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I have wanted to create this for a while, but it was easier said than done!  I have finally put together a list of supplies to start your lettering journey in an easy (I hope) visual guide. I didn’t get specific on all the nibs or nib holders, I may create another gallery for a more advanced supplies list but this is the list I get the most emails on and it covers everything from books/classes to the paper and ink I recommend.

If you have questions or have requests of what you would like to find lettering wise, please let me know and I will try to address them for future add-ons to the gallery.

Be back soon!

P.S. The lettering font I used at the top of the post can be found here!


  1. Thanks for sharing! As a lover of scripts (but a terrible calligrapher), I would love to see some pens and papers for lettering in the future.

    1. Lisa, I am not big on pens with the nibs attached but I do have a post on the nibs I use, I will try to put it in a link so it’s easier to find. My favorite paper is linked about when you click on the graphic, it’s the canson, and it’s not to slick:) And sometimes ‘terrible’ calligraphy is the best!

  2. I bought a set of zebra G nibs, but the ink seems to not flow down the nib well. Do you normally do anything to your nibs when you first get them?

    1. Tang I do! I read that most nibs have a protective coating on them so they don’t tarnish. I am going to write the following with the disclaimer that you don’t burn your house down and use safety precautions etc. and don’t sue me if indeed you burn your house down…

      Okay, I burn the tip of my nib for a few seconds to get rid of the coating. I use a match and the nib will blacken, but it usually helps remove the coating. I only do this for a few seconds so you shouldn’t have a searing metal poker on your hands;) You could also use a toothbrush and scrub the nib (dry well) before first use.

  3. thanks for sharing this! i actually got the blue book in the mail today and am waiting for a few gillot nibs and a brause nib to arrive. i think it’s partly your fault that i got sucked into the world of calligraphy (thanks for that too)! i just have to learn copperplate now. :D

    1. You have a lovely aesthetic Cath, I think you will do really well. For first timers I always suggest trying a stiffer nib (like a Zebra G, Nikko G) because you will have more ”success’. When the nib has too much give it’s hard to control and can become very frustrating. It’s all about practice and I really love the Eleanor Winters book, it’s not ‘hip’ but she does a great job explaining and has lots of nice examples!

    2. Ahh thanks! And thank you for the tip, I’ll look for the Zebra and Nikko as well! You drown in Leonardt nibs here in The Netherlands, but it seems impossible to find any others. Might have to source the international online shops soon! ;)

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