I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple weeks and this image and edit feels like a good reflection of my symptoms and the culmination of the last few days. I have been dealing with vertigo which makes me feel off balanced, blurry and sea sick. It comes and goes, it’s supposedly stress induced, me stress?  Never. Here’s the ‘before’ which oddly also reflects my symptoms-murky with a green tinge. 


3 thoughts on “MMXI::ELEVEN

  1. Its wonderful but makes me kind of dizzy at the same time. I too have the same symptoms for the last few weeks but for me it is sinus/allergies with ear pain that comes and goes and makes me dizzy. hope your less stressed soon and feeling better! xo

  2. Miss Beverly, this image makes me dizzy too, weird that it has the same effect on two people with symptoms of vertigo. I wish you a speedy recovery, sinus + ear pain is not a good time.

    Michelle let’s go!

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