I usually don’t post photo’s of myself.  Like the Yeti, Big Foot and the Lochness Monster I don’t much care for my photo being taken. The Fancy says I am terrible at it too–word. I always either have a startled look in my eyes or a fake frozen smile (or both if I am feeling particularly photogenic).  If this photo looks familiar it is only because I pose like this in every photo.  I think my nose looks too pointy (which it really is) when I look the camera straight on. If I did this shot straight on I might have cut you through your computer screen and that wouldn’t be a good way to start the day now would it?  I am showing you this image because I really wanted to let you know how obsessed I am over my new drugstore foundation find–NatureLuxe by Cover Girl. It is perfect for my dry skin, age spots and crinkly eyes (look what  you have to look forward too!) without feeling heavy and allowing my skin texture to still show through so it doesn’t look like I am wearing too much foundation. All I ever wanted in life (okay one of the things) is flawless skin.  I want my skin to always look fresh, dewy like I am not trying too hard (the mascara is a totally different ball game).  I still am using the L’oreal Infallible, never fail, lipgloss in Suede, I think it’s the perfect nude lip color and you can build it if you want a more nude/opaque look (ala Bardot). I think I should buy stock in it, I have sold more tubes of that lipgloss….I am using my favorite cheek stains from Tarte for blush, I promise you if you can’t put anything else on just squash the tube on your cheeks it is instant pretty (yes, it’s as easy as a squash/smoosh, quick rub in).  I am leaning towards more peachy tones lately so I have been using Tipsy (the tube should last for like ever). If your skin tone is more on the Snow White-ish side may I suggest Flush?  It’s a perfectly rosy, natural blush. You will love it. My mascara?  It’s pricey but worth every.single.swipe.  I have tried to stray because I use so much mascara I would prefer to just be in love with a drugstore brand but hands down there is no better mascara for me and my oily eyes than Tarte’s ‘Lights, camera, lashes’. A couple swipes and I look like I have false eyelashes and I am sorry but that’s where I draw the line at looking natural, I want to look like a doe.  That’s my thing the mascara, I am one of those people that won’t leave the house without it (or my foundation or blush). 

If I told you how old I was, I think this post would be more impressive and sell more foundation but I am not going to go there.  Suffice to say that I am probably your mom’s age. I hope this has been helpful and you may have found some new products to indulge in!


This very well may be a goat, but since it’s Monday let’s believe that it’s a cross between a panda and a lamb because that would be, uhm, rad. I received an email the other day with the subject line, “I want one”, I usually ignore my piles of emails for days before I click open (I get overwhelmed by my inbox) but if you have a clever enough subject line I am impervious to the siren cry of cute. I knew that behind ‘curtain number two’ was going to be something to make my heart sing and the sender Miss Jules never ever disappoints with her links. This however was shockingly original even for someone that always sends me something cool.  A goat/lamb creature that looks like a panda? Well, sheesh I want one now too.

Happy Monday to you all!  I am looking forward to this week, I am hoping (fingers and eyes crossed) that I can make a special announcement at the end of it, but if not you’ll always have the elusive panda lamb to make this week worthwhile, no?
P.S. I couldn’t find photo credit, darn Pinterest, if this is your photo or you know who was lucky enough to shoot this, let me know and I am happy to give glory where it is due.


Last Saturday I attended another one of perfumer Sarah Horowitz’s workshops.  It was a very intimate class, just myself, Sarah and two very talented perfumer’s.  I really enjoy these classes, it’s like cooking you may know a recipe but everyone does it just a tiny bit differently.  I pushed myself to create something other than a floral and made a fragrance that was an almost exact replica of a green, watery cucumber.  I like cucumber’s don’t get me wrong but I don’t think most people want to smell like one.  We also worked with essential oils, something I really enjoy. Sarah gifted us with Rose Damascus, essential oil which in her words was ‘worth its weight in gold’.  I love that it conveyed a preciousness that you don’t find in one’s ordinary dealings with oh, say the bills. The class truly transports you to another time, the blending and exuberant experimentation is perfect for fragrance-phile indulging. I have recommended her classes before but in case you are still on the fence about taking the plunge, there is not a better, kinder (more patient) fragrance teacher.  I am feeling very motivated to start work on some personal fragrance projects.  I know Jules has requested a real rose perfume (read–not musty or mothball-esque) and I am hoping I may be able to comply soon with a fresh, clean, just picked version with bright citrus top notes and sunshine on your skin dry down. Well, I’ll try…
photo by::tristan b.