Yes, it’s true.  The shop finally opens today. Please forgive any typo’s in the descriptions or any wonky shipping prices (don’t fear shipping will be a flat rate), everything will be fixed soon enough and more inventory added by the end of the weekend.  I didn’t want to delay the opening one minute longer and wanted to make sure I am prepared for holiday.  Speaking of holiday I have been shooting holiday and it feels so odd to set-up shots when it’s still 80 degree’s outside, admittedly I am full of holiday cheer already (I suppose I am easily influenced).  If you have any questions or gosh forbid complaints, please shoot me an email.  I can’t wait to pack your parcels for you, one of the best parts of doing this project is going to make sure that each package arrives like a present.  That has to be one of my favorite things about the handmade movement shipments arrive with such care and forethought.  I want that to be a hallmark of my business and have made sure to include that in my model.  I planned 1,001 thank you’s and I will be doing that soon, but my plane was delayed and if I don’t get some shut eye I shall be useless tomorrow (or today as the case may be).


Happy Monday!  I know, I know, I bet you thought I would never be uttering those two words, but here I am uttering away.  I have actually been in a state of complete panic since Friday, this weekend did me no favors and went by at lightening speed.  I am not only launching the shop tomorrow but flying out of my zipcode to throw a party hosted by the most powerful editor in home design magazine history. (lol, no not for Besotted)  It’s my last event before I bid adieu to my other life and embark on this new one. Yes, I have been breathing heavily into paper bags for the last 72 hours.  I can do this, yes I can.  Okay, so some things you must know if you decide to partake in the party which is the launch.  I will be shipping all orders on Saturday 10.15. On Sunday I am having a bar built into my studio so I don’t have to bend over and pack, (just sending out the prizes this weekend killed my back).  I know you thought I was going to build a bar to drink myself into a stupor, right?  I should, but I won’t because I am so flippin’ excited, launching this shop is as thrilling to me as getting a new puppy or bunny–really.  The items that will be featured are only a fraction of the offerings, I haven’t had time to add all the inventory, but after this week I will have a lot more time to do so. I want to clarify that Besotted Brand is not just a paper goods store, oh no, we are purveyors of fine design (that’s trademarked so don’t even think about stealing it, I will poke you in the eye).  I have apothecary coming (I need testers!), along with fine jewelry and home goods.  If I think it is beautiful + useful and I love it I am going to either design it, find it, or collaborate on it for you.  Did I mention I am getting married a month from the launch?  Have I officially lost my mind?  Quite possibly. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter I think you should, because those fine folks are going to  be privy to more than the average bear.
P.S.RALIEIGH-ELIZABETH, you need to email me your address!


Naomi Shiek is the winner of our custom calligraphy stationery stamp! Wow, what a tongue twister.  I chose Naomi because A) she really went above and beyond to spread the word (thank you!) B) I really felt she wanted this stamp badly and would actually use it.  I REALLY want people using the offerings because I selfishly want to bask in the glory when I see their creations and know I had a hand in their creative springboard.  It’s a really amazing feeling I tell you, to know that you can potentially become part of someones creative process even in the most minute way. I hadn’t really thought of that aspect of it until you all started commenting and I realized how truly collaborative these stamps will be.  I do hope when we launch I have people sending in their images to me, I would love to share them here.
Speaking of creativity Naomi is very creative + talented, an illustrator, papercut and textile artist whatever medium she chooses she shines with originality, you definitely should pop by her shop.
Thank you again to everyone that entered, for those that didn’t win this round please don’t fret I do plan to offer more giveaways and I am going to be rolling out apothecary soon and will need lots of testers so I hope you are all up for that as well!  Winners please email me with your addresses so I can start packing those prizes.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
P.S.  I will be answering your questions in the comments in an upcoming post.


I think if you read Raleigh-Elizabeth’s comment you wouldn’t ask me why I chose her, but how could I not? It’s her 30th birthday on this fine Friday in October, she’s moving down South getting hitched and has a whole ribbon/banner theme for her wedding, it was meant to be, no? I do hope she is able to use the stamp for her thank-you’s, I love the idea she suggested about changing the colors out for his + her thank you’s, so sweet + clever. Miss Raleigh-Elizabeth I am hoping you come back and show off your finished goods. I am going to throw in some flats of our ultra thick signature cardstock just so you don’t have an excuse that you didn’t have anything to stamp on.  Happy Birthday + Congrats!
P.S. I am shooting a tutorial on how to center your stamps, it took me forever to figure it out and my solution is so simple that I can’t believe I didn’t come up with it sooner.


Danielle from the aptly named blog ‘A love affair with paper’ is today’s winner of the ‘Fig. 1′ wood handled stamp. I am a bit obsessed with this stamp as it was one of the first designs in the collection and as noted prior it took me an obscenely long time to locate the perfect antique typography for it. I have been looking at this stamp for over three years now (as it certainly has taken me a long enough time to launch this project). Of all the stamps I created from the start I have never tired of this design, in fact I think I love it more with each day. I am happy that I kept the size petite so I can stamp pretty much everything with it. Danielle, I hope you enjoy your new stamp as much I do and are inspired to create many beautiful things with it. Congrats! Everyone else you still have a chance to enter to win here and here.
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