I am pretty obsessive with food. Obsessive is the second cousin to compulsive. Each one has its own foibles and both are equally annoying to the people closest to you.  By obsessive, I mean that I get stuck on a certain type of food and will want to eat it every.single.day.  For the last month it’s been a trifecta–chips, salsa and guacamole–homemade of course. I finally had to quit cold turkey after my husband gave me this “compliment”, words spilled from his mouth that no woman ever wants to hear–“Wow hon, your a@! looks great in that skirt, it’s so high (not bad) and wide.”  And wide?!  Is he crazy?  I badgered him for about 48 hours on exactly what did that mean? I shudder.  Needless to say I am off the chips and guac. I am still obsessed with salsa. My new food obsession happened on a whim.  I was at the grocery store picking up ice cream for my husband and saw a box of natural coconut pops, I threw them in my basket and thought nothing of them; in fact they sat in my freezer for a whole week (unfathomable now).  When I did take that first bite one blisteringly hot evening, my tastebuds danced then sang ‘hallejullah’, my brain quickly added ‘obsession no. 1, 346, 187’ to the long food list. I went through the box as quickly as I had bought them, at 120 calories I wasn’t doing too wrong by my ‘wide’ behind, but my miniscule budget was taking a hit.  That’s when I decided to see if I could make my own but better. I do afterall have about 40 pounds of frozen strawberries from our berry picking foray. I did a quick search and gasped with delight when I saw that Ez’s Creature Comforts blog just did a popsicle round-up, I love when the interwebs read my mind. 
You’ll need to get a mold and wooden sticks (some molds come with built-in sticks). You can also make these in papercups (if a mold is too much of an investment for a one or two time endeavor). Gather your ingredients and get to freezing! Have a great weekend! I am hoping to feed my obsession this weekend and try my hand with the frozen pop realm. I will leave you with some Popsicle recipes for inspiration:

4 thoughts on “200+ DIY POPSICLE RECIPES

  1. Mint cheesecake popsicles? Did you really need to introduce me to this? I’m scared to even look at the rest of even look at the rest of the links.

  2. Hah! He’s on time out Kathy. Toi the beauty of popsicles is you can make some healthy ones, but the bad ones do seem so awesome;)

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