Besotted with…Friday Faves!



I. We have been doing a lot of moodboarding lately, gearing up for new projects, we did this one for our Rare Bird Font Foundry and loved how gorgeous Specimen II, in Karla Lim’s hand looked, such an incredibly elegant font and a must add to any designers script font arsenal! If you love mood boards too these two ladies have got the mood board down, such eye candy!

II. Everyone is raving about Sony’s new mirrorless FULL FRAME camera, gah, could this be the best of both world’s?

III. Speaking of gear, this podcast ‘Your camera is better than Ansel Adam’s’ really struck home for me and Michelle (we still want new cameras, but….)

IV. Are you wanting to go camping, but not quite into glamping? Well maybe these expedition vehicles are a happy medium!

V. We are so dreaming of being able to go to any of the Coqui Coqui hotel locations, all of them are located in paradise and seem extremely photogenic!

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