Free download Martin Luther King Jr. quote

Rare bird specimen iv MLK font

We love how Lisa of Post Calligraphy utilized our Rare Bird Font Foundry Specimen IV to create this powerful quote. Lisa did the hand for this font and it has a bevy of alternates, how charming is the crown above the ‘i’?  We have waxed poetic about this font before it really is an excellent addition to any designer’s font collection, it can go from clean + casual sans to charming and quirky in a wink. For those of you that freak out when they don’t have anything to post for Instagram we include a weekly download in our Rare Bird Font Foundry newsletter, they are perfect when you are having a little social media melt down, also from experience we know how well received quotes are on a feed (just a little Insta marketing tip).


Rare Bird Font Foundry

Specimen IV

Test Specimen IV here

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