Besotted with…favorites for Friday

La Femme brush lettering via besotted

I. New York Times has ‘The Week in Good News’ and we are loving it! The secret super colony of Adelie penguins they found from space? AH-MAZING! This is the stuff of storybooks, Michelle’s favorite part is that they were found on the ‘Danger’ islands.

II. While we are on birds, did you know there is a scientific term called ‘gifting’ in the animal kingdom. This little girl’s story is so magical.

III. Looking for some foodie eye candy? Athena Calderone’s new cookbook, ‘Cook Beautiful’ is truly swoon worthy.

IV. I have been trying to make a regular drawing practice, I just found these free online classes and tutorials that look promising!

V. Have you heard of 40 hz?  It’s a sound frequency that supposedly helps in productivity. We haven’t tried yet, but our business partner in Rare Bird Fonts has been seeing results!

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