It took me a couple weeks, but I managed to put my second inspiration board together for my pal/decorator–the white version.  I am surprised she hasn’t fired me yet as her ‘client’. I am so on the fence about everything.  We went back and measured the room and some of the items I liked and her mantra became– “Tristan, just pull the trigger”. I am so not a trigger puller, but I am getting closer. For those just coming upon this blog I had a black version that centered upon an amazing bookshelf, but when I went to visit the bookshelf in person it was a sorry version of itself–a cardboard box with painted Popsicle sticks.  So the decision was made to go the way of the white and here I am back at the virtual drawing board. 

Here are some of the decisions I have made (thank goodness) — 1. The wall which once was going to be painted in chalkboard paint will now be painted in a matte grey/charcoal. I will be using a magnetic paint primer, which will make my walls ready for my inspiration board and will be a neater/cleaner version of the original idea. 2. I will be making a built in desk to run the length of the wall.  I am either going to follow this super simple DIY or use these sawhorse legs (again decisions aren’t my forte). 3. I am going to get a backless drafting stool, because I love them. No, I won’t be using it as my desk chair., I’m crazy but not that crazy 4. The white mod chandelier that is currently in the room will be replaced with an industrial looking piece, which will coordinate with my vintage brushed stainless task lamps that I already own (and love).  I am happy to be moving forward, we moved to the flat in June and nearly a year later it still has piles of forlorn books on the floor and in boxes.  It’s time to um, pull the trigger.


When I found out that this was the year of the bunny, I KNEW this would be my year.  How could it not?  I am after all one of the foremost authority’s on cute animals (see above photo). I started my Monday morning series of cute animals on my previous Blahg because Monday’s had become my most dreaded day (it was only rivaled by Sunday’s) and I needed a little glimmer of happiness on the first day of the work week.  
I had a job that I truly enjoyed but my boss was uh, well, uh? Hmmm?  How do I word this nicely?  I had closed down both my boutique PR/Branding firm and Stationery company to come work for said boss.  With promises of golden paved streets, fortunes falling from the sky and everything bathed in a rosy glow of perfection, I was ready for my new adventure.  Well, things didn’t exactly transpire as promised.  I spent many Monday’s blue and the rest of the week wishing for Friday.  Not the happiest time in my long life.  You see, the problem was not just finding another job, I needed another career.  I no longer had the passion to promote fashion and working in the luxury interior design industry was just not for me. I was starting to feel a little hollow inside. I wanted to find a job that incorporated my skill set but also included baby animals.  Guess what?  I FOUND that job! I am beside myself with joy. This is a story that if you are resourceful you CAN find a dream job.  I wrote about how it may have been too late for me to go back to school and become a renown zoologist/vet/anthropologist but it was not too late to try to work with animals in another capacity.  I needed to start thinking outside the box.  I did just that and started sending my resume to places that worked with animals but needed someone with my unique background in PR + Branding.  I truly believe that most every company could use a top notch brander so I came to my prospects with that in mind rather than the mindset that these types of companies probably would never utilize someone like me. It worked, I start next week! I couldn’t be happier and nothing topped the reaction from my current boss (he had a fake heart attack). Today I am IN LOVE with Monday’s and hopefully it stays like this for a very long time.


Whenever I can find an image that encompasses a baby gorilla, a curious Frenchie in classic black + white vintage style you better believe I am going to post it.  I’ve always thought that my Frenchie bears an uncanny resemblance to a baby gorilla (amongst a host of other people and beings).  You can view more images of this ‘baby’  (it’s now over 50!) at Zooborns (a very favorite haunt of mine).  Wishing you all a happy Monday!
P.S. If you know of cute or want me to post your cute, email me an image (It needs to be at least 600 pixels wide). I don’t know about you but I love to have cute delivered to my inbox, so much more delightful than a Viagra solicitation.


Even though I am pretty confident that I am going with a mod white office makeover (it’s the most affordable + pragmatic), I am still going to covet unique pieces like this.   Is your heart beating as fast as mine?  This is certainly for looks and a quick note jot only, for those like myself that spend excessive amounts of time in front of the computer I really need a functional space, but I can still dream, no? You need to see the rest of this place here, sigh….



I think a great ad is one that you want to hang on your wall.  This one for champagne purveyors Moet Chandon succeeds, not that champagne really needs a push, being synonymous with celebrations and all. Wouldn’t it be nice to always be associated with good times? The photograph was immediately reminiscent of the great Tim Walker’s work, which is a good thing being that he shot it.  Kudo’s to the prop stylist and assistants this certainly couldn’t have been an easy shoot, precarious at best but the whole is certainly more than it’s parts. Simply fabulous.  Cheers!
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