This gorgeous Merchant & Mills retailer display was my design inspiration for my studio makeover. I wanted to take photos of the new space but I have a rather annoying light fixture that I need to tackle, the current one is way too mod (its a white chandelier-ish thing that came with the space). We are moving soon so I don’t want to invest in anything too permanent, but I can’t take photographs with this albatross in the center of my space either now can I? I have been eyeing an overhead fixture at Ikea but its been sold out at the one near me, I would like something like this. I’ll spill the beans and let you know I painted one wall with magnetic paint (total waste of time and money, doesn’t work) and over the useless magnetic paint a beautiful chalkboard paint. The paint is a winner in my book.  I originally bought the Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint which is more a dark gray than a deep black. It could of been cool if that’s what I was looking for but I wasn’t so I went back to the paint store and picked up the Rustoleum version (fabulous). Okay, I should note here that the color is rich and inky, but I don’t know how it performs as a chalkboard because I love it in it’s pristine state and don’t want to ruin it with my dusty little fingers. I will one day, but for today I love it clean and perfect. I was going to order one of Shauna Murray’s decals but trying to decide which one I wanted proved to be more decision power than I have in me at this current moment. Has anyone ordered a decal from her? If so which one?


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