Besotted with….Five faves!

White orchid via besotted

Well, Friday came and went and I forgot to put up our Friday Faves, what the what?  I’m human, and my brain is on vacation even if my body is not.

Be back in 5 minutes series by art royalty Sophie Matisse is wonderfully creative. Matisse re-creates famous works and leaves out the main subject (ie. Henri Matisse’s famous goldfish painting sans the goldfish).

I am so in love with this ongoing project by photographer Mary Jo Hoffman. I want to start doing something similar with my daughter since she is my little naturalist.

Michelle just came back from a quick trip to wine country for her and her husband’s birthday. They stayed in a quaint little town called Healdlsburg. If you visit Michelle said not to miss Shed.

I keep getting recommendations for this book.  Have your read it yet?  Everyone is raving, AND one of the mom’s at our preschool just launched her 2nd book and I thought I would mention in case you are looking for another read, because it’s so exciting to know an author, am I right?

I loved this little guide to best beaches to visit each month of the year.

P.S. I am still going strong with my 100 day project (100 days of botanicals both drawing and photographs) the featured image is 25/100. This was edited with our beta B+W presets. Yes, we are finally working in presets for Foto Rx Co.!

3 thoughts on “Besotted with….Five faves!

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