First let me announce that I found my wedding shoes!  They are almost identical to the photo I had posted on the blog last week. You know the shoes that were about eight hundred U.S. dollars?  I won’t tell you how much mine cost, I want you to see the photos first and then we can talk amongst ourselves. My dress arrived as well and it is more beautiful than my target dress, but and this is a big but there is a little technical difficulty at the bustline.  I wasn’t expecting the dress to be perfect but to find out that it visually is and that I can’t wear it ‘as-is,’ is heartbreaking.  Please note, I blame myself for rushing this dress, my seamstress is aces in my book, a virtuoso of sewing to be sure.  I am hoping a tailor can fix, there were no tailors open this Sunday waiting for a crazed bride-to-be to race into their shop with an insane request, so I am hoping Monday a willing tailor will have a brilliant solution.  I have both a Plan B & Plan C in regards to the lovely dress, I don’t give up that easily. I shall keep you posted whether you are interested are not.  I am good like that.
In other news, I am gearing up for holiday in the shop.  I am adding this set of token bags to the shop. Yes they are technically muslin bags, but muslin isn’t as pretty a word as ‘token’.  I am hand  printing them with the ‘special delivery’ stamp and you will receive ten 4″ x 6″  bags in  a larger 6″ x  8″ bag, it’s like the matryoshka doll of token bags, only better. I love any easy way to wrap a gift (I am challenged in the wrapping department) and it really doesn’t get any easier or cuter than this.


  1. I love my special delivery stamp, Miss B., I’m using it all over the place:) Great photo, by the way. I recognize the Anthro animal place cards from an older post you’ve made. Does this mean you ended up buying them, or did you pull out the spray paint and gold acrylic yourself?

    Congrats on the shoe! Shoes are on everyone’s mind right now (including mine!) Good luck with the dress!

  2. Thank you Naomi, I take the photo kudos as a big compliment;) I actually received them in the post from the most thoughtful young lady ever. They are so much cuter in person1 I adore them I want to create a special shelf just for them. I knew they would make great models! I am so happy you are using your stamp, that makes me smile ear to ear;)


    Miss B.

  3. That is a little heartbreaking to hear about the dress…I am sure you are going to pull one fabulous look out of a hat, though. Looking forward to seeing the shoes and making some purchases are the shoppe. xo

  4. You better believe I’ve got my fingers crossed about the tailor:)
    Please fix it properly and don’t mess up my creation – LOL!
    I knew there would be an issue with the bustline but just did not know how to fix it w/out seeing you in it:( Next time, I’ll hop a plane!!!

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