I am a huge fan of hand lettering, I actually think huge is too subtle a word.  If I met one of the hand letterer’s that I admire in person I just might get woozy + faint.  My appreciation and taste is wide, I don’t discriminate between fine or casual, I think they are all equally as interesting and inspiring. Like a fingerprint they are so unique.  When I introduced you to Magpie Paperworks people emailed me like crazy and wanted more, I am happy to oblige and will be introducing you to new letterer’s each week.  If you can’t wait you can follow my ‘Handlettering Love’ Pinterest board; I generally try to get a few new pins up each day.  Today please visit the wonderful & whimsical portfolio of Chris Silas Neal. You are welcome.


Yesterday I worked through multiple power outages losing the files I was working on innumerable times. I stopped and started too many times to count because of a storm so strong it blew our hundred pound gas grill off our deck, down the stairs and onto the back lawn. It now has a giant dent down the middle like it was punched in its grill ‘nose’–bummer. I asked my husband if it was a hurricane but he just rolled his eyes and asked for help with the grill. It rained so hard that the mailman was going to drive right past my house but I had packages that needed to go to clients so I ran down the road like a crazy person and then scowled at him for not stopping; my mascara running down my face, not a pretty picture.  What does this have to do with an old timey elephant and The Memory Palace?  Nothing, I was just on a rant.
Back to the topic at hand. I rarely listen to music when I work anymore. When I am working I want to be entertained, I want to learn something new, I want this new technology that is the interwebs to titillate me. I had mentioned to a friend that I was addicted to a history podcast, I thought she would continue with her conversation as history is not exactly the most exciting topic in casual conversation but she excitedly said that her friend did a podcast called The Memory Palace. As a branding person the name itself was already a winner, would the podcast disappoint?  Oh, no.  The host Nick Di Meo has a very calm & soothing voice and is able to take history and spin it into wonderful tales in usually less than 5 minutes. My only gripe would be that I would want these snippets to last longer, I don’t want them to end but as in all good things, I suppose they must.  I highly recommend both of these podcasts, they are interesting, informative, entertaining and enlightening. Do you listen to any podcasts that I should know of?  I am pretty new to the podcasts realm, but I love having them on while I am packing parcels or working on the computer.


I know not everyone wants to create their own stationery and I do have a few hand-printed options in the shop but there is always room for new designs for the clients that prefer to collect rather than create. For you wonderful people with the most discerning of tastes I have created the Gilded Collection.  This is the first of two sets, this is the simple ‘hello’ in a very glamorous font.  The cardstock is even heavier than my traditional cardstock, which may be hard to believe for those of you that have felt the weighty loveliness of the standard Besotted Brand stock. The little extra of these simple beauties is the beautifully subtle gilded edges, it’s a small detail but adds to the high society feel of this set.  The second set which I shall be photographing shortly is a mix of sentiments so you’ll be prepared for the impromptu thank you, or the ‘just because’.  I paired these with the blackest of black envelopes, that are super smooth and take these white pens perfectly. I am so happy with the way they turned out and have been randomly including them in some of my more recent orders. They come beautifully boxed in kraft with a jet black double satin ribbon.  Only the best for you my dear, only the best.  Because I adore you, please use the code GILTY at check-out and get a hefty discount!


I get about 12,000 emails a day asking if we do custom logo stamps in the shop and the answer is YES, SIREE!  It’s in my FAQ but I understand you are too busy running a small booming business to read my FAQ, so I decided to make it easy and just let you know that I do indeed.  I love making them, but they are a little trickier than the ones I have in the shop as I have to evaluate the logo / artwork to make sure that it will translate well to a stamp.  Unfortunately, not all logos are created equal, super thin lines or script tend to get muddled, but lucky for you I am a great evaluator and can usually assist in discussing what needs to be done to create the perfect stamp.  This here custom stamp was created for Jamie Simon the very talented woman behind Intertwyned Photography (she supplied these amazing shots).  We both loved how it came out, which is always a bonus when you are doing something custom. If you are a small business this can take your branding + promotion up a notch as suddenly you can make your own stationery (thank you notes for customers), create your own gift tags, add to the outside of your packages and the list goes on and on.  If you are interested in getting one made for your business please drop on by!