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I got a vey kind email this morning to let me know this post which I launched yesterday came up empty. Nope, I was not going extreme minimalism I think I had my first major blog blooper, my apologies!  We wanted to let you know that our friend the very kind and talented Chantelle Hoffman of Bespoke Strokes is generously hosting a giveaway of our beloved Lettering Rx on her Instagram feed, which she uses as a professional calligrapher to clean her lettering and get it ready for vectorization or digitized to share on social media (like this graphic which started out as a very quick Iphone snap and we were able to clean, remove background and place on a colored background in about 2 minutes!). Chantelle has been a professional calligrapher for 20 years and can claim clients such as Tiffany’s, Hermes, Louis Vuitton amongst others. This my friends is such an incredible endorsement for us that someone of this caliber and experience would trust our product to save her ‘endless hours of time’ as she’s said. If you have been wanting to take your lettering and illustration business to the next level, than Lettering Rx needs to be in your digital tool box. It is a Photoshop based product, but we pinky promise that if you can click a button you would be able to use our product.

Please visit Bespoke Strokes Instagram for more information on how to enter to win, all the links below!


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Free download Martin Luther King Jr. quote

Rare bird specimen iv MLK font

We love how Lisa of Post Calligraphy utilized our Rare Bird Font Foundry Specimen IV to create this powerful quote. Lisa did the hand for this font and it has a bevy of alternates, how charming is the crown above the ‘i’?  We have waxed poetic about this font before it really is an excellent addition to any designer’s font collection, it can go from clean + casual sans to charming and quirky in a wink. For those of you that freak out when they don’t have anything to post for Instagram we include a weekly download in our Rare Bird Font Foundry newsletter, they are perfect when you are having a little social media melt down, also from experience we know how well received quotes are on a feed (just a little Insta marketing tip).


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Free Chocolate Wrapper Download!


We are mere days away from Christmas day and we know that some of you (ourselves included) are scrambling for some last minute gifts and stocking stuffers, so the ever brilliant Michelle whipped these up for our Rare Bird Font Foundry mailing list (we do a free Instagram graphic every week!).  Michelle used our Specimen I font for the ‘joyveux noel’ in Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls hand and the tiny stars are from our Specimen IV font which is filled to the brim with charming illustrations. Sign-up for the list and we will send it off to you. we hope this little wrapper makes its way under your tree and in your stockings, enjoy friends!


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