I love the blogosphere, I do.  I would marry it if it would have me (and if marrying my Fancy as well wouldn’t make me polygamous). I wanted this post to convey my deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Miss Ez of Creature Comforts for her generosity.  Ez has been so supportive of my many endeavors–my photography, graphic design, my new blog, etc, etc.  In fact, Ez’s blog was one of the very first I read on a regular basis. I loved her authentic voice which hooked me and was over the moon for her when she blossomed into the groove she is in now (which has kept me coming back for more).  It is such an inspiration to be able to see an individual overcome adversity and turn it into a creative fount, which she certainly has. It’s one of the things I love the most about the internet that we can revel in eachother’s successes.  I feel so lucky when someone that I admire, well, admires me back.  I don’t know of a more eloquent way to word it, but I am truly grateful.  I am also thankful for all of you that stop by and visit, it amazes me everyday that anyone finds this little neck of the internet woods and when you leave a note I am happier than a bird with a french fry.

::photo by:tristan b::


This has got to be one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen. I love how classic yet modern she looks (I have never seen a nose ring look so chic). The amazing photographs are by the very talented Sean Flanigan, every bride should be so lucky to have someone capture them in such a creative and artful way. One beautiful bride + one amazing photographer equals some pretty special memories.  Yes, of course the groom is pretty handsome too, but really, it’s his bride that steals the show.


Monday so soon? I suppose so. San Francisco was fun, it is always such a luxury to travel the only problem I am having now is trying to get used to our bed at home.  The hotel we stayed at had some sort of huge magic bed, like they harnessed clouds and set them up in the suite. It was so fluffy and light. I almost wish I had never experienced something so comfortable as now my bed feels like it is made of cement blocks. I want a cloud bed darn it! I know I shouldn’t complain, there are many people out there that have never had the pleasure of sleeping on the equivalent of floating air so my making a fuss of not having the same accommodations at my ready must seem awful bratty but if kicking my legs and pounding my fists on the floor in full blown tantrum made a magic bed be mine, I would kick away. The Fancy thinks the size of the bed was the key to the comfort–perhaps.  The bed was the size of a small city and since we sleep on something a little larger than a twin I can see where a small city size bed would be desirable. I think it was a combination of factors–the size, the buttery feather pillow-top mattress, the extra cool and soft, bright white sheets, the variety of pillows in different sizes and firmness levels.  I loved that they had both firm pillows and pillows that your head sunk so deep into you could suffocate yourself in bliss. When I came home I did make a stop at the linen store to buy the most comfortable pillows I could reasonably afford. I even tested mattresses but alas cloud like beds come with the same price tag as a nice used car and that is a little rich for my current budget. I will always have my my memories and if I ever win the lottery (even though I don’t play), one of my very first purchases will be a bed that makes me want to give ol’ Rip Van Winkle a run for his money. You may wonder what a pig in a party hat has anything to do with a bed that is as soft as a pile of cashmere blankets?  Nothing, but it is Monday and it’s cute.


‘We’re going on a what?!  A road trip?  No. Way. Serious?  I love road trips’,  so says my 3lb dog.  Okay, technically she didn’t speak, but we do understand each other quite well, a telepathic conversation of sorts or projecting but either way it seems we are on the same page.

By the time you read this– myself, The Fancy and our two fur babies should be on the road.  If we are not, please note that there are swear words and objects being hurtled through our flat. I plan on being on the road by 8 a.m. and even that seems like a late start, but alas, I shall not be such a nagging Nelly (for at least the beginning of the trip). I will reserve my neurosis for later in the day, when the Fancy tells me to ‘make it official and hop in the back seat’.  Sorry, I get nervous as a passenger, I think I have a right to pump non-existent breaks and point out that he is invading someone’s ‘space cushion’. We’re on our way to San Francisco and I couldn’t be happier, we haven’t gone there together for about six years too long. I was gifted two free nights at a posh hotel in the city and we were planning to save them for later but the Fancy’s Gran hasn’t been great so we figured we would plan a vacation + visit. Originally  we were going to visit a baby hippo in San Diego this month but I don’t think I could forgive myself if we did that and things weren’t great with Gran. Of course I shall be Tweeting my heart out like I did on my last trip and I am hoping a few people will pipe up about what we should do as I don’t have this trip planned to the ‘nth of it’s life like I did for the baby hippo excursion.  I am not known for my spontaneity, but life doesn’t always follow my best laid plans.


I think it’s an amazingly good feeling when you look at your shop inventory and think, ‘I’d buy that’. I am completely over the top obsessed.  I mean I should be, the name of the company is Besotted, which is English vernacular for being head over heels, completely beside yourself with infatuation. That’s why the words ‘Truly. Madly. Deeply’ hover above the logo on the brand. It’s how I want to feel about the offerings and how I spend most of my days (when I don’t drive myself to the vapors and need my fainting couch). I like to fall in love everyday with something or someone (do you have any idea how many blog crushes I have?), I am constantly motivated by my love of life, not in a Pollyanna way, but in my way.  I love the whole discovery part, example– when I planted chives and they bloomed flowers that resembled violet sparklers.  I was over the moon by this surprise and chuffed with myself for having grown something from scratch.  But I digress, back to my inventory. I think the above old fashioned number stamp is perfect for styling your photographs for your next blog posts (just look how cute that little nest is above with it), great as decoration for your next party or shower or ??? Being that you are not only beautiful, smart but wildly creative I am sure you will find something fabulous to do with it right?  Okay then, while I am away sign up for the launch notice here.  I have been begging my dear friend to fix the glitch in the html email campaign so I can make sure that those lovelies that have signed up are privy to goodies that won’t be offered to those that don’t (totally playing favorites). I have to run, if you miss me you can find me here.
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