners-here they are!

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