52 Week Project: Week 2 & 3

Magnifying glass shadows via besotted blog

white on white shell via besotted blog ii

We are still here and we are still doing our photo a week project!  I have attempted many failed 365’s, never a 52 but a photo a week seems to be doable (confession Michelle has been doing most of the shooting but I have been doing some editing!), teamwork, right?  If you are in a photo rut we do hope you join us on our Instagram feed, it’s never too late to participate. We know one of the fastest ways to advance your photography skills is just by shooting on the regular, we promise that it has worked every. single. time.  Week two our word prompt was ‘shadow’, Michelle used a broken magnifying glass and created a spectacularly graphic image! I hope this is motivation for those of you that feel that you need to invest in props, just see things with eyes anew.  This week our prompt is ‘white’, again a simple shell found on the beach was shot on white cardstock, the texture and the subtlety of the tone on tone is just sublime.  We so hope that you join us, this is getting so good!

We have linked resources below as always with some added inspo links!  Are you doing any creative projects for 2018?  We’d love to hear from you!


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Photo shot with Fuji XT10

Image edited with Foto Rx B + W Photoshop actions (coming soon!)

Edited in Photoshop CC

Annie Liebovitz teaches photography!

Some favorite photography books

52 week photo challenge!


Michelle and I have started 2018 with a goal to continually replenish our creative well.  Last year we spent so much time with our heads down working that we had zero time to stop and get inspired anew. We didn’t shoot as much as we would have liked to, nor draw, nor paint, but this year we plan to give ourselves mandatory inspo time. We recently went to the Andrew Wyeth exhibit in Seattle which was incredible to witness in person, so much emotion, attention to detail and surprisingly wonder-filled.

To try to avoid shooting ruts we are doing a 52 week photo project on our Foto Rx Instagram feed, each week we will be providing a prompt and a photo example of how we interpreted the prompt. Last week was morning and this is Michelle’s submission. We edited it with our Stockholm | Clean x Minimal Photoshop action set, which gave the image some added depth and subdued the tones, it reads very much to me like a painting don’t you think? We do hope you join in our 52!

Are you doing anything different this year to keep the creative muse going?  We would love to hear!


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Stockholm Clean x Minimal

Photo shot with Fuji XT10

Still life tutorial

Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth book

New Year’s Motto

veni vidi vici via besotted blog

Every year Michelle and I sit down and come up with a mantra/motto for the year ahead. Last year we had ‘It’s on’ and we still feel the same way, we are in full steam ahead mode. Michelle joked that 2018 should be ‘It’s still on,’ it is indeed! We wanted to move forward with something that felt every bit as kick a@! and decided on Veni Vidi Vici Latin for I came, I saw, I conquered.

We wanted to go through a little recap of what we accomplished last year, something we highly recommend you doing as well as you just might surprise yourselves like we did. We have not reaped the financial rewards (to the degree we wanted yet) of all our labors and I think that made it feel like we didn’t accomplish as much as we did, but to see it in writing made us realize what we did accomplish and that we have put into motion something big, something that has legs! We so want that for you too, there’s that quote ‘a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle,’ we wholeheartedly believe that and we hope to always be able to be a ‘light’ for you and others. Here’s to a year filled with laughter, health, creativity and prosperity.

What we accomplished in 2017:

Last year we launched 3 photo editing sets for Foto RxPortland, Stockholm, and Vintage Foto Fix. Portland quickly becoming one of our #1 sellers! These sets take a ton of brain power, testing and branding before we launch, one a year would be great so getting 3 out was outstanding! We already have new products set in motion for 2018!

We delved deep into Lightroom, so deep that we will be launching presets in 2018!

We launched an online class Quick + Easy Patterns in Photoshop, a super quick and easy way to create patterns.

We had a full-on photo shoot with model, make-up artist and stylist. This was a huge deal for us, since almost everything in our portfolio is    still life/product based. Not only was the shoot a blast, it was a huge success with each image exceeding our expectations (and our bar is high).

We went down to Los Angeles to scout a location for a photo studio, putting into motion another dream realized–regular visits to a sunny clime and a space to shoot uninterrupted for a few days a month.

We set-up a personal shoot with a model where we art directed, location scouted, styled and shot. It was a lot of work, but the images were worth the effort and made our minds percolate with all the possibilities.

We launched a font foundry! That was an enormous undertaking, 4 years in the making, we had to create a brand, site and a marketing game plan (to name a few things;) We launched with 4 fonts and all four of them made it into the hot 50 on My Fonts, an unheard of accomplishment for a new foundry. With this project we were able to help many of the artists we admire create a new passive income stream to allow them to focus on creating more of their dreams.

We have big plans for 2018, we hope to share some of them with you and hear some of yours (let’s make ourselves accountable). Happy New Year friends!

Annie Liebovitz teaches photography!


There are so many magical things and opportunities that have transpired because of the internet, but truly one of the most thrilling for me has been the introduction of Masterclass an online resource of classes taught by true masters in their craft. Their latest coo?  Why having the famed photographer Annie Liebovitz teach a class, for get this under $100 USD?!  This feels like a Christmas miracle! I have taken many a photography course on line, but this is an entirely different level. Michelle recently had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Liebovitz at her book signing and if you are wondering Michelle said she was just lovely.

If you have any interest in portraiture both the class and the release of her latest book should send you into an inspiration tailspin.  Michelle and I have had taking portraits high on our list of projects to conquer and we think with this added motivation (and now knowledge) we just may make it happen this year!



Annie Liebovitz teaches photography online course!

Annie Liebovitz Portraits book 2005-2016

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

Airy black and white conversions



The year is quickly coming to an end but Michelle and I have still been working away on our projects, trying to wrap some up and get ourselves prepared for 2018. We have gotten so focused and good at planning that we have actually broken our year up into quarters. It feels so very legit like our little enterprise is becoming a much bigger one. It’s all very exciting. We had some major bumps in the road this past year, as all new businesses do but the way we navigated them was a lot more smoothly than we have in the past. Of course, our love for the visual has not waned and so it’s been a small thrill to put the finishing touches on a couple of our editing sets that we have been testing for the past year. A year seems like a long time, but we always want to make sure when we launch a project that we have put it through its paces. This light and ethereal black and white set got a lot of attention this week in our lab/studio, we are loving the end edits they are so calm + peaceful, perfect little break during this hectic time of year. We are hoping you love them too!  Our goal is to launch them first quarter of 2018 (see doesn’t that sound so very business like?) I am linking to some resources for  some photography books to start getting that beautiful ethereal base image and our fave digital camera for achieving those pastel tones of Fuji film in camera! We will do a little tutorial on how to achieve the look in camera so stay tuned…


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Best digital camera to get those airy pastel tones

The Luminous Portrait

Fine Art Wedding

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