Usually June in the City of Angels has a pastey pallor to it that Angeleno’s dub ‘June gloom’.  It’s cold and dreary and generally miserable. Not so this June, this June it feels like the beginning of summer as evidenced by sunshine, blue skies and berries! I am a big berry fan, I don’t care for anything that is too sweet, I have more of a savory/salty tooth, berries hit that perfect pitch with my taste buds of sweet with a tarty kick–heaven.  Speaking of heaven, I was recently introduced to a new yogurt that I am clearly addicted to (I’ve had it every day for about a month). The yogurt is called Liberte a.k.a. ‘the best yogurt I’ve ever had in my long life,’ I am partial to the coconut, again it’s a little sweet for me (but I am sensitive to such things) so I mix with a Greek yogurt which makes the whole concoction extra creamy and delicious.  It was hard to find at first but now I’ve seen it in more markets which is great because where I originally discovered it I found that it was constantly sold out (seriously folks it’s like the diet Coke of yogurts, they put a spell on it). Liberte is even better (if that’s possible) when you top it with some beautiful berries.  It even has had one food blogger dub it ‘the holy grail of dairy products’ which is crazy talk because we all know that title is reserved for butter, but it just may be the ‘holy grail of yogurts’. Do you ever do that, find something that is so delicious that you have to have I can’t be the only one with this compulsive behavior now can I?

P.S. It would seem I spoke too soon as this a.m. has proven to be just as June gloomy as ever.  Well, at least I appreciated the weather anomalies and hope they return soon.

photo by::tristan b.


I have been blogging for about five years now, maybe more, I have lost count.  Isn’t it strange how fast  time goes by when you are busy flapping your gums to the interwebs? For about the same amount of time I have been posting photo’s of cute animals almost every Monday (sometimes I get lazy and post on some other random day of the week).  The thing that I find so miraculous is that even after all this time the internet never ceases to amaze me with the amount of cute it can serve up.  This little black pug?  I’ve never even spied his/her cute mug before and just like magic I happen to find this sweet little face staring wistfully at me as if to say, “Yes, I am indeed your next Monday post.”

BTW, feel like a jaunt to Paris? Yeah, me too, visit Jordan and have a Happy Day!

photo by la te da photography


I had a late afternoon meeting at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena with the always delightful Miss Charlotte of Plum Pretty Sugar. It was Charlotte’s idea to meet so far out of my zipcode and my dearest friend Mary was kind enough to drive. We ate lunch on an outdoor patio overlooking a sprawl of lawn that would make any character in the Great Gatsby envious. The property is so stunning and I loved that I felt like I was in another part of the world. I highly recommend you visit the hotel if you are planning to leave your zipcode anytime soon. Pasadena is a lovely little city and is worth every ounce of stress it causes you whilst you try to get there.


This photo is from the new issue of Rue Magazine, it’s by the incredibly talented wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina (yes you can hire her to shoot you and your betrothed!) and I am completely nuts for it.  It has a retro vibe without resorting to any sort of obvious retro processing.  I feel like it could have been taken on the set of Valley of the Dolls, so 60’s and carefree.  I love everything about it and you know I am not one for saturated colors preferring a subtle palette to anything with a pop but that’s the testament to Ms. Messina’s talent even someone as set in her color ways as myself can throw caution to the wind and embrace the vibrance of this shot. Summer is officially only 20 days away!


I usually don’t post photo’s of myself.  Like the Yeti, Big Foot and the Lochness Monster I don’t much care for my photo being taken. The Fancy says I am terrible at it too–word. I always either have a startled look in my eyes or a fake frozen smile (or both if I am feeling particularly photogenic).  If this photo looks familiar it is only because I pose like this in every photo.  I think my nose looks too pointy (which it really is) when I look the camera straight on. If I did this shot straight on I might have cut you through your computer screen and that wouldn’t be a good way to start the day now would it?  I am showing you this image because I really wanted to let you know how obsessed I am over my new drugstore foundation find–NatureLuxe by Cover Girl. It is perfect for my dry skin, age spots and crinkly eyes (look what  you have to look forward too!) without feeling heavy and allowing my skin texture to still show through so it doesn’t look like I am wearing too much foundation. All I ever wanted in life (okay one of the things) is flawless skin.  I want my skin to always look fresh, dewy like I am not trying too hard (the mascara is a totally different ball game).  I still am using the L’oreal Infallible, never fail, lipgloss in Suede, I think it’s the perfect nude lip color and you can build it if you want a more nude/opaque look (ala Bardot). I think I should buy stock in it, I have sold more tubes of that lipgloss….I am using my favorite cheek stains from Tarte for blush, I promise you if you can’t put anything else on just squash the tube on your cheeks it is instant pretty (yes, it’s as easy as a squash/smoosh, quick rub in).  I am leaning towards more peachy tones lately so I have been using Tipsy (the tube should last for like ever). If your skin tone is more on the Snow White-ish side may I suggest Flush?  It’s a perfectly rosy, natural blush. You will love it. My mascara?  It’s pricey but worth every.single.swipe.  I have tried to stray because I use so much mascara I would prefer to just be in love with a drugstore brand but hands down there is no better mascara for me and my oily eyes than Tarte’s ‘Lights, camera, lashes’. A couple swipes and I look like I have false eyelashes and I am sorry but that’s where I draw the line at looking natural, I want to look like a doe.  That’s my thing the mascara, I am one of those people that won’t leave the house without it (or my foundation or blush). 

If I told you how old I was, I think this post would be more impressive and sell more foundation but I am not going to go there.  Suffice to say that I am probably your mom’s age. I hope this has been helpful and you may have found some new products to indulge in!