I have been slammed with the holiday rush (hooray!), but I took a few minutes yesterday to photograph some of the clay tags I made the other night. I had so much fun! It was easier than I anticipated as I have never used clay in a project before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I tried a few different ideas I had been toying with using the Besotted Brand stamps. One was creating a faux wax seal, I think it came out better than I envisioned (disclosure, I actually didn’t think it would turn out at all). I also used the banner stamp that I customized; it reads ‘handmade with love’. This was an easy one, I just stamped it on a rolled out piece of clay and cut out with a sharp Exacto knife using the stamp border as my guide. Last one I made was using the vintage postmark stamp, I love how much detail I got out of it.  I used air dry clay, mini cookie cutters for the circles and a nail to create the holes for stringing.  It took me about 20 minutes start to finish + clean-up. I let the tags dry overnight and then used an Emory board (for your nails) to smooth out rough spots (easier for me to use than sand paper on these small objects).  I was really happy with the results and have been thinking of a ton of other ideas. The clay dries hard, but not as hard as a kiln fired object, so it is still relatively delicate in my opinion, but it does have a nice raw ceramic feel to it. Below is my supply list and clay tutorial resources.
Exacto knife (you could use a disposable butter knife)
There are a plethora of great clay tutorials/resources but these are the ones that I felt explained the process well enough so I was able to have a modicum of success.
Post Road Vintage D.I.Y. Clay Tags Tutorial (she even makes her own clay!)
You also don’t need to stamp on them prior if you don’t want, just make any shape flat surface (circle, square, oval, etc.), let dry and then ink + stamp on the smooth surface, the clay takes the stamp impression very well.  Let me know if you have any questions!

24 thoughts on “CLAY TAG D.I.Y. RESOURCE

  1. Oh, Kathy make sure you check Michael’s or A.C.Moore on line (I don’t know what is close to you), but they almost always give out a 50% off coupon on line on an item so I got my clay for $4.00!

  2. Just found your blog from “Greige” – what lovely products you have! I have a daughter who loves all things paper, so you have some great gift ideas for her. Hard to choose just one!

  3. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – your post reminded me. I’m trying to make something a little more durable, though, since it will be used for branding. I seem to remember something from a craft book…But, of course, can’t remember which one. Dur.

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! I always feel like crafting with clay around this time of year (ornamnets, gift tags), and your version has me very inspired! Your stamps translate perfectly to this craft!

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