I got so many emails about the peachy blush ink I used on one of the winner announcements.  It really is pretty great, it has just the perfect hint of peach + pink.  I did test a truckload more but this one was the winner, hands down.  I am slowly getting more ink colors photographed, I have the perfect white, yellow, red, gray and green, although I should write ‘greens’ because there’s so many gorgeous variations on this hue.  So here you have it, enjoy!


So here I have Set 03 of my relentless cutting + trimming of the unmounted stamp inventory.  I do believe this is the last of the unmounted sets, but I will have a few stamp designs that I actually have nice inventory on that are unmounted.  This set has 30 stamps and a lot of them are mounted on foam, not all but enough to warrant a fee increase, that foam is a lot of extra steps for little ol’ me. You will also get the little treat bags of extras. You will be able to buy them in the shop, just look under the drop down menu.  The designs that are available as unmounted singles include the Modern Scrawl Hello, Cheers!, Calligraphy notes, small Love, Thanks banner, Happy Everything. Once these are sold I highly doubt I will ever be bringing the unmounted back as I am having all my stamps pre-mounted at the rubberstamp factory and yes, if you are curious it is quite like Willy Wonka’s factory but better. If you haven’t already be sure to sign-up for the newsletter, I don’t send them out often but when I do it’s always filled with awesome discounts for you!


Are you slapping your head with your palm because this is too cute and you just can’t stand it? Me too!  This was another design that wasn’t on the roster that I felt inspired + compelled to create.  I had a t-shirt when I was in the 3rd grade that read ‘captain’ with the ubiquitous captain wheel image.  It was white with navy writing and I actually could fit into it for years, even with my Dolly Parton-esque chest (it was an extra large). It was threadbare the last time I picked it up so I donated it to Goodwill before I moved; I hear some hipster guy in the City of Angels is sporting it now.  The 3rd grade is when my love of all things nautical came into fruition and it is here to stay.  The sea is a huge inspiration for me and I am hoping it is for you as well. I have more sea faring imagery on the horizon, but for now this is my pinnacle of cute. It’s cute right? Miss Whitney + Nate are the winners of this beauty, but I have not one but several coupons for you, wha?  Exactly.  SS07 will get you 50% off this design and for all the stationery stamps that came prior I have extended the codes until August 1st.  I did this not because I am selfless, I mean I am, but I had a few hundred emails from my overseas friends (I am HUGE in Romania) that wanted an extension and who am I to say no way?   Congrats Whitney!


I love many things, on that long laundry list of loves is rain and the color navy blue, the inkier the blue the better. Whilst I was at the computer (as is my norm) I watched out my studio windows as the baby blue sky with the fluffy white clouds turned a dark, inky blue before my eyes. You can catch a fleeting glimpse of the once summer day on the lower left of the photograph.  The sky rumbled and the house shook and then the rain started to pour, a nice steady beat of raindrops on the deck below and the acres beyond.  As I was taking this all in–the majesty, the beauty, the awe inspiring scene before me I looked down and my 3lb dog George, scared as all get out, shaking like a lead singer in a Rhomba band started to pee.  I would have been more upset if I actually wasn’t so freaked out that I didn’t want to do the same. Indeed, country living is a completely different experience than urban dwelling.
Hello, I am Miss B.  I am a dilettante of the ‘nth degree and like to try my hand at many a practical craft endeavor.  I have a few requirements when I choose these projects–the craft must be useful, the craft must be budget friendly and the craft above all else must be easy.  I am going to just come right out and let you know that  I did get an ‘A+’ in my 7th grade woodshop class, which basically qualifies me as an expert in my eyes, but don’t be intimidated by woodcrafting expertise; I won’t need to use the expert knowledge I gained all those years ago for this project and neither will you.  So let’s get started on the ambitious project of building your own desk!  I was inspired by a custom desk using sawhorse legs in the New York Times which had a rich, worn look and of course can not find the link but these brackets from a Swedish design company are pretty aces as well
The supply list is short + budget friendly. Don’t fear you won’t need to saw anything, you won’t even have to nail, screw or glue anything either, but you will need to do the tedious of all wood working chores-sand.
I bought a pre-sanded, pre-cut table top.  For me, taking sanding out of the equation is worth any extra monies I spent. You can use an old door or plywood cut to the length and width you need. My table top was a steal for $30 but the store I bought it at doesn’t have it on their site. Ikea has some nice, inexpensive ones.
There are many kinds in different colors, but I chose the galvanized metal as I felt they went well for the rustic look I was going for.
This is easy, you will need 4 two by fours. I just told the associate at the hardware store what I was doing and we cut the wood to size.  For my desk/worktable I cut the legs to 27.25″ (no, I am not a mathematical genius there’s a guide on the sawhorse bracket box).  I needed 8 legs total. For the crossbars that go in the brackets I had 2 pieces cut to 23″ as my desk was 24″ wide.  So if your desk is 30″ wide I suggest cutting your crossbars to somewhere between 28″-29″.

Just a piece of extra fine should do.

I buy these in bulk.  I never want to not have these around.  I am always cleaning, painting, staining, stamping and gloves keep my hands from looking like paws.

I used a small can of Minwax in Special walnut. My rag was a soft, old t-shirt cut into smaller pieces.
I used a matte finish sealant as I didn’t want high-gloss on my rustic desk. I say optional because if you are going for a rustic look the more wear and tear the better.
Gather your supplies and let’s get building!  If you bought a pre-sanded tabletop you won’t need to sand (yea!).  The only pieces I sanded were the ends where the two by fours were cut (the cuts are free and you do get what you pay for). Next step is staining. For the rustic look you can be as sloppy and gloppy as you like, the inconsistencies will just make it look weathered.  I just slathered it on like so:
Once you have the stain on everything take a clean rag and wipe up the excess stain. Once dry use your sealant and allow that to dry as well, I waited overnight.  Here comes the fun part.
Just slip your wood into the brackets, there’s two holes for the legs and a spot on top for the cross bar.  After you have everything in place all you need to do is add your tabletop. Guess what?  You my friend have just made yourself a desk.  Congratulate yourself!