As soon as I laid my eyes on this I got incredibly homesick.  I knew it was bound to happen at some point, I just didn’t know when or why it would.  I am really happy with our little Southern adventure, but California was my home for so many years. I was born there all of my most precious memories have taken place there and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I missed the Golden State. How incredibly made for me is this artwork? A bear hugging the state of California? My heart may implode with emotion.


I have been tweaking my shop site (with my coder of course, don’t want to mess anything up) and it occurred to me that I really need to make room for some of the new designs and inventory that I have been shooting.  I have decided to discontinue some of the existing designs so I can comfortably bring in new ones! I have added links to the pieces below that are marked 1/2 off the original price (use the drop down menu to reveal the discounted price) and also have included in the drop down an option to buy an unmounted version.  Once these designs sell out they will not be brought back in the line so get them while they last!

I also put together a ‘Last Chance’ unmounted set (okay, two are mounted) of all the designs that are being discounted. They are mounted on super high quality foam so no need to worry about that extra step for fun I added some of the overstock on the best sellers that I found when making more room for new inventory and as always I will include a little grab bag of extra! You can get it all here.


The other day when I was visiting my new to me Tweet Deck, I saw that a few famous bloggers were lamenting the haters, the people (other bloggers) that seemingly did not like that they were getting paid for what they do (and what they do well). Blogging is an interesting industry and it may be the only one that another blogger (person in their field) would feel the ‘why not me?’ syndrome. If you are one of those I feel you, I do. I read a very heartfelt blog post the other day from a blogger that had been blogging since 2007 and she was wondering why she wasn’t making money blogging when she was spending hours upon hours editing her photographs.  In that same breath of venting she also mentioned that she did not like to do DIY, did not care for photography, food, fashion, etc. If she was going to write commentary on life she had no unique voice, she was neither charming, funny nor anything specific, she did not have a niche. Here’s my secret dear blogger (or aspiring blogger), it is the ‘information super highway’, if you want to make it as a blogger you need to give the world something they can’t find elsewhere.  No, it is not impossible.  The blogging climate has changed considerably since I started, I am the first one to admit that it is incredibly difficult to get your blog noticed these days, it is a hugely saturated market, BUT what do you have to offer that is different than what is out there?  Here’s another tip, you don’t need to blog–gasp!  No, really, if you can’t find time to blog on a regular basis, if you find yourself dreading blogging don’t do it, find another medium that you can’t stay away from be it Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Dribble, Flickr, etc. When you love something it will be effortless and not feel like a chore.
Those ‘famous’ bloggers are also successful because of time, the way the internet works is that it notices that a blog/site has a plethora of information on ‘x’ subject, it has a lot of comments making it even more relevant, the internet ‘spiders’ will crawl for what is the most relevant information.  If these famous bloggers have been blogging for years they are unfortunately going to come up more often than a blog that just started writing about the same subject. So write about something that hasn’t been written about, write about something obscure/different that you love that is not easily found now on the interwebs.  There are a handful of blogs that are superb with truly original content and it breaks my heart that they aren’t at the top of the heap too, but it’s a 5% club folks, don’t take it personally, keep plugging away but only if it makes your heart sing.  I personally am the reluctant blogger, I don’t blog to be a blogger, which I have always said sounds awful like a ‘bad jogger’.  I blog because I am addicted, blogging has saved me from dark places and lifted me to lighter ones, it is my exercise and discipline. It connects me to the wide world around me which makes me feel richer.  I am not saying if a company wanted to sponsor posts here I would tell them to kick rocks barefoot, not at all, I am just saying that I have not built this space for that, I built it for you and you are what makes me feel like a success. When I started my first blog my husband gave me the most forlorn statistic of how many views the average blog gets (and that was 6 years ago), it was something very bleak. I don’t even read my stats, it’s not quantity but quality that I am after.  BUT if you are determined to make your fortune from blogging, than don’t give up, just be original and invest in your blog like you would any new business, brand it to the nines, find a name that is clever, easy to remember and unforgettable, post on a regular basis and don’t give up, because you will know you are doing your dream if it doesn’t feel like work, if it is effortless and the only thing holding you back is more time to do it. If you have specific questions, don’t be afraid to ask them, I am here for you.


I was emailing one of my cyber friends last night (that is a person that I don’t know in ‘real life’ but have become friendly via the interwebs) and mentioned that I have SO many new items to reveal for the shop. I seriously went on a little spree, but in my defense I need to be gearing up for holiday now, as holiday nearly killed me last year, I was seriously so not prepared.  For those that have shops/products this is the time when you need to be sending out your press kits to print magazines (they work on 3-6 month lead times). Me? No, I have not designed a press kit, nor can I even fathom doing so right now, do you know how long it takes me to make even the most minute decisions?  Ages. When I do I will photograph it and you will get a glimpse when I finish (maybe in the new year?) I was a fashion publicist for ions before I got into graphic design + branding (I have lived a long life), but what I know about fashion PR does not necessarily translate to what I am doing now.  Once I launch the apothecary + accessories I will be on sure footing but this totally odd concept of Stationery Stamps and the like, well it’s a hard sell. My outreach to blogs the other day made me feel about *this* big.  The most humiliating outreach was a girl with a now popular blog that had emailed me years ago to feature her line on my former blogs (I had two fairly large ones) which I did and she didn’t even write me back.  The internet is not always diplomatic, no she is not on vacation and I doubt it went to spam. I am assuming she doesn’t remember hocking her line before it got popular and that I had a hand in getting her there.  She is now on my mental ‘black list’.  You want to know what added salt to the wound?  Twitter recently recommended her as a ‘like you’ suggestion.  Like heck she’s not, I wanted to yell at the Twitter bots, I would never ignore anyone that ever helped me out, ever.  BUT back to your press kit for print media, it’s a simple premise really (even if you can’t put together cohesive sentences) you should be able to answer these questions: WHO / WHAT / WHERE / WHEN / WHY.  Once you do answer these simple questions put it on sheet of paper add your line sheet with RETAIL pricing and send it off to the editor of your favorite magazine.  Okay, I know you have more questions, but that will have to be for another lesson, you haven’t even put together your press kit right? Once you do than we can talk and hopefully you will get it together much sooner than I will.
P.S. The cardstock shown is limited edition double-sided stock, jet black on one side, bright white on the other, clever! You can get it here while supplies last.


In the grand scheme of things this wouldn’t warrant much hoopla, but that doesn’t discount how incredibly charming this tool is–a metal marshmallow roaster in the shape of a twig.  Delightful!  It seems like the States have become riddled with news of heat waves, which makes the option of roasting seem obscene. Come early fall this should be a wonderful pastime, roasting (gourmet) marshmallows on an open fire with your brilliant and good looking utensil.  You would be the talk of the S’mores ball–for sure. For under $20 this could be yours! 
P.S. I learned today that it is marsh-mallow and not marsh-mellow (a better name).  It’s true that you learn something new everyday!