This is the dress that I won’t be wearing to my wedding, but it is the dress I wish I was.  I had no idea that Etsy had the ability to make my wedding frock dreams come true. This is exactly what I have been searching for–long lace sleeves, above the knee and a beautiful back. The Etsy seller is booked until April 2012, so asking her to re-create this dress in ten days seems to be out of the question. It makes me want to flog myself for not keeping up with my sewing lessons not that I had any aptitude for it, my one foray into clothing was not bad on the hanger but pretty slipshod on my person. No one wants a slipshod wedding dress. I am hoping to find a substitute for this pretty dress this weekend. Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks am I going to find a short white dress with long lace sleeves in the 21st century?  It definitely is a vintage find waiting to happen, but in the City of Angeles our vintage shops are picked over by vultures and there wouldn’t be a dress this magnificent in any of them. By the by, how gorgeous is this bride? I love her loose locks and sweet halo of flowers. I was thinking of a bird cage veil but this little crown is lovely as well. Oh, the last minute decisions!
I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend, thank you for your support and kind words this week whilst I had my mini pre-marital melt down. Your well wishes on our elopement were so appreciated and the stories you shared made me both laugh and cry (tears of joy of course).  Wish me luck on my search and if anyone see’s a dress like this anywhere in the vicinity of mother earth, please send me a link or smoke signals, either one will do.
photo by mandy oliver


I thought I would share some quick snaps from the studio.  My once pristine and very sparse office is now stacked from floor to ceiling with inventory and shipping supplies. It has come to both my attention and my aching back that I will need to replace my desk for something much higher, what do you think of this? Making my studio shipping friendly and my back not hate me.  I have lost my shipping chops, although my bestie Jules assures me that they will come back, I can only hope so.  You see, I take an awful lot of time and energy on each parcel. I want it to arrive and feel like a present and if it doesn’t I have failed.  I remember as a wee lass I would shop for Christmas gifts at a General Store, yes a real General store and I loved how they tied all their parcels with twine, wrapped in tissue and finished with labels–pure perfection.  I would watch in unadulterated pleasure as my shabby little purchase was transformed into what could only be called a masterpiece. With my $10 budget I would buy gifts for my entire family and would be smug with how pretty everything looked over their plebeian efforts at wrapping in commercial papers with synthetic bows.  My family never appreciated my fine taste and soon the General store was bought out by big business as it was considered a dinosaur in the new ‘modern’ age of the 80’s. I miss that store. I am convinced I would still be shopping there today if it existed, but instead I try to hold on to the tradition, an invisible torch was passed and I am the bearer. I can only hope that I make the General Store proud. I tried my best to keep the memory alive and as authentic as possible. Now if I can only get faster at it and my back would be a team player, I’ll be golden.


It is mere days until I tie the knot and I am in a bit of a panic. I am usually a very detail oriented person but it seems I have neglected many details of these upcoming nuptials. For one I forgot to order the Fancy’s ring, of course he would never remind me of this folly as he has already mentioned about 80,000 times that he doesn’t want to wear a ring. He plays a lot of tennis and is basically a jockety jock so I can see where a ring would be cumbersome, but it’s a non-negotiable item. I also don’t have a dress, shoes, or photographer–gasp.  We are eloping, I suppose if one is eloping you are sworn by a pinky promise to keep it more hush hush than broadcasting it to thousands of individuals on the interwebs, but I feel like we are close enough that I can tell you. We are picking up our license today, so the reality of the situation has really sunk into my thick skull–no dress, no shoes, no photographer, no crash diet or anti-aging remedy.  I also have broken out on my forehead, no time to even get an order of emergency Pro-Activ, what’s a girl to do?  I really like the make-up above, but I have heard that for photographs you should wear much more than you normally would, I don’t know if the no make-up, make-up look is going to fly. It’s a moot point if I don’t have a photographer there right?  I also have a very specific idea of how I want these images shot and so not any photographer will do.  I also have an almost non-existent budget, so good luck to me. I am sure I can pull it together in the next dozen or so days, right? 


Is it rude of me to think our new personalized stamp offering is the cutest? Because I do! These are my and the Fancy’s initials, pretty hilarious right? This has just been added to the shop, it’s a petite size which makes it perfect for favor bags or creating your own couple’s stationery.  I will be adding our plain cotton bags to the shop soon, because I have had an overwhelmingl number of requests for them. They will come in three sizes, the medium is the perfect size for favor bags, although the small bags are pretty darn cute. I think they would make a great alternative to traditional wrapping this holiday season and are re-usable which should feel nice and guilt-free.

P.S. Don’t forget about the D.I.Y. stationery giveaway on Hope’s blog.


I don’t need these domes, but I surely do want them.  I found a pretty nice resource for them at The Evolution store. They have a huge variety of sizes, I of course like the tiny ones, it’s just my thing. In a back issue of Lonny they had a link to Laura Day’s excellent butterfly in a dome DIY, which would look stunning in my studio. I hope to one day try it out, have you done anything with these domes or know of a better resource so I can add it to this post?
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