Since summer has officially started here I am going to dedicate this week to a nostalgic summer staple–camp. A lot of us have not been away to camp for many moons, my last trip to camp was in the 4th grade, but it has not diluted the memories of this special rite of passage. I am in awe of how many new adult camp destinations are cropping up and would one day love to visit at least one of them. The above is from South Lake Tahoe’s Basecamp Hotel, where they have taken the tent and set it up inside for you.  It’s like a fort for adults, really cheeky, plus the bonus of running water + no fear of nasty bug bites.

I was getting multiple updates on Instagram for Nicole of Making it Lovely when she went to Camp Wandawega with a bevy of other bloggers and documented her time there.  This may be the only time I ever suffered from complete and utter blogger envy.  Camp Wandawega is a photographic dream, everywhere you look there’s another photo-op to be had, it’s like a Wes Anderson movie set.  It also looks like a blast and if you are ever in Wisconsin in the summer I think you should add this to your must-do list.

There’s another word for this type of ‘camping’ and it’s called glamping.  I found a pretty cool resource for multiple glamping sites called Glamping Hub, even if you aren’t planning a trip anytime soon it’s still good arm chair traveling. This tent would be perfect plopped in my backyard (or yours, I bet you could D.I.Y. it). Not feeling the tent? Kristiana has some pretty snappy Airstream trailers for rent that could make your whole glamping adventure mobile.

I hope you enjoy your week here and feel inspired to try some of the things I introduce you to or better yet travel to one of these amazing destinations!  Let me know if you try anything or if you have been glamping lately.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups.

P.S. The cool camp inspired font I used can be downloaded here for free.

6 thoughts on “CAMPING FOR GROWN-UPS

  1. Thanks for the info about Basecamp Hotel! I’ve been enamored with going to Lake Tahoe lately and this is yet another added bonus. Also, thank you for all your calligraphy tips on your blog! I was on here most of the weekend, figuring which nib to order next. I’m afraid nibs are becoming an addiction.

    1. Paulene I hope you go, Lake Tahoe is pretty amazing any time of year! Your welcome for the calligraphy tips, I am addicted as well:)

  2. I guess we are now officially “glampers” too, even though we are truly still backpackers to the core! We have a Casita… it is like pulling a huge marshmallow behind us {actually it is only 17′ + cute} Tail wags ~moose

    1. A casita?! That sounds like fun, I’ve never seen one before I am going to go to the ol’ Google machine and look it up!

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