A book by its cover | book designer Hea Eun Grace Han

We love, love, love books and of course design, the two together makes our hearts sing, you too?  We found this amazing designer and her portfolio and thought we would share! I have to say I think that book cover design is such an interesting niche, there really is so much riding on your getting it … [Read more...]

Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida

What a thrilling day to finally be able to mention our dear friend Sanae's new book Sewing Happiness!  We have been waiting for the day when we could and we can not believe that day is here! Firstly, we are truly excited for her, this is her second book, her first the wildly successful Children's … [Read more...]

Carson Ellis Illustrator

Carson Ellis is one of our favorite illustrators, Michelle and I recently finished The Wildwood Chronicles series and both agree that although the prose was wildly creative, it was made that much better by having Carson Ellis's illustrations included. I went on to read  the children's series The … [Read more...]

Nanowrimo Best sellers |National Novel Writing Month

If you think we are crazy for taking on the Nanowrimo challenge for November (yes, indeed we are, as are the 300,000 + participants), then it might get you excited to know that there are novels that not only were finished, not only got published (over 90+ have), but have become best sellers.  We … [Read more...]

The Mermaid’s Sister

I just finished reading The Mermaid's Sister, a lovely little book (I read it in one night), it's targeted for YA, but it seems almost everything is these days. I have to admit I picked it up because of the cover and if you get a chance to read the book you will note how well illustrated it is, it … [Read more...]