A book by its cover | book designer Hea Eun Grace Han

hea eun grace han | a book by its cover via besotted ii

We love, love, love books and of course design, the two together makes our hearts sing, you too?  We found this amazing designer and her portfolio and thought we would share! I have to say I think that book cover design is such an interesting niche, there really is so much riding on your getting it ‘just’ right. I love the vintage imagery paired with the starkly modern feel in Grace’s portfolio, it is a really lovely and unique contrast. I am one of those people that will read a book because of its cover and I have to say there are so many books from Grace’s collection that look like they need to be on my nightstand pronto.

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Alternate winners for Winner Wonderland

alternate winners besotted blog

Well, well here we are yet again with a whole bunch of unclaimed prizes. I am always befuddled by prizes that have gone unclaimed, any ideas for how to make it easier for people to know that they won? We have tried several ways, announcing winners in a post, then again mentioning said winners via social media Instagram + Twitter, emailing winners, etc. but sometimes we just come up empty. Rats!  Lucky for these folks, we are choosing a new set of winners!  Whatever prizes don’t get claimed from this list we will be giving away to one lucky individual, so stay tuned for that.

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Find any font from a photo!

find any font with a photo

Well , hello fine friends! As some of you may have encountered we had a bit of a botched code/design last week. Yes, there was panic involved and quite a lot of nail biting and the conclusion that we needed to switch back to our previous design pronto, which we have but have done some damage to our code. No worries, we are taking this in stride and although a little trigger shy we plan to try again soon (glutton’s for punishment?  Perhaps). Instead of waiting for the mystical, magical day to put up posts with our beautiful new look, we decided to put up a post (and an awesome) resource for you, we hope you like!

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