I fell in mad love with photographer Amy Neunsigner’s home when it was first featured in Blueprint  I thought the light was insanely beautiful and it seemed like a house that one could actually aspire to in its quaint simplicity. Then Amy went and created her current home + studio and I gasped when I first spied it in the pages of House Beautiful.  Again, the light was heavenly and I made a mental note to try to get invited to her abode one day. Well, that day has come and I have an appointment scheduled at 2 p.m. to actually see this beauty in person.  I have known about this for a couple of weeks now, but couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that this magical day was actually coming into fruition. I am beside myself with excitement.  Amy’s house is located in one of the most charming parts of Los Angeles. I honestly don’t know how I will be able to contain myself, it feels like the equivalent of meeting your favorite rock or movie star. Maybe with her permission I will be able to send some  IPhone pics via my tweets while I am there for the photo shoot (no, the shoot is not for me). I will be sure to let you know if it lives up to my expectations but I have a feeling it will be surpassing them.

P.S. We have out first winner for the Besotted Brand Archive labels and it is…Joy//Of Strange Sensibilities. I can’t wait to get these to her, you must check out her logo, it’s fabulous. Congrats Joy!  I can’t wait until tomorrow to announce more winners.


I am currently having a torrid love affair with Pinterest.  I can’t pin fast enough and the Fancy has exclaimed, ‘oh great, another place for you to catalog cute things,’ (said in a tone that isn’t that far off from sarcastic). I would be annoyed at him if I wasn’t so engrossed with this new outlet of my desires.  I had a hard time adopting to Twitter, I did finally and I do like it more now. Facebook, well I go on about once every six months, it just doesn’t have the same pull as Pinterest. I feel like Pinterest has a vibrant community of individuals that know exactly what I am missing on my virtual inspiration boards.  I am currently decorating my imaginary dream home, stock piling on industrial chic wares, creating a custom cute menagerie and the list continues.  I thought I would just be on there to try to help hock my goods, but oh no, that’s not likely with my being so distracted by shiny things and all.  Speaking of shiny things, I made a pit stop to the craft store to pick up some of Martha Stewart’s new ‘paint on virtually anything’ craft paints. I rushed to the craft store because it looked in the ad that the metallic paint was really metallic, almost like a foil, but alas that is not the case.  Of course it didn’t stop me from buying the paint (Martha needs a new wing at Skyland I’m sure). I still am eager to try the paint out and with holidays coming up and tons of Besotted Brand tutorials to do I am sure the paint will be a welcome asset to the craft tool box, right?
P.S. Don’t forget you still have time to enter to win here, here, here and here!  Please link your pins so I can check out your boards and procrastinate even more.


I have much to write about the above offering, but since I have to do about 8,000 things before 5p.m. today I am going to have to swing by later.  Please tell me you love this gorgeous stamp as much as I loved making it.  This is only one of two hands, the other is all lowercase which I also adore.  I promise to divulge the artist whom I collaborated on this fine specimen. I am also happy that I could show off the custom wood handle stamps, they are perfect for Besotted Brand. The box the stationery stamp comes in has a magnetic closure so a beautiful sleek, natural profile indeed and they are sized to work with an A2-A7 flat perfectly.  Think about all the stationery you can make yourself!  Never ever will you not have a thank you card or a quick hello at the ready.

I am going to be giving away one custom wood handled stationery stamp it will arrive in a signature Besotted Brand wood box. You  will have until next Friday October 7, 2011 to enter and I will announce the winner on October 8th. Just leave a comment, you can enter as many times as you help me spread the word. So comment and then pin this post, tweet it, facebook it, get a friend to join the mailing list and come back and leave a comment, whatever it takes, spread the word! These are also available for pre-order prior to the launch at a special discounted price, but you must sign-up for the newsletter to be in on that;)

P.S.  Thank you to all the amazing visitors from Making it Lovely, I am so happy to have you drop by my little virtual studio.

P.P.S. I would love to see your links to Pins + Tweets so I can stop by and thank you!


New York I love you, but the weather has not been pleasant.  Tuesday had to be 100% humidity. If you follow me on Twitter you would know that yesterday when I was running around from meeting to meeting that my t-shirt was soaked through and through and my hair, oh please, my hair looked liked I stuck my finger in a light socket.  Such a bad look. My event though, now that was a huge success, I was surrounded by so many editors from the top tier home magazines that I thought I might faint from being so star struck. Dara and Eugenia from everyone’s beloved Domino (now at Veranda), oh come on, does it get any better than that?  Yes, yes, it does, Margaret Russell the editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest and Michael Boodro the editor-in-chief of Elle Decor (who happens to be one of the nicest individuals ever). The girls from Lonny were at the event (be still my beating heart), Newell the editor-in-chief of House Beautiful. I am serious, little ol’ Miss B. was in the epicenter of the home publishing cognoscenti.  Do these people even have any idea how enamored I am by their books?  I love, love, love perusing through each and every one of their mags planning my future dream home(s) but who doesn’t?  Minus the humidity the night was sublime. BUT, I was equally as excited to come back to the hotel and post another giveaway!  The above is a wood handled stamp, I used this same style stamp for the muslin bags for my pretty parcels.  This is an actual ‘Fig. 1′ from an 18th century natural science plate.  I saw this and knew it was the one.  Believe me I bought a lot of these plates before I settled on the perfect ‘Fig. 1′. It’s tiny, as it should be, I am all about the petite.  Since this photograph was taken I convinced my manufacturer to custom make my wood handle stamps so they are more in line with Besotted Brand, they will have black handles and bleached natural wood at the base, a divine combination.  Most of my hand stamps are set up with lucite bases but I believe a beautiful wood handled stamp does have its place and I think makes a fine functional decorative element for your decor, no?
I am going to be giving one wood handled ‘Fig. 1′ stamp away, it will arrive in a signature Besotted Brand wood box for  safe storage. You  will have until next Wednesday October 5, 2011 to enter and I will announce the winner on October 6th. Just leave a comment, you can enter as many times as you help me spread the word. So comment and then pin this post, tweet it, facebook it, get a friend to join the mailing list and come back and leave a comment, whatever it takes, spread the word! Thank you to everyone that has been helping me spread the word, it is such a delight to see ‘Besotted Brand’ in lights, I can’t tell you enough how thrilled and grateful I am for all the love.  
P.S. Em asked about Souvenir Foto School and I will be doing a class as soon as the shop is launched and the events are over for work. I will make that announcement soon!


I sent out these pretty parcels to some of my favorite bloggers last week (I still have a laundry list more to go, but ahem the budget is a tad constricted right now. In my haste I did send the wrong note + package to the wrong recipient which is such an outrageous blunder, but no one has mentioned it yet, so either they didn’t mind or expect me to be a bit scatter brained.  I still owe the original blogger one. I do plan to sell gift packages like this in the shop, they may not be exactly the same, they may be even better, yes indeed.  I love the idea of easy gifting, anything that takes the angst out of finding the perfect gift is all right in my book. May I point out the notecards in this photograph?  They are the Besotted Brand signature stock and they are so luxuriously thick, the individual on the receiving end of your card will absolutely comment, I haven’t had one person not mention how perfectly thick they are.  For the purposes of using them with the Besotted Brand hand stamps they are also perfectly smooth.  I tried countless cardstocks before I created these notecards, I was like the Goldilocks of paper, nothing was quite right and then I came across this one mill that had stock so gorgeous that I immediately ordered their outrageous minimum orders worth.  I must sell it or else my future children will not be going to college.  Yes, I made a hefty investment thus the budget constraints mentioned up above.  I believe it was worth it, I am a paper-phile and if this stock made my heart sing I am sure it will do the same for others with my same affliction.
I am going to be giving a variation of this pretty parcel away, you will have until next Tuesday, October 4, 2011 to enter and I will announce the winner on October 5th. Just leave a comment, you can enter as many times as you help me spread the word. So comment and then pin this post, tweet it, facebook it, get a friend to join the mailing list and come back and leave a comment, whatever it takes, spread the word so my future children won’t have to work in a fast food joint and live at home when they are adults.  Thank you in advance and I am sure that my future children thank you as well.
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