This whole ‘roll’ was a disaster.  I shot this outside the front door of my friend Adam’s house. Ad and his amazing wife Mrs. Adam had just remodeled their home, they decided to throw a celebratory party and I offered to shoot the unveiling.  I promptly got to work, barely ate and may or may not have had a glass of champagne on an empty stomach, the sugars may or may not have impaired my judgment and made me a little tipsy (I was so nervous, it was my first real shoot).  When I got home every photo was either underexposed or with a red or blue color cast.  I was horrified (no exaggeration).  Yes, I was looking at the LCD screen, but it was dark, I thought everything was ‘ok’. I tried to attempt to edit on multiple occasions but looking at the images made my stomach butterfly up.  I mentioned earlier how I hate to fail (like there are people out there that love to?), well this was a big failure.  Just take a gander at my ‘before’, brace yourself.  I feel like coming back to this folder of photo’s and even attempting to edit one was an accomplishment.  I sent Ad and his lovely wife the above image with the note, ‘sorry it took me two years to get this to you…’.  The lesson I learned?  It’s not a good idea to drink even the bittiest bit of champagne and shoot, but it is totally fine to have a glass of vino and edit, in fact I encourage it.


Can you hear that? It’s only my heart pitter pattering so hard I can barely take a breath.  That’s the reaction that ensues when I peruse Juniper Books.  If you are not aware of these fine proprietor’s perhaps I should enlighten you to what services this clever company offers.  Juniper books has created a niche in the interior design world as the doyenne’s of everything library.  Need all your trashy novels recovered in embossed leather with 22k gold detail? No, you are a vegan I forgot, no worries Juniper Books can create faux leather covers for you. What’s that you say?  You want the look but you don’t own a book?  No problem, they will design a library for you, it can be for aesthetics only (how dreadfully dull) or they can create via favorite topic (much better). A lot of the paper cover projects could probably be accomplished yourself with some sweat and ingenuity but if you have the budget why not hire the experts?


Yes, another chandelier, I have 347 days left of my photo edit-a-day project and guess what?  This is not the last chandelier you will be seeing.  Unbeknownst to me, I have quite a predilection for these lighting fixtures and have shot them ad nauseam.  I write unbeknownst, because I didn’t realize the sheer volume of images I had collected of these shiny beasts until I started digging through my old photographs. These are photo’s that I obviously had enough time to shoot, upload, never look at or touch again.  What is wrong with me?  

This beauty though, you will never see another new photograph of.  She is like the Yeti of chandeliers, breathtaking in her enormity and completely once in lifetime, (if that) sighting. I shot this on a trip to the famed Hotel Del Coranado, a magnificent Victorian structure right on the ocean.  I opened fire in the lobby and was quickly escorted out.  Photo’s are off limits inside the Hotel Del lobby.  Perhaps, everywhere on the property?  I wasn’t there long enough to find out. Maybe one day I will be commissioned to shoot all the grand chandeliers of the world and they will invite me to come back.  For now this is what I have oh and the ‘before’ photo of course.


Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.  I too have a dream, it involves moving into the house where this Frenchie resides gnawing on it’s jowls whilst gloating over how well my fawn Frenchie coordinate’s with my natural linen covered furniture. Miss Andree of On Linden Way sent this to me. She obviously has heck of great taste in cute, this image looks like it was made to be on the Besotted Brand blog, no? I worship it.  Thank you to both Miss Andree and Miss Aubrey Rose for sharing this with the world.


This screenprint by artist Alice Melvin is fantastic! Colors are nice and muted, a creamy background and talent in spades. Perfect for all the mod wanna-be ornithologists out there. Those do exist don’t they?
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