I drove West down Pacific Coast Highway this morning to meet a potential client.  I was so annoyed with myself that I didn’t bring my camera and wasn’t about to try to take wide angle vistas of the magnificent Pacific ocean with my Iphone.  The best camera is not always the one you have with you, it just may be the one you left at home.  At the meeting the potential client pulled out a stack of magazine’s she had previously advertised in, the above Tim Walker photo was on the cover of one of them. I had trouble following the conversation after that, I couldn’t stop staring at the image, it’s so haunting + quirky.  How can that even be possible? I love that the eagle makes the bed look miniature, it relays how larger than life this creature is (even dead).  Am I the only one that thinks this images is both awesome and disturbing?


  1. Years ago a hawk flew into our covered patio. Until that moment (the moment where it knocked down boxes, created a wind storm, and nearly tore the house apart), I never realized how HUGE they are. Seriously, it was like a pterodactyl was in my backyard.

  2. Not at all, I think awesome and disturbing is the perfect way to describe it. And breathtaking. And haunting.

    The Oregon Zoo has a pair of them, and you can get up real close. That, and we have tons of them around here too. You can tell their nests because even from the ground looking up into the big trees, they are overwhelmingly huge. It’s intimidating…and really makes you realize how small we are.

  3. Disturbing is the rib cage carcass underneath the bed and the femur bones on the mattress. What magazine uses this as the cover?

  4. Wow, who knew that bald eagles would incite such fervor in the comments?! I read that a bald eagle’s nest could way up to a ton??? Now, you definitely wouldn’t want that landing on your noggin. I’ve never seen one in real life and I can not imagine how awe-inspiring it would be to see them in nature (and frightening?) Yes, very pterodactyl-like. Kim that IS disturbing, I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. Eagles eat mainly fish so that was ‘interesting’ styling. The cover was Home by Malibu magazine, I think the idea was to be a bit avante-garde but really the cover did not convey what the contents were about (not s0 avante-garde). When I think of Malibu I think of high-maintenance Bohemian, just a really rich, laid back style. I agree weird cover for the magazine but super INTENSE and creative image!

  5. Whoever put this together really thought about the details! It is disturbing and awesome for sure, but the attention to detail-even the fact that the lampshade is crooked from the wing “hitting” it- is just amazing! The carcass or whatever the mess under the bed is-that is definitely disturbing! Looks like some droppings too?
    Thanks for sharing!

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