Sigh.  Decision making is not my strong suit. I am great at hemming and hawing but not at ‘pulling the trigger’.  I had a lot of studio inspiration that I collected but to be honest my inspiration worked best with wood floors, preferably stained in a dark lacquer diagonal stripe pattern, I have carpet, I needed a plan B. The inspiration to finally move on my studio makeover came two fold, I had to since I would be working from home and I inherited a bunch of less than perfect furniture.  I knew that refinishing the furniture wasn’t in the budget so I went high-gloss white. I wasn’t planning on going glam but I went coo coo for this neutral gray paint (no blue, brown or violet undertones).
G.G. loves the desk in white.  I know some of you are cringing that I painted a perfectly ugly wood desk, to those individuals I apologize.  I am going to add some silver hoop pulls to the drawers  I need to order on-line, trust me I drove to 50 stores in my state to no avail, patience is not my virtue.
I painted formerly mustard yellow, distressed (in total shambles) low bookshelves in a beautiful bright white gloss, and promptly color-coordinated my books. I read that doing that is passe, but it makes me giddy so I am going with it.
I send out all my printing for clients to a professional printer now so I only need an inexpensive inkjet when I am working on comps in my studio.  This printer is wi-fi so it doesn’t need to be connected to the computer, I am madly in love with technology.
Not all the furniture I inherited was a bust, this vintage chair was in perfect white lacquer and black and white Florence Broadhurst-esque pattern perfection.  Bella loves it.  Click on the photo above to see the ‘before’ photo’s, be prepared they are not pretty. The studio is not complete, I need more storage, to hang some of my photographs, wire assistance and to create a clean inspiration board but it’s better than when I started and I think I will be happy to work here (for now). To be continued…



If the internet was only able to find photo’s of cute animals I would still deem it a huge success. That you can do so much more and find the world’s cutest animals is totally a bonus.  I am not in my City of Angels today, I have a shoot in San Francisco, I am not shooting just supervising which is a little bit of a problem that my photographer has missed his flight and there’s not another one until 6 p.m.  He was already denied two stand-by flights and I am getting pretty nervous about now.  I had to leave the shoot location and find a place to procure extra buttery sourdough toast, find a cute animal to post and try not to run into oncoming traffic.  I don’t have a back up plan.  The Fancy said I should just do the shoot, but I don’t feel confident that I can.  I have never set up lights before but with the trusty ol’ interwebs I just may be able to Google it and see if I can figure it out.  I am not very good at following directions though. Well, we still have the cutest pup ever as a conciliation prize, the day is not a total failure.


I received an email from Kate Spade this a.m. that had some suggestions for Mother’s Day, one being the above Twirl lipstick in the ‘perfect red’.  My own mother would not have any use for red lipstick, but her darling daughter would.  I have not tried it yet but knowing that Kate Spade has the market cornered on red enameled nails and crimson lips I am inclined to believe that it perhaps is the holy grail of red lipsticks and it should be mine.  I am now working from home and spending many hours in the company of my computer screen, I am not sure if I can actually justify purchasing a red lipstick for grocery store jaunts, but I am sure that would be so very Kate Spade of moi to don my red lips to procure dairy products, no?