Here’s a peek at one of the new modern + industrial monograms created for Mrs. Jamie S., the winner of this design!  One of the things I always try to do is show the actual imprint made from the stamp rather than a digital rendering.  It’s very important to me to be able show off the quality of the Besotted Brand hand stamps. I know from experience (I have been making professional stamps since 2005) that not all manufacturer are created equal and not all designs translate well as a stamp. This one though, it turned out so pretty + classic, it prints like a dream and this was even on textured paper.  I like to showcase the stamps in a neutral + simple way, but if you printed this with neon colors on bright white stock you could create a whole new look.  That is what I love most about the stamps, you can change your mind repeatedly to get the outcome you want depending on the color or what you are printing on you can go boho, minimalist, maximalist, preppy, sophisticated, etc. It allows you to be creative and put your unique spin on things.  It also looks pretty professional don’t you think?  If you would like to try to win one of the new monograms that are launching either sign-up for the newsletter or re-pin this (I am choosing people from both), leave a comment at Pinterest with your initials! I have lots of new monogram designs coming down the pike so your chances to win are HUGE, plus I will be doing giveaways here and some truly lovely blogs the whole month of September, we are talking lot’s of opportunity to win! 


I have been starting and stopping on an updated blog design for what seems like ions now. I know I am missing out on some sweet, sweet functionality but I can not make up my mind.  If I were one of my clients I would have figured it out day one, but having the entire stratosphere of design at my fingertips makes me quite indecisive for myself.  One of the biggest complaints I get via email (besides being chastised for my poor grammar) is that I don’t have easily accessible links–you can’t subscribe to my blog nor can you find me elsewhere unless I make a big to-do of it. I was playing around with creating some social icons and of course started my usual course of procrastination and ended up making a free download for you instead. The zipped file is all individual png’s with a transparent background so you could in essence one-click change the color and pattern if you knew how to do so, (I pinky promise I will record a video tutorial for that for my new top secret editorial position…).  Enough of that, you want to know how you can get your hands on these right?  Well, you can just go here.  Psst-the image is just to give you a peek, the icons are much smaller in the file and there is no drop shadow.


I thought I would pop in and show off a sneak peek from the new Monogram Collection!  I will be introducing about a dozen plus monograms in every variation from classic to modern, one initial to three. All monograms come with our signature black wood handle stamp with deeply etched crimson rubber for the best impression possible, housed in a mini oval hat box. As always you know I need real names to create the stamps, for this sample I pulled a name from the mailing list. This one is for Merissa R.! I hope she likes the simple stacked oval, which reminds me of a French candle line that I covet. The monograms are not in the shop yet and will be announced via our newsletter with a discount code of course so be sure to sign-up (don’t worry I only send out an email about once a month and you can unsubscribe at any time). To enter to win your own monogram re-pin this image and in the comments on Pinterest leave your monogram initials and I will be choosing winners from both the Pins and Newsletter! Good luck!

P.S. And since I have SO many to do you have plenty of chances to win!


As soon as I laid my eyes on this I got incredibly homesick.  I knew it was bound to happen at some point, I just didn’t know when or why it would.  I am really happy with our little Southern adventure, but California was my home for so many years. I was born there all of my most precious memories have taken place there and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I missed the Golden State. How incredibly made for me is this artwork? A bear hugging the state of California? My heart may implode with emotion.


I have been tweaking my shop site (with my coder of course, don’t want to mess anything up) and it occurred to me that I really need to make room for some of the new designs and inventory that I have been shooting.  I have decided to discontinue some of the existing designs so I can comfortably bring in new ones! I have added links to the pieces below that are marked 1/2 off the original price (use the drop down menu to reveal the discounted price) and also have included in the drop down an option to buy an unmounted version.  Once these designs sell out they will not be brought back in the line so get them while they last!

I also put together a ‘Last Chance’ unmounted set (okay, two are mounted) of all the designs that are being discounted. They are mounted on super high quality foam so no need to worry about that extra step for fun I added some of the overstock on the best sellers that I found when making more room for new inventory and as always I will include a little grab bag of extra! You can get it all here.