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I love the joy of new discovery, it’s one of the delights of the interwebs that I could chance upon a young artist on the other side of the globe and be able to revel in her talent.  My only shock upon discovery is that this girl is not more famous. I would think every fashion mag on the planet would scoop her up and have her create beautiful illustrations for their publication. If I ever come out with a beauty book, I know who I will tap to illustrate and that would be Miss Emma Leonard. I love the soft, simple and absolute gorgeousness that she conjures. There’s also a bit of an edge which keeps the illustrations fresh and not too sweet. I love her work and hope you do too!

Since it is Friday, I didn’t want to end the week without a beauty recommendation. I recently picked up a new mascara after I finally came to terms that I actually went through two whole tubes of the Maybelline Falsies. For those that are unaware I am not prone to docile lashes, if I am going to wear mascara, I am going to wear mascara.  Most days in my country studio I just curl my lashes so I don’t scare my husband, but since I am about to travel and meet a lot of people I admire for the first time I wanted to find a mascara that would last all day, not clump, and both lengthen + thicken my lashes but not make me look like I worked at a Gentleman’s club. I picked up L’Oreal Collagen Power mascara and it fulfills my list on all fronts except maybe the last. It is a tad sexy, so something you may not want to wear to say a PTA meeting or a house of worship. I have dry skin, but by some incredible evolutionary twist I have oily eyes. I mean I don’t know if they are actually oily, but most mascara’s run down my face making me look like a young, drug addled Courtney Love (not a good look). Why not try waterproof mascara you ask?  I just don’t like to mess with anything near my eyes anymore than I have to, it is delicate and I am aging rapidly so I need to be careful.  I do have to say L’Oreal has cornered the market on quality for drugstore mascaras, you can’t go wrong, price is right and they have a formula and brush for any look you are trying to achieve.  If you are looking to splurge I love Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes. It’s amazing, but unfortunately not in my budget right now.

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Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future.


  1. I feel your pain as I too suffer from the racoon eyes brought on by mascara. I don’t know what it is but I always end up with it all below my eyes, so I know how that goes. However, I will mention my absolute favourite mascara is by Estee Lauder, which is not a brand I normally purchase. It’s the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara. It’s not very dramatic but I tend to go for a more natural look. I tried it on a whim after reading about it some where, and it is amazing! This baby does not budge at all! And I’ve tried lots of mascaras, and this one is the best and does not give me racoon eyes at all!!! I really like that it comes in black or brown, as I tend to go for a brown mascara for day to day wear. And I also find the price to be half decent – $25. Sometimes I just wear it on my bottom lashes, and a different mascara on the top, and it works great! Might have to try the L’Oreal Collagen Power some time for a more dramatic look, as I have been looking for something to wear more for going out on weekends and such. :)

  2. (Oops… a w is missing in the link to Emma) I wish i had the talent to do something like Emmas! And i wish i didn´t have the same problem as you with mascara :)

  3. Speaking of mascara, Maybelline used to put out this awesome mascara called Sky High Lashes. I LOVED this mascara because it curled my lashes so beautifully. If my memory serves, it was one of the first curling mascaras out there, and I was totally in love with it because I hate curling my lashes (I’m always scared of damaging my lashes, which are on the longer side, or getting that awkward bend in the middle). So a curling mascara was like a gift from the heavens! The fact that it was only $8 and available anywhere was just a bonus.

    And then they discontinued it, for reasons passing understanding.

    You can imagine my disappointment. It happened so suddenly, I didn’t even have a chance to stock up! Since then I’ve tried what feels like tons of mascaras, only to be disappointed each time. Until a recent trip to Ulta, which resulted in me breaking down and buying They’re Real mascara from Benefit: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod3460265 It’s supposed to lengthen, thicken, AND curl, and honestly I was skeptical. So many mascaras promise that, but hardly ever work. But once I tried it, ohmygod. It actually works! Beautiful, thick, dramatic lashes each time. I’m a total fan, even at $23 bucks a pop.

  4. Sara, when you mentioned that you can wear this on your bottom lashes and you have ‘oily’ eyes too (or whatever it is that makes mascara melt on our face) I was sold. I need something like this and I am always looking for a ‘natural’ looking mascara to recommend (since I like to have my mascara on so boldly that I am mistaken for the much older and long lost Kardashian sister). Thank you!

  5. Oh, I so hate sneak attack discontinuation! I will try the Benefit, I didn’t like their ‘Bad Girls’ , I got a sample at Ulta and it ran down my face in a bad way, but I do like Benefit a company that sneak attack dis-continued a peachy face powder that was so flattering and light and just gave a perfect glow. Who knows why these things happen without a news alert, right? Gah!

    And P.S. I am SO jealous of your naturally long lashes, girls like me with straight, average lashes don’t get dents in their lashes since we don’t have as many!

  6. Man, I have been looking for a good mascara and have usually opted for waterproof ones so it doesn’t bleed down my face. Typically by the end of the day, I have a black shadow underneath my eyes from mascara. I’ve tried a number [Maybelline, Bare Minerals, Dior] and have yet to find one that I really like. Maybe I’ll give one of these a shot!

  7. I usually just wear mascara on my upper lashes since I have the same problem as you but also that my eyes are a bit ‘droopy’. So when I wear mascara on the bottom lashes I look like a porcelains doll in a horror movie! However, currently I am wearing a mascara from Yves Rocher and it’s actually really good, and quite cheap from what I remember. Other than that, and to the pricy side, I have used Chanel and liked them too.

    AND YES, Emma Leonard should definitely have more jobs… I have followed her blog for a while and really want to purchase one of her works. Oh well, I always want to do that when I discover a new artist. It looks so simple but gosh! it is hard to make designs and drawings like that..

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