Have you been just as obsessed as myself and countless others trying to find the perfect vintage arrows to add to your abode’s decor?  Well the designer behind the aptly named Quivver, had that same problem as you may be having in your fruitless searches, she decided to take matters in her own hands (literally) and crafted some fine arrows for your taking.  Quivver is currently on vacation, but that shouldn’t stop you from a little window shopping now should it?
I am off to NYC today and hoping to regale you with tales of the sweltering city.  It’s not my favorite to run around New York City in the middle of July in business attire and impractical shoes but duty calls and I shall put on a brave face and not complain (too much) when my pencil skirt melts to my body and my feet swell to three times their normal size. I am planning to have some adventures here and there (wearing much more casual clothing choices).  I am meeting a new cyber friend Kari for Sno Cones from New Orleans, she promises she’s not an ax murderess, if you aren’t either, perhaps you might care to join us? I am still looking for some shutterbugs to join me in the park, so send me an email, don’t worry I will be so lethargic that there will be no need for conversation in case you were warned not to talk to strangers.


For two weeks now I have been quietly filling a notebook up with places I plan on visiting whilst in NYC.  My trips there are usually wrought with stress + anxiety but I feel I have planned accordingly this time.  I have come to terms that my work week will be panic-filled, there is no way around this  truth so I decided to just accept this fact, it has made a huge difference in alleviating some of my ever present work tension.  Another anxiety reliever has been my compulsive planning. I am planning to the hilt, I am over-planning in case I should be given an extra dose of hours in the day.  One of my many adventures includes visiting The Evolution Store where you can find natural wonders such as this Pink-tipped Satyr. I am on a strict budget so I will have to pick and choose my souvenirs very carefully, but really when will I ever find another Pink-tipped Satyr in my everyday dealings?  It may just have to be a purchase of rare opportunity, no?


I’ve written about Juniper Books before, it is a custom decorative book collection and curation design studio. It is the brainchild of a young creative named Thatcher.  After I wrote the piece Thatcher emailed to thank me and I asked him to please send me more photographs as collections were completed. These are two of my new favorites although I am always drawn to muted hues and still love this simple white wrapped library and hope to have one of my own one day.  Juniper Books has a new Flickr account which is filled to the brim with inspiring images, if you love both books and interior design Juniper Books is going to put you right over the edge (in a good way).


I came across these amazing striped shirt portraits by illustrator Mary Matson (who really deserves another post, so, so talented), each piece was inspired by a striped shirt belonging to one of Mary’s fabulous friends. The artwork is being sold in limited editions for Japan at the delightful Chance. You do know about Chance don’t you? If not you are going to want to kiss me through the screen for introducing you to this emporium of simplicity and chicness.  Word on the street is there is a brick and mortar store in NYC, if this is true I am adding it to my ‘must visit’ list when I am there next week.  Yes, I may be leaving for New York, in the middle of summer where the humidity will be so thick even my naturally straight hair will develop a wave. I am going for a client but plan on extending my time there a couple days so I can do important things like visit M+J Trimming (a crafter’s mecca).  I am also hoping to meet up with some fellow photo enthusiasts and shoot in Central Park.  I was lucky enough to be able to do this once with one of my Souvenir Foto School students and it was such a thrill to be able to meet a cyber friend in person. So if you are in New York next week and feel like taking a stroll around the park at twilight with me (and you are not an axe murderer) send me an email. If you guessed that I will need to hold off on my soft launch for Besotted Brand you would be correct. With all this anticipation I certainly hope I won’t be letting anyone down, I do know that no matter what I will be over the moon to finally unveil my shop and be able to finally share it with you.


This has become one of my favorite photographs, I couldn’t wait to share it with you, I wanted the timing to be just right. The photo is by photographer David Vincent Wolf.  Look very closely at the little girl in the striped sweater, her face filled with awe. The little girl is Mr. Wolf’s daughter and he captured this shot of her at the perfect moment, the first time she ever saw fireworks.  I love that expression, I love how creative this shot is and what an amazing story this photo tells.  Here is to your day being filled with amazement too. Happy 4th of July!
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