I never went to art school (although I wish I had!), I did take art classes and was even shipped to a special one in third grade because I could replicate most children book illustrations without a hitch. I do remember dreading these classes because the teacher had the worse stale coffee and Oreo breath ever and I thought I would die if he leaned over me.  I was also made fun of  by my classmates because I suppose the other kids (who’s only claim to fame was dodge ball royalty) thought I was some freak, (which was true), I was a tad odd. I really didn’t have the confidence to shrug my tiny shoulders at them or tell my teacher to pop a mint.  I just decided to do very poorly in my art classes, until one day I wasn’t invited back.  Thus was the beginning and the end of my illustrious art career. 
Much later in my life, when I was running a bi-coastal fashion PR firm and thinking I was all that and a bag of chips, I hired a couple of art school grads to intern for me, I was mesmerized by their creativity and introduced to so many crafty things that my head swam with enormous possibility.  One of the girls told me to try watercolor, but I scoffed (as I was prone to do). Then one of my clients pushed me to become a graphic designer, try new art supplies and when she moved back to NYC she bequeathed me a veritable library of art + design how-to books  from her tenure at Parson’s which I have since soaked up nightly. Granted, I have no idea what I am doing but I can tell you the process of doing it, like any new skill I am interested in is very satisfying, (the clean up?  Not so fun).  I urge you to find a creative outlet that you have been interested in and just try it out, you wouldn’t expect a baby to be able to walk the first time it tried now would  you? Give yourself some wiggle room for improvement and see where your creativity takes you.


Not all these sites are beautiful, but if you can go beyond the first impression and delve a little deeper, you will find they offer lot’s of great information and perhaps that little nugget that you wished you learned long ago:

P.S. If you aren’t interested in watercolor, just do a web search for the technique you are looking for.
P.P.S. If you don’t know what your technique is called take an image to the art store they can usually tell you what type of medium is used in a source image.


Whenever I can insert the word ‘armadillo’ into a post I am much obliged to do so. When the kind folks at Kate Spade sent me an email that they would be offering a kissing armadillo belt, well I was just as inclined to write about it.  They do have a sweet elephant one as well, but the armadillo is so wrong it’s right and the duo make it a very balanced design.  I am all for hits of metallic in my wardrobe, although the ‘dillo’s aren’t classic enough for my repertoire, I can certainly appreciate the woman that will don this accessory with gusto.  A happy Monday to you!


There’s a huge abstract art trend that has taken over the blogosphere and has me quite delighted  I know not everyone has the time, energy or desire to break out their paint palette so I thought I would do it for you.  I created some watercolor/gouche hand-painted stripes that you can load as Photoshop brushes and play with colors and effects without the expense or mess of the real thing! Some of the brushes come as stripe sets others are individual stripes (which are perfect for blog design elements.)  I am crazy for Photoshop brushes and I hope to get you hooked as well.  If you need help with loading your Photoshop brushes please consult the wonderfully creative Rhonna Farrer. Download your hand-painted stripe Photoshop brushes here.


I am a die-hard watercolor fan.  I love how a good watercolorist can create an image that looks so effortless. There’s just something about the sheer colors and the free form that make me wish I had a dash more painterly skill. Caitlin McGauley is high on my list of faves, her subjects are relevant to today’s fashion and interior obsessed (watercolor friendship bracelets anyone?).  She just launched a gorgeous new site where you can take a peek at her work + projects and become envious over the fact that not only is she talented but she’s real pretty to boot.


The title of the post was taken from the description of this photo (which made the Tumblr rounds like a gas station on fire). I would say this is the cutest thing I ever did see, or question whether it’s even a real animal as I have been bamboozled before but alas my G.G. was even cuter than this lovely when I got her Valentine’s morn a decade earlier.  This little guy/girl definitely ranks in the top ten of cute baby animals though-hands down.
I hope your Monday is sprinkled with fairy dust as all Monday’s should be, no?  Speaking of fairy dust, I was interviewed by Plum Pretty Sugar for their Dream Job series, I am deeply flattered to be in such great company and do hope you stop by here.