I do declare this here stamp makes me so happy. Simple + sweet, I love it!  Of course the winner of this stamp may be off on some fabulous 4th of July week-long, island vacation and this post may be for naught, but I was too excited not to show it off. The winner of this stamp is Katie & Thomas M.  I love how the stacked double ‘M’ (for their last name of course) can be used to create different looks. With the peachy pink hue shown here it’s sheer and girly, but stamp this with navy or black ink and you have some seriously elegant stationery.  After I received this sample I promptly ordered myself one as well, can’t wait to stamp the double ‘B’ on everything.  If you didn’t win and would like one for yourself use the coupon code SS04 at checkout to get your very own stacked initial seal stamp (or SS04) for 50% off.  Congrats Katie!


  1. I am blushing after reading this post!! So excited to see our name! I fell in love with this stamp on your other post and can’t believe it was us!! Thank you! -Katie M.

  2. Yea! Katie! Catherine, I shall have another giveaway soon, always love the doing them and seeing the designs translated into reality:)

  3. The stamp is so classy in every way! The colors are gorgeous too. Where are the color pencils from? They are the perfect shades!

  4. Thank you! The pencils are from Dick Blick, they are for ‘flesh’ colors when you are using colored pencils. I know that doesn’t sound pleasant does it, lol.

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