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I get multiple s.o.s. emails everyday asking questions about product photography. It is a subject that I have had to become well versed in and that I still struggle with so my heart always go out to the distressed people that write to me.  I have been meaning to put up tutorials for some time now but I get easily side-tracked.  I do have a pretty good tutorial on shooting in low light/no light situations, which is how I often have to shoot, it’s just easier for me when I can get even light and not have to work so hard on cleaning up my white backgrounds (which to me is the hardest part of product photography).  I am not writing this today to let you know that I have been too lazy, busy to create tutorials but to tell you to hurry up and take Kim Thomas’s SkillShare Class Make Awesomer Product Photos.  Yes, I am passing the buck. Kim used to be the head photographer for the PhotoJojo shop so she has plenty of experience, the classes are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your leisure and the BEST part?  Kim is offering the class for free!!!  Yes, you read that right, free!  You should be able to still join in as it just started.  I have gone through four videos thus far and have already learned some new techniques that I can’t wait to add to my repertoire. Kim has a nice, easy going style of teaching like she is talking with a friend. I feel like there should be a tip jar so I could thank her for the time + effort she put into the class. The class is aimed at beginners but she does discuss lights a little bit which is a little more advanced. You don’t need a shop to benefit from the class, I shoot for this here blog all the time and I am even doing a tutorial for a wedding blog and so happy to be able to utilize some of the new tips I learned from Kim’s Class.  I hope to see you in class!

photo via Best Made Co.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future.


    1. Hanna, look under ‘classes in progress’ I looked yesterday and if you go under ‘classes in progress’ it will read ‘join now’. Let me know if it’s not working and I will try to walk you through:)

  1. Oh, I so need your shooting in low/no light situations. Because as it stands now, I take very few photos in the winter months; and the ones I do take . . . well, let’s just say I should have waited for spring! :)

  2. I looked into this class on Skillshare but it said that class has ended. But thank you – I’ll read up on your low light tutorial. I do love the way your images turn out – so clean.

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