I am not going to wax philosophical about this.  Just click on the above photo and enjoy yourself to pieces.  Such a great marketing + branding piece. Clever, cute + creative.  Bravo Kate Spade! You had me at aqua…


I am coo coo for the blog ‘Honestly WTF’.  I am already a huge DIY fan, but I am also a DIY snob if you will.  I don’t like craft for the sake of craft, so please no macaroni artwork.  I like DIY with a purpose, I like DIY that can enhance your life.  The above hex nut bracelet (YES! Hex nuts?!  WTF?)  drives me crazy, I would consider this an enhancement, no? It’s so creative + cute!  The blog is penned by the girls behind Two Bandits and I honestly could spend hours poring over it and if you like fashion with a little crafty on the side you just may love it too.


Hello there Beautiful!  I am back from the dead–if only for a brief moment.  I battled allergies, a cold, and the flu and was still standing but the illness God’s were not going to be happy until I was supine, they inflicted me with acute sinusitis (basically the equivalent of five days of torture).  Think ice picks to the eyes, axes to the brow bone, vise like pain at the bridge of your nose and you have a good idea of what I went through. All very unpleasant. I would have spilled world secrets if I knew them (I didn’t).  I suffered, missed my first day at my new job and hung my head in the toilet for interminable hours.   I’m alive which I believe is a good sign.  I am slowly recovering, went to my first day and happy to report that I can breathe through one nostril.  I missed you so much, I can’t wait to get back to blogging, my project and life in general. I’ve missed you.


I love, love.  I do.  I don’t think of this day as silly commercialism, but a sweet reminder to the world to give more love.  It doesn’t have to be in the form of candy and cards, although those are often appreciated but being a little more affectionate and telling someone you love them. A general rosy disposition today wouldn’t hurt (even on a Monday)!  

I decided that what I was going to try to accomplish today was a little insane given everything that’s going on this week, quitting my old job and starting a new one. Sometimes I need to give myself a break, so today I am giving myself the Valentine of not giving myself a hard time.  What I plan to announce will happen, sooner or later but not today and I am ‘OK’ with that.  I am not even going to get disappointed, I am just going to roll with it (how unusual). So in the spirit of actually be loving to myself, I wish you all a happy heart’s day.  May your day be filled with lot’s of love.


Oh Etsy, you so rarely disappoint, just look at the treasure I uncovered–Three Little Ducks.  Darling. I will take one ‘Pout’ dress in every colour please (they are Australian so I must use Queen’s English).
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