Being Thanksgiving and all in the states I wanted to pop in really quick and thank all of you for your visits.  Your visits mean so much to me and my fragile ego. I looked up ‘thank yous’ in the languages that most represented my visitors for the graphic and one rogue Hopi ‘thank you’ for my one Hopi reader (thanks Mom). I have so much to be thankful for on this day and many others. I am basically the Lotto winner of thank you’s.  This year has really put me over the top on how grateful I am. I feel so blessed, lucky and amazed on a daily basis. So thank you dear pretty, smart and witty reader, without you I am nothing but a crazy woman shouting ‘thank you’ in the ether, with you I am everything (and don’t feel like I am talking to myself as much either).


I am a little over the moon with my new discovery–Tarte matte lip stain. Yes, matte! I wore it on my wedding day, in a nude shade (only because my husband doesn’t like me in red lipstick). It lasts for hours and hours, has a perfect peppermint tingle to it and unlike other matte lip products won’t dry out your lips. I wore a color called ‘exposed’ which is their nude. A little goes a long way so at this rate my purchase should last me the rest of my lifetime.  I am not usually a fan of lipstains I always seem to look not like I have a perfect rosy pout but more like I have been sucking on Popsicles for extended periods of time. The matte is different, it’s more forgiving and has a nice coverage but since it is a stain it doesn’t feel waxy like a lipstick, it’s  a whole new lip sensation. I have to say, I am usually more of a drugstore beauty addict/shopper than a department store one, but Tarte has me locked in with their products. They have by far the best mascara on the market and you don’t get any more instant pretty than their cheek stains (I wore ‘tipsy’ which imparts a peachy glow). Seriously if you don’t have time for anything else don’t forget the cheek stain, people will compliment you like crazy. The prices may seem steep at first but the products do last a long time and you can amortize the cost in your head like I do (how many times I wear it by how much I paid over ‘x’ amount of months) and then it virtually pays for itself!  I use that same math with shoe purchases, it makes me feel better. I have a new foundation as well, but I’ll save that for another time. For the record, my husband may not like red lipstick but I do, so I also picked up the matte stain in Fiery, which is a pretty red (not too blue, not too orange).  I love it and have been wearing it almost every day.


Well it’s officially the holiday season at the Besotted Brand headquarters. I thought I would have a week to get ready, but orders from around the globe are coming in for holiday.  Did you read that?  Around the globe!  I am out of my mind with excitement whenever I get an order from another country.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled by the beautiful U.S. of A clients (that’s a given) but I am astonished that people in places like Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand, Brazil, Great Britain, Australia and Israel know about my little ol’ shop.  It sets my heart a flutter, that, and I am still trying to figure out my shipping mojo. Really, it’s not that I have a million orders, it’s just that it takes me a little bit  longer than the average bear to wrap everything up.  I am hoping to get magically faster by this next round of send outs. 

I have a handy man coming over tomorrow to give me a quote on installing a couple desks like this in my studio. If it’s a good price I will stain them a darker brown than the example.  I need a bar height one desperately so I can pack orders (no fun getting a hump back now is it?) I have an idea for a larger piece that will go in the middle of the room. I really liked the idea of this craft table (alas no room and no budget for it).  I was planning to DIY this piece myself but I don’t want to be stuck with an unfinished project in the middle of my teeny, tiny space. If it is all a go I promise to take some after shots. Anyone try to make a desk before?


It’s hard to beat a goat in a silk scarf for a Monday morning post, right?  I am glad this photo by the talented Jenny Alcala was in the new Matchbook Magazine, because it kills two birds with one stone (oh, gosh please remind me to never use that saying again, it’s quite ghastly). I didn’t want to forget this week to mention that the new Matchbook was out (love that little tome) and of course I always like to start the week off with a little bit o’ cute, so here I have them both in one post–brilliant.  On another note, I am still on my honeymoon (mentally), I lost my car at an outdoor mall parking lot yesterday and it just so happened to be during a torrential downpour, great. I am also abnormally exhausted, I think it could be a bit of depression from having to come home from one of the most beautiful spots on earth. I promise to get you all caught up with everything soon. Hopefully my brain is willing to cooperate. For those wondering, I did finally find my car.


P.S. If you are reading this after 1 p.m. Pacific time, this Miss is now a Mrs. unless of course one of us becomes a runaway bride or groom. I have already checked and the Fancy promised he wasn’t going anywhere, changing his mind or wishing I was a Brazilian Supermodel (he might prefer I be more into sports, but that’s never going to happen).
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