I was dreaming about Paint by Numbers last night, why that was in my sub-conscious I have no idea. I do know that the idea of custom paint by number projects sound very appealing to my painterly -challenged self.  Think of all the fun portraits you could create, or wallpaper with our without color, impress your friends and family or better yet impress yourself.  There is something very satisfying about a finished paint by number, it’s like completing a puzzle, there’s a sense of accomplishment associated that you had the patience to complete.  I have been wanting to find vintage oil paintings of dogs for my foyer, to no avail ( anyone have a source?) and I am thinking that maybe I can get some custom paint by number kits created and paint my own.  There are some kits that aren’t as obvious that they were a PBN, which will make you look like a master artist and who wouldn’t want that?


The week hasn’t officially started and I know it’s going to be busy + banana’s. It is written in the stars and in my composition notebook filled with five pages of to-do’s to be completed by 6 p.m.  Welcome to my wildly glamorous life. I found this bunny via From Me To You, only the world’s best Tumbler. I know you find that hard to believe that I have discovered the best Tumblr, that would be like saying I found the best blog, it would be near impossible but really Jamie Beck’s Tumblr is so fabulous that I am going to deem it the best.  You will just have to check it out for yourself here and concur. Happy Monday!


I came across this perfect package of what looked like my Bella, whilst looking for something totally unrelated, which I would tell you what it was if I could remember but like so many of my futile internet searches I got easily sidetracked, saw something shiny and that was that.  The photo’s that I found of the Laduree truffle package were a little too small for my blog so I decided to try my hand at rendering a digital oil painting. I am not great with the Wacom tablet which is what I use when I am trying to ‘paint’ in Photoshop (or clean up some of my photo mishaps.) The Fancy didn’t think it looked like a painting at all so I added the canvas texture in hopes that it would look more realistic. Painting in Photoshop beats cleaning up a mess of oil-based paints any day, bonus I didn’t kill any of my already rapidly depleting brain cells!  Truth be told when I was done I felt very Janet Hill-esque minus the enormous talent of course.


 I have been wanting to get a shot of clouds like this, for like forever, I am glad I was finally able to. If you are reading this on Wednesday morning I am on a plane headed back to San Francisco.  This trip I won’t be able to play tourist, I looked at the schedule and I am booked solid from the time I land until the time I leave.  Last trip I had to stay an impromptu evening in the city because my photographer never showed up. I had no change of clothes, or other sundries and had to procure sub-supplies at the local Walgreen’s–yes, I did buy an ‘I love SF’ t-shirt, it was $3.99 and clearly in my budget.  I couldn’t go to the shoot the following morning without makeup (scare the clients), so I had to make ‘if you were stuck on deserted island’ cosmetic buying decisions.  I bought foundation (with SPF), mascara (of course, I never leave the house without it), and blush. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a complete disaster but as fortune would have it the foundation is my new most favorite ever, a drop goes a long way, it’s light but covers everything, just fabulous!  I love it and want to marry it.  At $12.99 I hope it says yes. The blush was also the greatest color, very light. It was a powder and I am more a cream blush girl but I got compliments all day.  L’oreal always makes the best mascara, you really can’t go wrong with any of their formulas but I bought their new natural.  Just like that I have new budget make-up that I adore and will be happy to use as long as they make it (or I fall out of love with it, whichever comes first).