Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida a review + giveaway!

Great beginner sewing book

I should start this by saying even if this was the worse book ever (note: it’s not!) I still may have given it a glowing review. I am a bit biased because it’s by the talented Sanae Ishida and my business partner + great friend Michelle P. shot the cover! So I was predisposed to loving it. Sewing Happiness just happens to be an amazing book too!  I love, love the format of the book–a hybrid memoir + craft book. I want all my ‘how-to’ books to be written this way. For the sewist there’s plenty of great projects (even a novice sewer as myself could partake). Each project is, meaning that you would willingly part with good money to buy one of the finished goods in a store. I had no doubt the finished book (which both Michelle and I got to work on see here and here), would be a beauty, but I was truly floored when we got our copies and thumbed through it, each page is more gorgeous than the next, it’s so organized, well presented and it’s huge, there’s 20 projects and over 300 pages! We immediately sent an email of congrats to Sanae and then a second email to her publisher so we could ask for a copy to giveaway to you.

Who would like this book? Well, the obvious would be a sewist, next up would be anyone interested in styling, there are too many perfect vignettes to count, I am using mine as a reference  tool, of course the photography is aces a great tool to study how a great craft book can be shot, we are talking inspiration for miles here and of course anyone who loves a good feel good story, spoiler alert it has a a happy ending!

To enter to win one copy of Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida, please answer the following question in the comments by Sunday, May 29, 2016. Winner will be chosen by random and notified the following day!  Good luck!

If someone offered you a book deal today, what would you want your book to be about?

I know what Michele and I would want ours to be about…

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7 thoughts on “Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida a review + giveaway!

  1. My book would be a note to young people in finding the joy in things you are so apt to miss while your life swirls around you. Age blesses us with this knowledge much too late and if only we could only convey to others to listen and love and feel grace in people and places. I wish I could gift the knowledge that life is short and urge youth to realize the true beauty of life and take those fleeting minutes to breathe in its sweetness.

  2. I love all handmade arts, so in the spirit of keeping old and new traditions alive, I’d love to publish a book about how to easily get started and learn them. Passing on these beautiful traditions to the next generation is really important, and a book focusing on this would be amazing.

  3. I just got started as a sewist, so this book would be great! Thanks for offering the giveaway. : ) I would love to write a scifi/fantasy novel one day – I used to read them voraciously growing up and while my pace has slowed down, I love them as much as ever!

  4. Lovely cover :)

    I think if I had the opportunity to write a book it would be possibly a cookbook full of brunch recipes. :) They are so hard to come by + brunch! The best meals ever are brunches, methinks!

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