We were lucky enough to be able to stay at a sweet home in the little town of Carborro, North Carolina.  The town has an awesome co-op with locally grown produce and meats (sorry to my vegetarian friends) and is just really cute.  The other day when we were out house hunting we saw roosters (which I mistook for chickens) on a front lawn.  A front lawn?  We are so not in L.A. anymore. We looked in the area but we couldn’t find anything available before July, which is obviously a little too late for us. We came back to the house early evening last night and it started to rain, it’s been unusually warm and even though it was raining it didn’t seem to get cooler. We left the porch door open so we could hear the rain and let in a cool breeze.  I love how we are surrounded by nature everywhere, even the highways are pretty.  We did see a dead wild TURKEY in the middle of the road the other day, I wasn’t sure, it kind of looked like a vulture, it was not the best looking bird I’ve ever seen. Everything is so new and I’m trying to take it all in.  I keep telling myself, ‘the journey is the reward’, but I would really like to find a place and start our new life.  We applied for a little house in the country, a mile walk to the lake.  It’s six miles to ‘civilization’, but feels a 100 miles away. We aren’t sure if we will get it, but the crazy thing is it’s a huge house, with 4 acres of land behind it and  the rent is less than what we were paying for a tiny, cramped, one bedroom (off a very noisy street) in Los Angeles. The couple’s house we are staying at this week pay the same amount of rent for a house (and a darling one at that) as they did a studio apartment in Brooklyn.  It’s all so surreal.  I promise to keep talking your eyeballs off about this little adventure!

5 thoughts on “CAROLINA RAIN

  1. So beautiful! Just have to say be careful of wild turkeys… they are mean suckers… I’ve been chased by one while running once. Also one tried to live by my garage, and kept trying to attack me when I tried to get to my car… Animal control had to move him 4 times before they relocated him far enough that it wasn’t worth him coming back… ornery suckers.

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