I have been meaning to mention an amazing purchase for months now, but every time I stop by here I forget. Note to self, write down good ideas I want to share!  I had purchased a gadget that I hadn’t heard much personal feedback on, it sounded a little too good to be true and you know what they say about too good to be true–it’s usually just that.  This gadget though proved to be better than I anticipated (and you know that never happens, right?) I bought something called an Eye-Fi and if you are someone like me that takes a zillion photos each day or even at a time, this little gadget will blow.your.mind. It’s perfect for both the lazy + the procrastinator and yes, I suppose it can be a darn right Godsend for those that have no more time in their schedules for one more menial task. Are you ready for what this thing does? It’s pretty brilliant.  You stick the Eye-fi in your card reader slot in your camera (it will become your new card reader) and shoot. Once you are ready to download instead of stopping everything and either plugging in a usb cord or plugging into your card reader all you need to do is set the camera down and it will download to your computer quite magically; anywhere you like, (I have mine set to download to an external hard drive). You can pre-name your files in advanced so you know what you downloaded + you can have the reader re-format with each download (meaning you can erase images once you download) so you always have a card reader with space available on it!   I used to have to find my usb cord (which was always in some obscure place in my studio, plug it in sit and download, the Eye-fi makes this all happen behind the scenes. The other day I had multiple shoots–editorial, Souvenir Foto School class, products for the shop and of course my pups and all I needed to do was sit the camera down and it connected to my computer and downloaded. They recently added a camera raw option reader which they didn’t have when I bought mine.  They have great customer service, because I had questions, many questions because I don’t follow directions well and they were patient and walked me through it (for the record it did not sound like they were rolling their eyes at all either). You can visit their site and watch a short video on how it works, but suffice to say it’s pretty simple even I figured it out! 
How about you? Do you have a gadget I should know about? Does this sound like an invention for a terribly lazy person? Or does this sound awesome?
P.S. This is an older photo, but I am working on new Photoshop actions and re-editing some older photographs. I haven’t seen a rose since we moved here, so this made me a little wistful. In Los Angeles flowers are always blooming, especially roses.  These were stolen from my neighbors front yard, she had so many of them that she never missed the ones I heisted.


There’s only a 60% chance of rain today, but looking at the sky above my money is on it raining.  I have become an avid weather watcher since our re-location, something you have no need for in Los Angeles. I am constantly looking at multiple weather reports, which surprisingly all seem to have disparate information for the same place, one even read, ‘possibly a couple of thunderstorms’, that seemed more town talk than meteorology, but what do I know?   I have no idea how weather works, but I have been reading about someone that did–meteorologist Issac Cline. It’s an Erik Larsen book, an author that can make even the most mundane historical event thrilling, just think of the prose he is capable of when he is covering something as awe inspiring as the greatest natural disaster in this nation’s history-The Great Galveston Storm of 1900.  Just the first couple of chapters have you gripping your bed sheets in terror. The first couple of chapters are as far as I have gotten in the book thus far, but I am a Larsen fan and think this book will be both thorough and thought provoking. My husband told me to write about anything else besides a darn storm and I would have if I could have gotten the sky out of my mind, but I couldn’t so am writing about another storm that may or may not be coming and a storm that happened over a century ago; riveting, I know.  You know what else is riveting?  I was witness to (at the time), the worse hurricane ever to hit the Atlantic basin, a category 5 hurricane which is the most intense you can get.  Winds were measured at over 185 mph, I watched cars fly by, cars!  It didn’t scare me as much as it probably should have, I think it was youth and that feeling of being impervious to danger.   The memory that is most vivid in my mind is that after the storm the sky opened up to the brightest blue and there was a giant rainbow across the island (everything in the Caribbean is bigger, seriously, even their rainbows). Have you ever been stuck in a natural disaster? Did it change you? Make you more brave? I always wonder about close calls and how they change a person, some people never recover and some it’s like a shot of ambition steroids, they set off to conquer the world. Obviously, since you know I procrastinate, I don’t know if I changed much, I stopped saying ‘like’, before every sentence, and stopped slouching, but I don’t know if I was too young to appreciate the golden opportunity which was laid in front of me. I think I need to ruminate on this a little more on this Monday morn, hmmm, maybe not, since I do need to get to a huge list of things to-do. Maybe tomorrow…


I am pretty excited to introduce you to a lettering newcomer Torrie T. Asai. I feel like I ‘discovered’ her and I am pretty sure if she continues her practice and wants to start offering her services clients will start lining up. I think the best thing about Torie is that she is so humble, like me she is just your average chronic doodler and that is how she started out on her lettering adventure; what propelled her even more was planning for her wedding, which took her down the rabbit hole of ye ole blogosphere. Torrie hand-lettered the above print for you, I took creative license and made one a little more vintage-y and then a simple white + gold one (just click on them and you can access the download). I hear that Costco does great prints for a song. Remember all downloads are for personal use only. Torrie also let me pick her brain a little so we could learn a little bit more about her + her process!
What do you currently do?:

I currently work for a small company that handles electronic data translation of daily business-to-business transactions. It’s a mouthful, I know, but I essentially work at a computer all day implementing, managing, and supporting accounts that use the proprietary services our company offers.  I definitely appreciate having a solid job that allows me to enjoy lettering on the side – not to mention, I have the perk of having my husband work for the same company, so we get to carpool and have lunch together everyday.  Some may think that’s terrible, but it has been the biggest blessing ever.

Who are some of your favorite letterers?

I love this question. I’m a big list-maker, so I’ve already got an on-going list of my favorites. These all have been a huge inspiration to me:

Dana Tanamachi
Mary Kate McDevitt
Molly Suber Thorpe (Plurabelle Calligraphy)
Mara Zepeda (Neither Snow)
Sean McCabe (Sean Wes)
Molly Jacques

Patricia Mumau (Primele)
Jessica Hische

What are some of your fave supplies?

I just use a black Pilot G-2 gel pen and a black Zig Memory System Writer Dual Tip Marker currently, but I plan to get some Micron pens, which I hear are great for lettering, as well as some calligraphy supplies to try my hand at that next.

Is it weird that I get so excited just sitting in front of a blank piece of white paper and a black pen? (I skip the pencil step – it takes too long!) I love the anticipation of what might be created next. The possibilities are endless! Nerd alert. I know. Most of the time it doesn’t turn into much, but just doodling letters over and over and over can trigger new ideas.

What do you use as reference, if any?

I don’t actually have any specific reference I use at the current moment, but so many of the blogs I follow (especially THIS ONE!) have been a great resource full of references to explore. Like this post on 20+ Calligraphy Alphabet Specimens.

What got you started?

I distinctly remember the series of events that led me to lettering. Planning for my wedding led me to the world of blogs where I discovered a ton of inspiration and creative hand-letterers.  Then came Pinterest where I starting collecting (read: obsessing over) all the inspiration I was seeing for lettering and typography. Then my brother and his now fiancee gifted me with blank greeting cards, a set of pens, and Calligraphy book full of lettering styles for my birthday. What a novel idea that was – since then I’ve hand-lettered every birthday card and ‘thank you’ note for practice. The rest is history!
Where would you like to see your lettering to appear in the future?

It’d be a dream to make stationary cards and other paper goods. I love that a perfect, simple sentiment in a card with a hand-written note can really make someone’s day.  The ultimate dream would be to be a part of someone’s wedding day or any other party for that matter!

Can people have you letter for them?  If so where can they get a hold of you?

It’d be an honor to be able to letter for anyone! *

*Please note, if you would like to work with Torrie than please email me so I can get you her email address.


I am really excited to let you know that I am doing a giveaway on the darling Dandee blog! If you have been pining for a custom monogram stamp (of your choice) than I highly suggest you visit. I just placed some huge orders for holiday and am anxious for products to come in and to start merchandising, I love, love, love the yuletide season.  Isn’t it crazy to think it’s almost here?  In the interim I have added a few new items to the shop as requested by clients-a box of small parcel tags, glassine bags (almost every time I included these in an order I would get an email about them) so I am happy to be able to share. The Jane Austen inspired silo which was so popular on the bookplate download is now available as a handled stamp (perfect for making your own stationery) and I also have a hand lettered ‘merci’ stamp.  At my Etsy shop I am offering free shipping for the month of October if you use the code treatnotrick31. I am feeling festive already!


Today’s Pinterest curator is Suzonne Stirling.  I met Suzonne last spring wherein she became my ‘Pin pusher’ getting me immediately hooked. Suzonne is a professional crafter, yes, she gets paid to craft for a living and she is worth every penny as her crafts are insanely beautiful + original. She is an excellent stylist creating the most magnificent vignette’s and is a world class curator.  Suzonne’s pins are rich in texture and history and I find myself gasping with delight whenever a new pin pops up on my radar. I wanted to feature her in October because I don’t want you missing out on all her chic Halloween goodness. Have fun looking through her boards, I know you’ll find plenty of eye candy to gawk at and be sure to take a look at her blog as you’ll find yourself pinning nearly every post like I have.