Bernadette Pascua

bernadette pascua artist and ilustrator via besotted blog

Since I am so thoroughly head over heels in love with Bernadette Pascua’s work, I thought it apropos to share on this Saint Valentine’s day. Ms. Pascua is so wildly talented, everything about her work has an effortless chicness to it. I am genuinely envious (in the best way possible) I could have chosen about 800 more images to share, everything on her site is outstanding. Enough of me blabbing, please go visit here work and see for yourself how truly inspiring it is!


Bernadette Marie Studios

Bernadette Pascua Lettering

Palette Blog


Fashion Watercolor tutorial

Learn how to watercolor

Watercolor set  for beginners 1 | 2 | 3

Coldpress watercolor paper 1 | 2

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