Besotted with…Friday Faves



Another wonderful week down and hopefully too many to count to go! Loving the sunshine, seriously loving it, like I want to marry it L-O-V-E!

I. We keep seeing this beauty company come up all over the interwebs, looks like a great resource for clean beauty!

II. Looking for new artists to follow on Instagram?  We are loving Gideon Rubin’s memory based work.

III. This chocolate company is trying to change a whole industry practice one chocolate bar at a time (bonus–packaging is charming and it tastes great!)

IV. Instagram has a new ‘ask me’ feature where you can ask your fave follows questions in Stories!  We can’t wait to try it out, we think it will be great for businesses maybe not as fun for personal?

V. I just listened to a podcast on Orchiddelirium during the Victorian age. As the name implies it’s about intense orchid obsession and it has all the ingredients for a wonderful tale-passion, adventure, lawlessness. Really interesting listen, so much so that I started reading this book to coincide with my own delirium about orchiddelirium.

VI. Because this is just too good to not share, such inspiration in spades!

star orchid, graphite on paper by tristan b.

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