At the beginning of 2011 I started a photo project–my goal was to go through the piles of my unedited and forgotten photos and edit one-a-day for the entire year.  I made it until day 31 and quickly abandoned ship. The project was not an easy one to conquer, many of my edits could take me hours to complete, for someone like myself with a fairly full schedule/life it was basically an impossibility. I suppose I like a challenge or perhaps I like to add undue stress to my life, either way here I am the first day of 2012 tackling the impossible.  Wish me luck my fair friends as I embark on the Everest of editing and start project MMXII-editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012. You can view the before here.
P.S. If you would like to peruse my ill fated first attempt you can see the project here.


Last year I aired my goals for the year on my blog.  This year I plan to do the same.  As you can see from the above lines through the list (the international symbol for ‘yes I did it’) I was able  to accomplish quite a lot. Contrary to my procrastinator nature I am not all hot air. 
  • I got married after nearly seven years together, (of those seven years, we were engaged for 6 1/2).  I didn’t end up getting married on the dates I chose above, but the fact that I did it was enough reason to hark the angels singing.
  • I finally quit my job, something that thrilled me to no end, it’s not all puppies and rainbows, I am freelancing for my former boss, so although I don’t go into the office everyday I still have a foot in–baby steps.
  • I launched Besotted Brand.  So excited by the response and I can’t wait for the future of the brand, I have many ideas (they aren’t all paper related). I feel like it has become an excellent source for my creativity to flourish.  I am very happy with this on-going project.
  • I invested in a gorgeous desktop computer, something I have been pining for (and saving) for YEARS.  I haven’t calibrated yet, but I will.
  • My husband and I have narrowed down the top four places we want to visit to see if we would like to re-locate there.  We are planning our first trip in February.
  • I sold a few of my photographs this year. I can’t explain the feeling of elation I got with each sale.  I love the idea of my images adorning someones walls, what an honor.
  • I have indeed become more proficient in Illustrator. How?  The main thing I did was use it often and on a regular basis this really helped me become less intimidated by the program. I am no ninja like I am in Photoshop, but I have a class scheduled here in January to help me on my way.
  • I did expand my little garden and by December I have successfully killed even the heartiest of plants like mint and rosemary.  No one kills rosemary in Southern California, it’s pretty much impossible. I did it.  No more plants for me for awhile.
One of the goals I did not accomplish was to start exercising, well that’s just horrific (yes, indeed).  I tried hula hooping for a bit, but then I saw something shiny and stopped.  I am thinking of getting a Wii, anyone else use this to exercise?  I may have mentioned that I used to LOVE to run. About six years ago I started experiencing tremendous hip and knee pain after each run, my doctor suggested I find an alternate form of exercise or I would need to replace my hip (sexy).  My insurance isn’t that great, so I decided to stop running and choose leaning in my desk chair as my main form of cardiovascular exercise.  I am just a pile of bones walking around with flappy skin on them, no muscle.  This has got to change. 
So, I shall be back in 2012 with my new list of goals, won’t you join me?  It’s much more fun than a resolution. 


I am still working this week, no, I am not bitter; I have discovered a new podcast which makes me thrilled to be in front of my computer! For those amongst us that are interested in odd historical trivia you might enjoy ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’ from How Stuff Works.  You can find it in itunes (it’s free!). It’s a little hard to concentrate on my work as I find the podcasts particularly interesting. In fact, I had to write that line about four times because I was lost in the story of Salvador Dali’s Ocelot. I shall be returning after the new year, in the interim I wanted to make sure that I stopped by to wish you the best new year ever, you make my every day happier and I am grateful for your visits.


Yesterday after work I decided to finally address my crazy long hair situation.  Hair doesn’t get that long by chance, perhaps the person possessing that crazy hair has had a series of bad haircuts that made them a little gun shy when it comes to the hairdresser? A petite phobia?  When I arrived at the  hair salon a.k.a the scene of the crime, I discussed with the stylist the length I wanted and the cut. Please view exhibit a. here (the girl on left) and exhibit b. here for reference. I also wanted to donate my extra pony tail to Locks of Love an organization that makes hairpieces for disadvantaged kids that have suffered hair loss from medical conditions. I knew they needed at least nine inches and at ten inches my hair would still be long and not miss the extra length.  I was feeling smug with my decision, how could I get a bad haircut when I was doing something so valiant? I suppose very easily.  I do not know where on the reference photos it showed I wanted to look like Marcie Johnson from Peanuts, but that is the cut I got.  My hair is square, not figuratively but actually square. So whilst I try to act as if nothing is wrong, I will be crying into my wrapping paper this afternoon as I try to will my square hair to grow.  Never a dull moment for Miss B.  In other news, if I don’t make it back here tomorrow wishing you all a Happy Holiday!
image of marcie by charles schultz


Christmas has arrived a couple days early for these fine winners! I couldn’t choose just one, I wish I could pick you all. If your name wasn’t called this time, don’t fret, I plan to do many, many more giveaways in 2012, it’s a numbers game. You are all winners to me, ’nuff said. 
P.S. If you were picked, please send me an email with your requested customization.
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