Gift Guide : Aspiring Foodie Edition

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I like to think of myself as an aspiring foodie, I’m not an amateur in the kitchen, but I could up my menu repertoire tenfold and my appliances have zero foodie cred. I’m about to change that this year and will be referencing our ‘aspiring foodie’ gift guide to help me make it there.

Za-taar seems to be one of those foodie buzz words right now, just like quinoa once was or matcha. I’m going to roll with it and sprinkle this delicious sounding spice concotion on everything I can think of. Canaan creating ethically produced pantry items has incredibly beautiful packaging so it’s a win-win addition.

Every kitchen needs a solid wood spoon (or two or three) option and 02 in a French beechwood is our choice.

Michelle has been using a marble wine chiller as a utensil holder and I loved the way it looked, looks like the culinary world took note and has made this affordable rendition.

Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers the hipsters foodie idol just launched another book, last one was great this one is proving to be even better.

Every well appointed kitchen needs a good hand soap one that will be strong enough to kill germs and cut smell but gentle enough to not strip your hands raw, besides this one looks so darn pretty.

You could use another dutch oven, but if you want to elevate yourself to foodie status invest in a Le Creuset.


01.  Canaan Zaatar

02.   French Beechwood Spoon

03. Marble utensil holder

04. Simple Fare: Fall and Winter

05. Murchinson Hume hand soap

06. Le Creuset dutch oven (matte black)

more not featured in image:


PJ KABOS 16.9Floz Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A L’Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9-Ounce Crock
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Culinarium Salt and Spice Pinch Bowl

J.K. Adams 20-Inch-by-6-Inch Maple Wood Artisan Bread Plank

Ironwood Gourmet 28445 Multi-Use Circle Serving Board

Kitchen Twine


Vitamix (entry level)

Ninja (Vitamix wannabe)

Coffee Bean Grinder


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