Personal Projects to Enhance your Creativity

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We mentioned yesterday that we were taking on the challenge of National Novel Writing Month as our personal project, something that we are doing solely for the benefit of us and not for a paying client or an audience. If at the end it becomes something we want to share with the world we would, but for now we are planning to enjoy the process. Michelle and I agree that it’s important to take on personal projects that aren’t paid to allow you the freedom to just create (that’s partly what we do with this here blog), I think this is important in any profession not just the creative arts, everyone needs an outlet to experiment, challenge themselves and grow. I thought I would collect some examples of personal projects here in the hopes that you may get inspired to start your own.  You don’t need to wait to the beginning of the year, or November (like we are), all you need to do is start somewhere and some time (now seems about right). I noticed a trend for individuals to focus their personal projects for humanitarian efforts, for those that feel selfish for taking the time for yourself, this may be a route you may want to consider pursuing. We’d love to hear if you have a personal project you are currently working on or have in the past and if you have any advice on what worked and what didn’t!


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