BESOTTED-WITH-LAURA-AGUSTI-iA few months ago, while dreaming up branding magic for a special client (we take on a few, very carefully chosen clients), we fell pretty hard for the idea of commissioning a one of a kind illustration that would perfectly embody the character of the brand. We had an enigmatic symbol in mind, rife with history and meaning, but in dire need of a modern make-over. It needed to feel organic, but, for ease of printing, had to be structured and tidy too. A daunting task for any illustrator to be sure!

We have a few talented artists on our radar that we were up to the task, but had our hearts set on Laura Agustí, an incredible talent out of Spain who I met on Instagram. Yep – Instagram. Luckily, our client fell head over heels for Laura too! We sent Laura an Instagram DM, exchanged emails, and the project was in motion. As predicted, Laura delivered an illustration that had our client (and us) swooning (gah!!- we can’t wait to show you!).

Laura is living the dream and struggle of a full-time artist, and because we are incorrigible snoops, we asked her for an interview. As you can see, she graciously obliged! This is our first non-lettering artist interview, but illustrators are close cousins to letterers right? We sincerely hope you’ll say hello!

Laura is prolific on Instagram, stop by to see more of her beautiful illustrations and peeks at her life in Barcelona with her precocious siamese cat.
Note: We’ve used good ‘ole Google translate for the English version of Laura’s interview – which we know can be flawed, so we’ve added Laura’s original answers (provided in her native Spanish) to the bottom of the post.


Where are you located?

I live in Barcelona and have for over 10 years, I love this city, climate and people.

How did you get started in the illustration?

I studied Fine Arts and majored in graphic design and painting. Then I studied Interior Design and spent a few years working in an architectural office , but I started drawing illustrations and eventually it became my way of life.


Miss & Mr. Norwich

What are some of your favorite supplies?

For my illustrations I always use calibrated brand Sakura Micron marker pens on watercolor paper with some texture like Canson. I like thick paper as it has a little more personality to highlight the strokes.

Can you name some of your inspirations?

The tattoo world I love, I make many drawings to be tattooed, almost 80% of orders I receive are for this purpose. Therefore tattooists such as Valentin Hirsch or Andrey Svetov inspire me, both by the type and strokes of drawings they make. As for illustration I love Dan Hillier.

Music is key both in my life and everything I do and the style I like is the indie folk. Groups like Other Lives, Damien Jurado or Bon Iver are always present, I also like many Spanish groups such as McEnroe, The New Raemon or Mr. Chinarro.

Do you have some favorite or upcoming exhibitions or projects you would like to mention?

This year I have to prepare a solo exhibition in June and again in October. Collective that makes me very excited both by the gallery as the number of people involved, all are friends artists who will reinterpret one of my drawings. I am very excited to see the works of all.

I am also in the process of preparing a book with my artwork!

Stop by tomorrow for Part II of Laura’s interview!

(Original Spanish Version)

¿Dónde están ubicados?

Vivo en Barcelona desde hace más de 10 años y adoro esta ciudad, el clima y la gente.

¿Cómo fueron tus comienzos en la ilustración ?

Estudié Bellas Artes y me especialicé en diseño gráfico y pintura. Luego estudié Diseño de Interiores y estuve unos años trabajando en un estudio de arquitectura, pero empecé a dibujar y al final las ilustraciones se convirtieron en mi modo de vida.

¿Cuáles son algunas de sus fuentes favoritas ?

Para mis ilustraciones utilizo siempre rotuladores calibrados de la marca Sakura Micron sobre papel de acuarela con un poco de textura de Canson. Me gusta que el papel sea grueso y tenga un poco de personalidad para resaltar más el trazo del rotring.

¿Puede usted nombrar algunos de sus inspiraciones ?

El mundo del tatuaje me encanta, hago muchos dibujos para ser tatuados, casi el 80% de los encargos que recibo son con esta finalidad. Por lo tanto tatuadores como Andrey Svetov o Valentin Hirsch me interesan mucho por el tipo de dibujos que hacen y el trazo. En cuanto a ilustración me encanta Dan Hillier.

La música es clave tanto en mi vida como en todo lo que hago y el estilo que más me gusta es el indie folk, grupos como Other Lives, Damien Jurado o Bon Iver siempre están presentes, también me gustan muchos grupos españoles como McEnroe, The New Raemon o Sr. Chinarro.

¿Se puede ir un poco más en su proceso de cómo se trabaja en un proyecto para un cliente ?
A partir de un briefing se trabajan las ideas para ir viendo que quiere el cliente y llegar a la idea definitiva.
¿Tiene algunos proyectos favoritos o próximas exposiciones que le gustaría que mencionemos ?

Este año tengo que preparar una exposición en solitario para junio y otra colectiva en octubre que me hace mucha ilusión tanto por la galería como por la cantidad de gente que participa, todos son artistas amigos que reinterpretan un dibujo mío. Estoy muy ilusionada por ver las obras de todos.

También estoy en proceso de preparar un libro con mis ilustraciones.

Author / Miss Michelle P.

Miss Michelle P. is a photographer, and the co-creator of Foto Rx Premium Photoshop Actions. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her muse is light.


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