With everything going on right now it doesn’t seem very pragmatic to be adding classes to my to-do list, but I figure I should take in a few before the baby arrives as I may not have as much time as I previously did pre-baby and also that whole shrinking brain thing has me motivated.  I didn’t sign-up for anything too challenging like advanced Calculus so maybe I didn’t prevent anything from shrinking but I am happy that I did sign-up for these classes:

CJ Nicolai’s ‘Fall in love with film’ through Clickin’ Moms.  Oh, how I cringe when I say or write that name as I feel like it turns people off, you don’t need to be a mom to participate (you could be a dad or an aunt or nothing associated with mom’s at all).  I have belonged to their forum for many years and think it’s a great resource for any photography enthusiast.  My quick review on this class, I love CJ’s work, I was thrilled to see that she has six videos on developing film at home (worth the price of the class).  I was disappointed on some of the basics like metering for film (there wasn’t a demo, or even a suggestion for a meter in this class), the concept of pushing & pulling is also still very vague to me. You do have the forum to turn to for questions though (and I did get meter suggestions). I wouldn’t recommend this class if this was your first exposure to wanting to shoot with film, BUT if you did have an interest in developing your own film someday CJ makes it seem very do able and as mentioned I think that’s worth the small price of this class.  CM has so many other classes that are affordable and not a huge time commitment (and others that look great but are more spendy), it’s a site worth bookmarking. If you are interested in film photography there’s plenty of resources in The Directory, but I recommend this book and this one and Jen Huang’s Workshop in a box.

I am having a tough time not knowing how to take more control of my blog functionality (I am on WordPress) it pains me to always have to annoy my coder whenever I need something tiny done.  I signed up for this WordPress Basics class, it’s not exactly what I was looking for but still enlightening for a WordPress newbie. For those new to Skillshare the link will get you $10 off and for those that aren’t new to Skillshare Aaron Platt the teacher is offering a 50% discount for October by using the promo code PUMPKIN. Unlike a lot of Skillshare classes that are open enrollment Aaron is very dedicated and involved and will answer your questions.  I would definitely sign-up again for any other WP class he would offer in the future.

Has anyone signed up for Mary Kate McDevitt’s class-First Steps of Hand Lettering?  It is SO good!  I love that it is a lettering class and not just a calligraphy class (where you would need special tools like nib & ink, so no excuses). All you need is a pencil, paper and some imagination.  It’s worth every penny if you are even remotely interested in lettering.

I have been wanting to take an InDesign class for a while, I was planning on signing up for this one at Nicole’s Classes but I actually hate that I can’t just sign-up anytime and I have to wait for a new session to begin. On the flip side, Alma Loveland the instructor is a great teacher and if you can wait I am sure it would be a great class! I saw that Anne Ditmeyer was teaching Learn InDesign so I signed-up!  I am an Anne fan so it seemed like a win-win.  I haven’t started yet, but I am eager too. I haven’t played around much with InDesign, but I know it is a robust program for putting together projects like books and magazines and why not add that to my skill set?

Some classes I wish I was taking/attending…

Food Photography at The Pantry with Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille. It’s sold out of course, but I am sure it would have been fabulous!

I want to take all the classes at this shop, but this shirt dress series looks especially intriguing.

What about you?  Are you signed up for any classes right now?


amy merrick floral intensive class

Firstly, before I launch into an exuberant rant about Ms. Merrick coming to WASHINGTON (!!!) I will need to explain my absence of a promised tutorial today.  I did indeed record a tutorial and I indeed watched a bajillion tutorials on editing in IMovie. I was feeling pretty confident and spent hours last night editing, everything seemed liked it was smooth sailing until I played the screencast back and it was a choppy mess. Also, the quality I am getting from the Quicktime recordings is gosh awful, I know a lot of people record their tutorials this way and they look great so I am not sure what settings I am using to accomplish such lackluster results. I am not giving up though so I will have this darn tutorial for you and by that time I am sure you will have figured it out for yourself, but you will have it! Now back to the subject at hand AMY MERRICK!

I just found out this morning that the uber talented floralista Amy Merrick will be coming to Mount Vernon, Washington August 24th & 25th for a weekend intensive workshop at Floret Flower Farm with floral farmer Erin Benzakein. It seems like a once in a lifetime type opportunity and unfortunately it has a price to match (cue sad face now). I would have loved to join in, even gone with a group of us flower + photo enthusiasts, but alas it is out of range. I do think though if the floral industry seems to be your calling instead of sitting in a cubicle 10 hours a day that this could be a wonderful investment into your floral future and could be what is needed to jump start your career.  I would love to know if anyone plans on going, I want to live vicariously.  To slightly subdue my workshop envy, I ordered Studio Choo’s new book, I have wanted to get it since the launch but didn’t want to be frivolous with my spending, when I compared it in price to the workshop (that I wish I could afford) it seemed like a bargain! Of course it’s not the same, this is AMY MERRICK after all but I am highly anticipating it’s arrival and will be sure to give you a full review.

P.S. The awesome font I used is Jacob Riley by Magpie Paper Works, love, love, love!!!

photos via amy merrick

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