So, so true.  Wishing you a weekend filled with happiness + ice cream.


The weekend is upon us which can only mean that one of these evenings may end up being a movie night.  May I suggest Born into Brothels an Academy Award winning documentary?  It has everything you would want in a movie-love, drama, laughter, action, hope and visual stimulation.  The doc is based on photographer Zana Briski’s work teaching photography to children in Calcutta’s Red light district following some of her most unforgettable students.  If this film doesn’t get you inspired to take some photo’s I don’t know what could. If it didn’t already win the most prestigious award in film I would have voted it into my ‘Miss B’s Documentary Top 20 Hall of Fame’ (another prestigious honor).


When I think chic + sexy, I almost invariably think of French women.  Their style is so effortless and even the most casual woman looks pulled together.  Emmanuelle Alt, the Vogue Paris Editor-in-chief has put a little more effort into her look but still seems to exude, “Oh this old thing?”, make-up less, with unstyled hair she is sexier than a bevy of Pamela Anderson type bunnies. Ah, it must be nice to be a French woman.


In the high stakes of cute it is really tough to get much cuter than a lamb. Sure there’s puppies, bunnies and babies to contend with but lambs have to be in the top ten of world’s cutest creature’s, no?  I am going to believe that you agree with me on this since I think you too have your finger on the pulse of  cute, after all most of you thought the baby rhino was cute so a lamb has got to be like cute to the ‘nth degree.  Enjoy the lamb and your Monday!


I decided I would put my sneakers on and exercise the other day. Exercise? How novel.  Why that day and not the previous 1,825 others? Don’t know. If I was going to do something as wild as workout I was surely not doing it alone and convinced my upstairs neighbor to join me. This I figured would prevent me from giving up after a few minutes. I am dedicated to many things, athletics is not one of them. We decided to walk to the park (which is many, many blocks away) and then do multiple laps around the park track.  All was going as planned and I was quite smug with success when we spotted a large group of hula hoopers. Hula hoopers?  I was not dehydrated and seeing things. These glowing people were smiling, laughing and dare I say having a grand time?  The neighbor and I walked towards these beaming hoopers and asked if it was a class, “No, we are just having fun, take a hoop and try it,” said a ballerina lithe hooper.  As if in a trance we borrowed some spare hula hoops and started swiveling our hips with multiple failed attempts, finally my brain remembered that I used to do this effortlessly about four decades earlier and things started to click. I couldn’t stop laughing and this was after all the laps around the park.  We wanted to know where we could get a hoop and a woman with abs of steel said she made custom ones, “We”ll take two,” the neighbor and I said in unison.  

Today, we went to the park and picked up our custom creations and hooped for 45 minutes, laughing nearly the entire time.  The word on the street is that you can burn up to 100 calories every ten minutes, at this rate I shall be Kate Moss by June. This is what I plan on doing this weekend, if you are having trouble getting motivated to exercise may I suggest you find a hula hoop, a friend, put some music on and let the fun begin? I swear my stomach muscles feel tighter already, I am not sure if it’s from the hooping or laughing but I forgot I even had muscles in that region of my body so I think it’s a good sign this is working.
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